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This activity is a fun way to work with scatter plots in a realistic situation. Students will compare the fat and calories in items from a fictional fast food restaurant by creating a scatter plot. They will also draw a line of best fit, approximate the slope of that line, and make predictions based
About this resource: This lesson is designed to help students approximate the line of best fit and use it to make predictions when given a bivariate data set. It is aligned to SE 8(5)(D) of the (new) Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Math 8, and it includes a PowerPoint presentation, structu
This is a mini lesson on scatter plots. It starts with a giving the students a table and having them graph the data onto a scatter plot. They then find the trend line or the line of best fit and have to answer questions. This is a wonderful homework assignment with not too many questions. It als
Algebra I - Scatter Plots and Line of Best Fit Common Core Aligned Lesson Plan with Homework This lesson plan includes: -Lecture Notes (PDF, PowerPoint, and SMART Notebook) -Blank Lecture Notes (PDF and SMART Notebook) -Homework (PDF) -Answer Key (PDF) You do not need to have SMART Notebook or Pow
#distancelearning This 24-question, self-grading assignment provides students with practice analyzing & interpreting scatter plots. The following types of questions are included:Types of Correlation (positive/ negative/ no/ weak/ strong)Identifying Linear, Exponential, or QuadraticWriting a Lin
Wrestle with Scatter Plots (Google Form!) This product includes: (1) Google Form containing ten questions about scatter plots. Problems involve correlation type, the line of best fit and predicting scatter plot values.  I personally use this activity as part of my data analysis unit. The Google
Students will come up with an experiment of their own, collect data, create a scatterplot, find the line of best fit, the equation of that line and calculate the r-value with a graphing calculator.
This product contains 4 sets of 16 scatter plots that allow students to practice writing the equations for the line of best fit. Each set contains the same scatter plots, but with variations in whether trend lines and choice options are provided. The scatter plots are confined to the first quadrant
This lesson goes over the following 8th grade mathematics standards: MGSE8.SP.2 Know that straight lines are widely used to model relationships between two quantitative variables. For scatter plots that suggest a linear association, informally fit a straight line, and informally assess the model fit
In this fun activity students will solve the mystery of the stolen art by collecting data on classmate's standing long jump and height. Students will create a scatter plot and line of best fit for their data; then use their data to make predictions for the 5 suspects. Students will create a one page
A math guide that helps students with vocabulary such as scatter plot, line of best fit, causation, correlation, association, strength, direction, form, outliers, least squares regression line, LSRL, correlation coefficient, r-value, coefficient of determination, extrapolation, and residual. This ma
This video lesson teaches students.... * that a scatter plot is a graph of points that show the relationship between two sets of data. * How to find the line of best fit, or trend line * How to identify positive and negative correlation * How to interpolate or extrapolate data predictions from a sca
This video lesson is perfect for sub plans, class activities, math centers, remedial help, or flipping your class. This video lesson teaches students about scatter plots. In particular, your students will be able to...Explain the terms scatter plot, trend line, linear regression, correlation, interp
My students were having the hardest time with graphing data, determining line of best fit, and writing linear equations. I thought hands on activities might help, and they did! These are four activity guides/worksheets that I developed to help my students practice gathering data, creating a table, g
Hello Math Teachers! Worksheet on constructing and interpreting scatter plots and identifying patterns such as positive, negative, or no association, outliers, linear versus non-linear as well as interpreting intercepts and slope. Students investigate bivariate measurement patterns of association be
About this resource : This line of best fit activity can be used with two groups of students - those who know how to write equations for lines and those who do not. Students must draw 3 scatter plots from given data and draw a line of best fit. Students who can write equations, will write equatio
Student of ALL ages love to draw and color... especially in Math Class! MATH MUGSHOTS are a GREAT way to review math concepts while providing some “color” to math class. You can use this activity to review for a test, as a homework assignment, as extra credit, or as an assessment.Looking for more M
So Easy to Use! Simply print and fold! No need to rotate pages! Scatter Plots and Lines of Best Fit FOLDABLE also includes a PowerPoint to go along with the foldable.Foldable has 2 tiers of differentiation, perfect for the inclusive classroom! 1 set has fill-in-the-blank style notes within the folda
Bundle of 29 editions of NBA Numbers Performance Task for 8th grade In the NBA Numbers Performance Task, students use real data on the players in their favorite basketball team to practice interpreting a scatter plot and finding the equation for the line of best fit, and to extend into constructing
Positive correlation? Negative correlation? NO correlation? Who knows! Your students will if you select to use this helpful product! This versatile product first has a one-page "quick glance" tool to remind students about scatter plots, correlations and lines of best fit. It provides 10 graphs
Statistics & Probability - 8th Grade Math Task Cards: This product contains 20 Total Task Cards over the 8.SP.2 standard. Each card is labeled with the standard, comes with a student recording sheet, answer key, and standard poster. ***************************************************************
This Powerpoint starts with a warm-up of finding a linear equation from two points. Students are then presented with a scenario relating two quantities and asked to describe any relationships. Building on this, students are introduced to scatterplots as a way to represent a data set. This is foll
8.SP.2 Escape Room - Line of Best Fit & Analyzing a ScatterplotPDF AND GOOGLE FORM CODE INCLUDED. It is a great way for students to work together and review their knowledge of determining a line of best fit for a scatterplot. There are a total of 4 tasks/puzzles included as well as a Google Form
This resource is a great way to allow students to use technology and get immeditate feedback! Plus there is no grading for the teacher or passing out papers!Get this as part of my: ⭐8th Grade Math Google Classroom Bundle⭐This prodcut contains 10 Digital Task Cards over the 8.SP.2 standard over the l

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