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Students really get into this activity. I suggest a Gallery Walk or group activity. Students analyze 10 primary source advertisements in US newspapers for wanted fugitive slaves. Each image is large and high resolution. For each ad, they infer what can be learned about the runaway slave(s) and what can be inferred about owner based on how they chose to describe their slave. Irony abounds as owners call their slaves "ignorant" or "lazy" or "stupid" in one breath, then in another warn that they sp
This essay project is designed to have students analyze various posters from the antebellum and Civil War era to describe the treatment of black Americans during this time period. Including a runaway slave reward poster and a call to arms for black militia members, the sources are comprehensive and require young scholars to look at a multiplicity of perspectives from this era.
This resource is a STEAM or STEM Challenge for Black History Month! It relates to the runaway slaves using the North Star and Big Dipper as one method of guiding their way to freedom. In this challenge, students are asked to use toothpicks and mini marshmallows to create their own constellation. The tie-in to Black History is that the students must explain how their constellation would help the escaping slaves, what special meaning it would have to the slaves, and what its name is. So not on
1st - 3rd
An informational text article about the life and journey of runaway slave Henry "Box" Brown. A great activity for Black History Month, a supplement, fill in, or substitute teaching plan anytime! This can be done as a web quest assignment using the site. The information is from, the questions are mine. MS Word doc for easy editing.
Students will be researching a slave that escaped slavery using a podcast.
8th - 12th
A three page primary source evaluation based on authentic runaway slave reward posters. There are four different posters provided, a oone page individual evaluation of one poster, and a two page small group evaluation and comparison of all four posters. I use it with a literature unit but it can also be used in social studies.
This looks at a set of correspondence between William T. Sherman and one of his subordinates about the issue of runaway slaves. Sherman and his men are stationed in Northern Kentucky and are experiencing higher numbers of slaves trying to flee their masters and join the Union ranks. This correspondence displays the general unpreparedness of the Union army to handle this situation. As well as the reality that Lincoln had no intention of helping slaves until after 1863. It also allows for a conver
8th - 12th
This resource is a Google Form and Doc linked to an interactive cartoon on the Fugitive Slave Act.Henry Clay proposed the Compromise of 1850 to solve a dispute over whether to allow slavery in new territories. The compromise included the Fugitive Slave Act, which required by law that citizens had to help return to their owners any enslaved African Americans who had run away. Students will analyze the map then complete the 13 reading comprehension questions on the form. Then, students will comple
Christiana Treason Trial of Castner HanwaySub-Plot: Defying the Fugitive Slave Law The Fugitive Slave Law was passed by Congress in September 1850. The law, part of the so-called Compromise of 1850, mandated that enslaved people who had fled to non-slave states be captured and return to their owners. Furthermore, Section 7 of the act also made it a crime for individuals to assist those fleeing enslavement. The act did little to stem the tide of those fleeing enslavement, and profoundly hardened
7th - 12th
Distance Learning - #DistanceLearningEpisode Guides for the Crash Course World History YouTube Series!Each guide comes with two versions (with and without timestamps), and a complete answer key.This product easy to use, no-prep product is a perfect last minute lesson plan, review activity, extra "filler" to keep on hand, substitute lesson plan, or homework assignment.*Great AP test prep!Plus it's only $1 per episode!-Answer key included for every episode guide-Questions are a variety of formats
6th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Ideas like liberty, freedom, and self-determination were hot stuff in the late 18th century, as evidenced by our recent revolutionary videos. Although freedom was breaking out all over, many of the societies that were touting these ideas relied on slave labor. Few places in the world relied so heavily on slave labor as Saint-Domingue, France's most profitable colony. Slaves made up nearly 90% of Saint-Domingue's population, and in 1789 they couldn't help but hear about the revolution underway in
7th - 11th
Activities explore the lives of abolitionists - journalists, runaway slaves, ministers, politicians, and others - who opposed slavery and acted as catalysts during abolition and the Civil War. You can pick and choose research pages to make your project short and sweet, detailed, or differentiated.Student pages are included as a printable PDF, forced Google Slides, and interactive Easel Activities. Open the preview to see research sheets and one set of themed pages. What’s IncludedLesson plansLis
This map activity shows the routes traveled by runaway slaves along the Underground Railroad. 5 multiple choice questions are included with the map. A great supplement to your lessons! MS Word for easy editing to meet your specific needs.
5th - 10th
A readers' theater script about a family of runaway slaves who take shelter with a white family in Rhode Island, plus staging suggestions and two extension activities
List of words include: 1.Abolitionist 2.Underground Railroad 3.Slave 4.Declaration of Sentiments 5.Runaways 6.Popular sovereignty 7.Suffrage 8.Petition 9.Fugitive Slave law 10.Injustice 11.Reform Half sheet hand outs with borders plus a key is included. Thanks ! :) You can follow me on Instagram at @allyfitzography for more 4th grade fun!
A look at the establishment just outside St. Augustine for runaway slaves as well as teh failed attempt in the 1970s of Soul City in North Carolina.
Mincy's Quilt is an African American story about an elderly slave whose patience is tried by the runaway for whom she is sewing a meaningful Freedom Quilt. The story addresses Core basics for art and includes a guide for student written response. See more activities at The Arts Education Store:: TheArtsEducationStore
This novel packet allows students to dive into the story of Harrison and Samuel, two runaway slaves. Students connect with the story through accessing their prior knowledge about the Underground Railroad and viewing resources (listed for teachers on the last page). Teachers have the flexibility to pick and choose from the remaining activities tying in with reading strategies. Activities include a plot chart and several reading strategies: predictions, making connections, visualizing, asking ques
5th - 7th
This is an exciting story about a Quaker Girl, Truth Hopkins, and her adventures with a runaway slave and the Underground Railroad. This is an excellent book to read during the study of the Civil War. Many comprehension skills are emphasized in this study guide: Finding the Main Idea, Sequencing, Determining Cause & Effect,and Drawing Conclusions. Students are required to write a personal narrative, retell the story from a character's point of view and complete a research report. There
4th - 7th
These activities will help students focus on Huck's struggle with the idea that he is helping a runaway slave. The set includes a graphic organizer for noting quotes that contrast Jim's elation with Huck's doubt. There is also a graphic organizer with writing prompt for analyzing irony. A set of guided reading questions provide a study guide and text analysis.
This resource includes information on the settlement of the Black community of Buxton, Ontario which was settled by runaway slaves, led by William King. A slightly different form of the texts and activities appear in my resource about the novel Elijah of Buxton, a pre-reading packet of texts and activities.1) The resource begins with a figurative language worksheet: 9 expressions/idioms from the the reading passage are listed and students are asked to explain what they mean in their own words.
This story about the underground railroad is a beautiful book that shows how difficult life was for the runaway slave. Questions accompany each page with quotes for explanation.
Help your students prepare for standardized testing with this assessment and amazing story of Henry "Box" Brown, a famous runaway slave. Items have been updated to include new item specs!
Ashes is the last book in a trilogy by Laurie Halse Anderson. Ashes is told from the perspective of run away slave girl, Isabel. She is in search of her stolen sister and to remain free during the American Revolution. This novel is historical fiction and captures the American Revolution in such a great way! I can not recommend this book enough!! Included in this novel Study: Comprehension questions: 6-7 for every 20 pages. Vocabulary study: 40 words directly from the text!! 7 Activities In

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