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This listing is for a guided reading, comprehension packet, an essay topic, and a graphic organizer essay planning sheet. It goes with the book "Sarny: A Life Remembered" (the sequel to "Nightjohn") by Gary Paulson. The book is appropriate for a mature middle school or high school group. The compr
8th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
There are Quizzes over chapters 1-13 in Sarny. They are all 5 questions this is for a quick assessment after you read the chapter to see if they understood the most important parts of it. I used them as quiz grades and also as an exit slip.
6th - 9th
Crossword Puzzle with word bank and solution based on the novel by Gary Paulsen. There are 30 clues. Each is the name of a character or a place mentioned in the novel. To see the words used in the puzzle, download the preview file, which is the solution. This resource/activity could be used as a
Exam for the first half (Chapters 1-11) of the novel Sarny by Gary Paulsen. Includes short answer, multiple choice, and sequencing of important events in the story. Includes a section on characters and a section on literary elements and how they are used in the novel.
Exam for the novel Sarny by Gary Paulsen. Includes short answer, multiple choice, and sequencing of important events in the story. Includes a section on characters and a section on literary elements and how they are used in the novel. Also asks students to label a plot arc and give examples from the
Puzzle with 22 words for students to find. Each word is a character or place word associated with the novel Sarny by Gary Paulsen. Students will enjoy the puzzle activity. It encourages them to learn how to spell these words. In addition to finding words in the grid, students are asked to write on
This excerpt describes Nightjohn teaching Sarny about the letter A. It includes four multiple choice questions and one text-based extended response that requires citing text as an integral part of the response. Excellent to use to teach close reading skills and/or as a quiz. Answer key included. Ni
Nightjohn, by Gary Paulsen, is a young adult novel set in the pre-Civil War American South. Related from the perspective of a young female slave named Sarny, the narrative centers on the return of an escaped slave, Nightjohn, who intends to teach others to read and write. Nightjohn explores themes o
Nightjohn Study Guide contains materials for an activity-based study of this novel by Gary Paulson.Study Guide activity titles include: Characters, Thematic Topics, Vocabulary, Big House vs Slave Quarters, Extrapolate the Scene, Adjective Wordle Art, Three Famous Men, I Cannot Read, Book Cover, Com
Nightjohn movie is based on a novel by Gary Pauslen. It shows the importance of reading and how some slaves risked everything for the chance to read, something so many kids today take for granted. Nightjohn movie packet includes 3 viewing quizzes - 2 are the same multiple-choice quiz with answers
6th - 12th
No-Prep novel study for "Nightjohn", a standards based interactive notebook literature guide with follow-up reading response questions for every chapter as well as vocabulary, writing projects, activities and enrichment projects. Teacher friendly engaging lessons to use with this award winning novel
Civil War Books. Want your students read historical fiction relating to the Civil War but don't know what books are out there? Would you like to help your students choose books based on their reading ability and Lexile scores but don't have the time to look that up yourself? This chart has helped
It contains six printable pages with two flashcards on each page. The twelve months in a year in Pangasinan, one of the languages in the Philippines are written on the flashcards. Pangasinan is both a medium of instruction and a curricular offering as Mother Tongue in the K to 12 Curriculum of the D
This product goes with the book written by Melissa Sarno.Students will:*complete a book about experiencing their 5 senses during the First Thanksgiving*There are several writing pages (If I were a kid at the first Thanksgiving, What would you bring on the Mayflower?, Pilgrim Children, Native America
K - 1st
History of the Jewish People - A Story of Tradition and Change Vol. 1(textbook by J. Sarna and J. Krasner) Ch. 7 Crossword Puzzle Review.
6th - 12th
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Not Grade Specific
History of the Jewish People - A Story of Tradition and Change Vol. 1(textbook by J. Sarna and J. Krasner) Ch. 7 Study Guide
6th - 12th
Model for young children the importance of critical and creative thinking as you and your children work on these divergent activities – with all the neces-sary material “in the bag.” The “answers” are open-ended (no “right” answer). By practicing these kinds of thinking skills at an early age, child
These Spanish colors posters will brighten any classroom! The Chevron accents make these posters match well with the other products on my site. Credit and links to ClipArt, borders, backgrounds, and fonts used are included on the final page of the product. Thanks for looking! ~Senorita Sarne Spa
Not Grade Specific
These Chevron 3D Shapes Posters in Spanish match my other Shapes and Colors posters and will add a colorful touch to any immersion or bilingual classroom! 3D Shapes included: cilindro cubo esfera prisma rectangular piramide cono Links and credit to ClipArt, borders, backgrounds, and fonts used ar
Not Grade Specific
The first lessons of the summer and or first weeks are designed to re-acculturate students to the school's mission, core values, school wide and classroom procedures. In general, students will learn the expectations for how they should conduct themselves in both the school and classroom communities.
This Henry and Mudge Literacy Bundle is a great choice if you'd like to build enthusiasm for the Henry and Mudge Series. This comprehension focused bundle includes materials for the four titles listed above. You can use the activities in guided reading, as mentor text lessons, with paired reading e
A 200 page Latin grammar reference that focuses on forms and endings and includes them in large, easy to read charts that students can refer to easily and quickly. All major grammar categories are included: nouns, adjectives & adverbs, pronouns, and verbs. (Some categories are subdivided.) The p
6th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Vertebrates and invertebrates files in both PPT and PDF formats.- Vertebrates vs invertebrates Explain: to help you explain with pictures.- Vertebrates vs invertebrates Guess: To play a guessing game with the students. For higher level, students can be asked for classifying the animals with more spe

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