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satire and the onion

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The Onion is an excellent way to engage students in the work of professional writers while also using critical thinking skills. Students are asked to look at an AP Prompt (useful even if students are not in AP) and analyze the rhetorical strategies and techniques used to mock advertising practices.
A unit on Satire and Parody is not complete without something from The Onion. "Idiot Tornado Tears Harmlessly Through Empty Field" is an amusing 50-second video that features words with strong connotations, irony, and social commentary that is playfully satiric. This would augment a study of Animal
The Onion is a great source of material that is helpful for students to learn about the light side of parody and satire. We have bitter satires to teach, such as Orwell's Animal Farm and 1984, and Joseph Heller's Catch-22. But light satires allow for enjoyable moments for teachers and students alik
8th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
This fun digital assignment shows students that satire is alive and well in our modern political landscape! This assignment uses satirical articles from "The Onion" about various political and social issues such as COVID-19 stimulus checks, job satisfaction, video games, technology use, and many ot
Within this unit, students will take a deeper look at syntactical choices - with an in-depth guide to understanding: clauses, phrases, subordination, coordination, correlation, various forms of parallel structure and repetition, cumulative and period sentences, and more. Students will walk through J
9th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
“Welcome to Hell. Here's your accordion.” - Gary Larson“This work was strictly voluntary, but any animal who absented himself from it would have his rations reduced by half.” - George Orwell, Animal FarmAnother of my humour units, to go with Slapstick and Sarcasm.Anything to do with humour in the
This activity clearly teaches students a formula for precis writing. The first two handouts offer an explanation of what a precis is and when to use one, as well as a generic (fill in the blank) basic structure for a precis. There is also a short (appropriate) satirical article from The Onion for th
9th - 12th
This is an organizer that my students complete throughout our unit on satire. Students record examples of the devices as we read, view, discuss, and create examples of satire. In my unit, we study "A Modest Proposal" and The Canterbury Tales along with contemporary examples such as articles from The
I personally enjoy The Ellen Show and Ellen as its host and I've always enjoyed "Nemo" and her role as Dory. I also admire her integrity as a LGBTQ+ activist. But when I saw The Onion's satirical article on the news accounts about her reported behavior involving her show, I recognized that their wac
This assessment asks students to choose one of four (provided) articles from "The Onion," and asks, "What comment or criticism does the article make about society or human nature? Explain how the author is able to satirize the issue."
9th - 12th
After examining satire and examples in class, I have students pick a complaint that they have about society and mimic the style of the Onion by creating their own 500 word satirical news article.
9th - 12th
Within this unit, students will take a deeper look at syntactical choices - with an in-depth guide to understanding: clauses, phrases, subordination, coordination, correlation, various forms of parallel structure and repetition, cumulative and period sentences, and more. Students will walk through J
9th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
After reading and analyzing satirical writing from The Onion and Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal," assign this creative writing piece to assess students' understanding of satire.
9th - 12th
In this unit bundle you will find: 1. Unit Overview 2. Satirical news writing assignment 3. Two Close-Reading handouts 4. Two Onion articles 5. Two homework assignments 6. One satire Do Now 7. A list of Satire Essay Prompts 8. Five PowerPoints (for reference, mainly) I taught this unit in both my
Want your students to learn real empathy?All over the world, people are becoming more divided, more fractured, and more out of touch with other human beings. If we want to go forward together to solve the problems that we face, we need to come to a deeper understanding of others as full human being
Looking for an innovative unit on “The Cask of Amontillado” that will get your students sharpening their close reading skills, discussing big ideas, and exploring literary elements on a deeper level? These lessons on the classic tale of revenge will push your students to dig deep, get creative, and
As students are learning about satire, I have them (either individually or with a partner) find a satirical news article from The Onion (or a similar site) and analyze the rhetorical techniques utilized in it.
9th - 12th
Print and go! Four worksheets pose nine different questions regarding source verification, and ask students to place their verdict as to whether a source seems reliable. These worksheets can be used in conjunction with any source; however, I do have a few articles I prefer to use in my classroom. I’
9th - 12th, Higher Education
Looking for innovative resources to add rigor and fun to your unit on Edgar Allan Poe? Edgar Allan Poe is a perennial favorite with students and teachers alike—students love his dark themes and storylines; teachers love the opportunities to teach challenging literary devices and close reading. How
This is a ppt that points out different examples of satire as well as satiric cartoons and links into the Onion and Colbert Nation.
10th - 12th, Adult Education
Teacher created AP-like prompts that cover satirical articles from The Onion and 2 satirical essays from Mark Twain and the famous Whiskey Speech. The 4 modern examples of satire are very accessible to students, covering topics like education and social media. The 2 "classic" essays from Twain pair
These supplementary video links for Night are a free resource ... 16 quality video and text links to copyrighted materials already made available on the Internet. Since they're copyrighted, we cannot offer them here, but follow the links and you can access and use them in your classrooms.SUGGESTED A
This podcast bundle has a little bit of everything with many opportunities to use the resources throughout the year! Some lessons take weeks, while others can be completed in one or two days - whatever works best for you!Here are the products included:Scary Podcasts for High School Students - one of
An awesome multiple choice assessment that asks students to analyze satire in several age-appropriate Onion articles. Students are asked to classify the TYPE of satire between exaggeration, incongruity, reversal, and parody.
8th - 12th

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