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san andreas

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All of these questions relate to a natural disasters unit... no plot questions just for the sake of asking questions about the plot.This worksheet (with answer key) goes along with the movie San Andreas with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Find out what happens when California experiences several earthq
6th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
History Channel's How the Earth Was Made is a wonderful earth science documentary series. In the episode titled "San Andreas Fault," the program describes the history of how the fault was identified and linked to earth’s moving plates. The episode is set up as a type of detective story, with evidenc
Videos can be a valuable part of your students’ education. The History Channel show titled “How the Earth was Made” explains the geologic processes that have shaped different parts of our planet. Each episode covers different topics, like glaciation, subduction, the rock cycle, earthquakes, volcanoe
A short 20 question comprehension quiz to use during your physical Geography unit on plate tectonics and natural disasters after watching the movie San Andreas starring Dwayne Johnson. PLEASE WATCH THE MOVIE FOR ANSWERS TO THE QUIZ AS THERE IS NOT AN ANSWER KEY PROVIDED.
7th - 11th
This reflection is made to be used with the movie "San Andreas" made in 2015. It has 11 science based questions dealing with earthquakes, faults, earthquake safety, and effects of earthquakes. This download includes a regular version and modified version. The modified version has the same questions
Although it might not be the finest example of a science based film, San Andreas offers an outstanding opportunity to culminate an Earth Science unit by using higher level questioning techniques to compare and contrast what is good and bad in the film. Topics covered by the activity include plate b
8th - 11th
Students learn that 2 earthquakes that occurred in July of 2019 in Ridgecrest California may trigger a larger quake in the San Andreas Fault through a C.E.R. (Claim Evidence Reasoning) graphic organizer. This is great for getting your students to explain phenomena in a meaningful way and it allows y
San Andreas movie questions help keep students engaged throughout the film by providing 20 questions for them to answer to keep them on track. The San Andreas movie guide is helpful to assure students are paying attention.
6th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff
Geology Maps (K-4): The Ring of Fire and The San Andreas FaultThis set includes two versions of three different maps, for a total of six maps. The first version is designed for K-2 and the second version is for 3-4. The first map shows the tectonic plates near the Ring of Fire and what type of bound
K - 4th
San Andreas Movie Guide | Questions | Worksheet (PG13 - 2015) challenges students to analyze the characters, their relationships, rescue abilities and traits. Explore the current ability of scientists to predict earthquakes and the tectonic plates that form the San Andreas fault line. Ask students t
History Channel's How the Earth Was Made is a wonderful earth science documentary series. In the episode titled "San Andreas Fault," the program describes the history of how the fault was identified and linked to earth’s moving plates. The episode is set up as a type of detective story, with evidenc
9th - 12th
California Geology is a major standard with the California State Science Standards. This is good for me! I LOVE California Geology. I love teaching my students all about it! This is the PowerPoint I put together on San Andreas Fault. It does go over what a transform boundary is but it really hi
9th - 12th, Higher Education

Also included in: AP Environmental Science

This is the worksheet I use when I show the movie San Andreas during my plate tectonics unit. The worksheet asks students to visit the website https://www.earthquakecountry.org/sanandreas/ to explain some of the fact and fiction the movie portrays. There are only seven questions. Answer key includ
I created this movie guide for students while we watched the San Andreas Fault movie in Geography. Some example questions are: "What natural disasters happen in this movie?" and "Why did we watch this movie in class?" The question range from surface level to in-depth. There are 14 questions in tota
Worksheet to accompany the video shown during the Earthquakes unit in my 8th Grade Earth Science course.
7th - 9th
Students will use their knowledge of genetic drift, decide what will happen to the species that live in the Los Angeles area if an large magnitude earthquake strikes on the San Andreas Fault. They will conduct research and then create a PowerPoint presentation that follows the CER (Claim, Evidence,
From the popular History Channel TV series "How The Earth Was Made," here is a 15 question video guide that follows along with the 1st episode of the series (Episode 1: San Andreas). You will notice that the questions are easily answered and have geological significance that can be used to suppleme
5th - 12th, Higher Education
FREE - California Regions - Posters.In this free sample: California Sacramento Delta & San Andreas Fault (8.5" x 11" PDF). California Regions is part of California & USA Bundle. If you just need images for projects, reports, and lessons, then here are 330 California Images, which includes th
Students will take a "Virtual" Field Trip back in time to the well-known San Andreas Fault and sites where devastating earthquakes occurred, including The Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, The 1923 Great Kantō Earthquake, The Great Chilean Earthquake, and The Indian Ocean Earthquake. This resour
4th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff
This interactive PowerPoint provides an overview of the following California history topics::LocationGeographic regionsSan Andreas FaultState flag and sealBear Flag RevoltState symbols quizState songThis PowerPoint is unlocked so you can add your own local lore. It is perfect for an introduction or
This bundle is a resource ready for you to teach. It includes: Overview of Earthquakes -types,causes,maps-Smartboard Earthquakes/Mountains-video Earthquakes-identify, types-Powerpoint Earthquakes-San Andreas, CA-Powerpoint San Andreas pictures-Powerpoint San Francisco-1989-Powerpoint What is an Ea
In this project, students work in pairs to create a brochure for a tectonically active region of planet Earth. Example areas include:Tectonically Active ZonesYellowstone Hot SpotHawaii Hot SpotSan Andreas FaultPeru-Chile TrenchMid-Atlantic RidgeEast-Pacific RidgeHimalayan MountainsMariana TrenchGal
Not Grade Specific
Great for elementary and middle school as an intro to new material. In this article, students read about how plates move in transform boundaries and strike slip faults. They also read about the San Andreas Fault and the destructive San Francisco Earthquake of 1906. Vocab words: transform boundary
Students have to identify several types of plate boundary (convergent, divergent and transformative). Students then have to identify a real world example for each type of plate boundary (Juan de Fuca/North American plate, Mid Atlantic Ridge and San Andreas Fault)Word bank providedWorksheet aimed at

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