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Looking for a fun, rigorous instructional resource for rotations? Why not give coloring pages a try? This Rotations on a Coordinate Plane Coloring Page will aid in student concentration and engagement, plus coloring has proven relaxation and stress relieving benefits. Sometimes students just need
This is a great introduction lesson to rotations on a coordinate plane. It helps students discover the rules for a 90, 180 and 270 degree rotation. It comes with a class activity that can be completed as a group and an independent activity that can be used as classwork/homework. It aligns with commo
I use this as an independent worksheet after going through notes on rotations.
Going digital? Looking for an accessible and engaging lesson about rotations on a Cartesian Coordinate Plane? This resource is a great introduction to rotations!What's Included:10-slide Google Slides Animated Lesson covering:angles of rotationclockwise/counterclockwise rotationsrotating pointsrotati
BOOM Cards are a super fun and engaging way to practice rotations on a coordinate plane! Boom Cards are digital task cards that are self-checking so your students get immediate feedback. They work on an iPad, Chrome Book, Kindle Fire, other devices, or even your phone! This activity is perfect for d
Writing and using Rotation Rules to rotate figures a coordinate plane. The notes page provides graphic examples of 90, 180, and 270 degree clockwise and counterclockwise rotations and a table where students can compare what happens to the x and y values for each ordered pair in each type of rotation
Rotating geometric figures clockwise and counterclockwise
TEKS 8.10 C This activity allows students to see how rotations work on a coordinate plane. The website to use along with this activity is: https://www.geogebra.org/m/jf9mCgGV
Transformations have never been so fun with this high interest, interactive, easily differentiated bundle. It contains 8 transformation activities where students must use the given pre-image points, perform the stated transformation(s), and then plot the new image points to create a figure on the c
In "Guess My Transformation", students will use clue cards to investigate and correctly identify 12 different transformations on the coordinate plane. This activity is a fun way for students to better understand the effects of transformations on the size, orientation and coordinates of figures. Alig
This unit aligns with the Common Core State Standards, 8.G.2-4. It includes: *39 pages to print and use. Embeded vocabulary and review of other geometry concepts. *Handouts for students explaining how to complete rotation, reflection, translation, and dilation on a coordinate grid. It's perfect
This is a great, hands-on way to introduce students to geometric rotations! Students will PHYSICALLY TURN a coordinate plane using a "rotations mat" and then record the new coordinates of a figure using an activity sheet with tables. They will use what they record to determine the effects the transf
This discovery-based notes bundle will guide your students through an exploration of transformations on a coordinate plane. Bundle includes a full set of notes and practice on Translations, Reflections, Rotations, and Dilations. The notes are student-led, and designed to promote a true understanding
This rotations activity is GREAT for students to develop the motion rules for rotating a figure 90, 180, and 270 degrees counterclockwise about the origin!Students will use patty paper or tracing paper to rotate a trapezoid 90, 180, and 270 degrees counterclockwise on a coordinate plane. They will d
This bundle include 4 different worksheets to help students learn how to rotate shapes on a coordinate plane. The worksheets are chunked to allow students to learn the different rotation rules in isolation. The bundle includes: - 90 degree rotation worksheet - 180 degree rotation worksheet - 270 d
Guided notes with answer key. Great for interactive notebooks. Full page and half size notes included in download.Notes include one page on transformations, two pages on translations, two pages on reflections (including reflections over the x-axis and y-axis), two pages on rotations (including clo
Transformations Practice: Dilations, Rotations, Reflections, Translations. Also included: Common Core spiraling practice problems: 8.F.1, 8.NS.1, 8.NS.2, 8.EE.6. This product is part of my practice series! I created this series during the transformations unit to help my students to retain concept
About This Resource:Are you looking to incorporate technology in your classroom? Or perhaps you are tired of making copies for every assignment? This resource can be used 100% digital with very quick setup using Google Classroom or another classroom environment.What's Included:TPT has partnered with
This product contains 4 graphic organizers. These are perfect for interactive notebooks! Print them at size 85% and they are just right for composition notebooks. Translations Reflections Rotations Dilations
This foldable provides organized notes/ practice problems for rotating figures (triangles) around a point other than the origin on the coordinate plane. There are a total of 3 examples, one for each of the following types of rotations: • 90 degrees counterclockwise • 180 degrees counterclockwise •
I use this sheet to reinforce the rules for translating, rotating and reflecting points on a coordinate plane. It displays the rules and gives the students an opportunity to practice moving points on a coordinate plane. It aligns with Common Core Standard 8.G.3. Describe the effect of dilations, tra
**SEE THE PREVIEW AND FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF WHY WE ARE THE ORIGINAL AND THE #1 ESCAPE ROOM MATERIAL USED BY THOUSANDS OF TEACHERS AND SCHOOLS**INCLUDES:1) Escape Room Activity (internet required)2) Handout Material3) Lesson Plan On Subject4) Power Point Presentation5) Promotional Videos6) How-To Vid
This worksheet is designed to help students learn how to rotate a point about the origin on a coordinate plane. The worksheet combines doing and writing to help students deepen their understanding of rotations.
Students will practice plotting points and performing translations on figures using algebraic rules or verbal descriptions. There are a total of 18 problems.This activity is TEKS aligned to:8.10C (Readiness) explain the effect of translations, reflections over the x- or y-axis, and rotations limited

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