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These task cards come with a fun twist: They're pictures! Have your students examine the earth processes in the pictures and determine the causes and effects of what the pictures show. There is a differentiated version, too! Practice science, reading, and writing all in one activity!Check out the pr
Food chains and food webs ecosystems flow of energy - Focuses on how changes in a food chain or food web can effect an ecosystem. Print and laminate 4 Cause & Effect cards and copy student response sheets to supplement your unit. A Flow of Energy pyramid poster with coordinating response sheet i

Also included in: Food Chains and Food Webs

The Properties of Air Air exists all around us. It occupies space. It has weight. It exerts pressure and it rises as a result of its expansion when heated. See a transformation in your students as their interest is piqued with this engaging resource! Scientific Discrepant Events is a full teacher re
I wanted something to accompany my GA habitat unit in relation to how environmental changes affect the organisms living there. I instantly thought of the book The Lorax. After searching, I wasn't able to come up with anything that exactly matched what my purpose for the task was, so I made my own.
2nd - 5th
What Factors Influence Weather? Weather is all around us and as it takes more of a center stage in our news media and our minds it will be even more important that our students know what causes weather phenomena. See a transformation in your students as their interest is piqued with this engaging re
What are the Characteristics of Matter? Molecules. States of matter. Melting and boiling points. Cohesion and adhesion. Surface tension. Density. See a transformation in your students as their interest is piqued with this engaging resource! Scientific Discrepant Events is a full teacher resource tha
What Flowing Air Can Do Pick up a ping pong ball by blowing on it! Hold a cork race or a paper airplane contest! Build a self-priming siphon and have your students wondering, "What did I just see?!" See a transformation in your students as their interest is piqued with this engaging resource! Scien
Spring into science with a unit all about kites! Skills addressed in this unit are main idea and detail, cause and effect, theme, how-to writing, scientific method, all related to fiction and informational text about kites. This unit is great for test preparation, skill review, or skill introducti
Integrate literacy skills and NGSS Crosscutting Concepts ( CCC ) into your science curriculum with this print and digital activity on cause and effect. Students will learn what cause and effect is and then practice the skill using five different science demonstrations. This activity also includes gr
This 1 hour fully scripted lesson includes a read aloud of a printable Informational Life Science text, “Actions that Help and Hurt,” by Jennifer Kaul, written in the format of a book.  Students will:Identify unknown words using context clues and student talkAsk and answer questions about the text i
During this lesson, students identify what they currently understand about our time zones and Daylight Savings Time. They learn how the development of the train and long distance travel led to the necessity for a standard timekeeping system. They also learn about the history of Daylight Savings Time
"What If?" is a ten-minute science activity in which a scenario is proposed (What if gravity disappeared for a day?) and students describe the effects of the situation and propose solutions to the problems.
6th - 8th
This powerpoint coordinates with the Unit Plan and Graphic Organizer materials sold separately.
This is an introduction lesson for matter. It explains solids, liquids, and gases and includes teacher lead experiments.
2nd - 4th
Worksheet using pictures to show causal relationships between animal populations, their predator/prey and environmental changes. Perfect visual to help ELLs comprehend the concept.
This is a Unit Plan and Graphic Organizers for a Unit that combines ELA content (focus on Cause and Effect) with science content (Weather Conditions & Climate). Powerpoint sold separately.
All of these current event lessons are from recent articles, journals or magazines that contain the web address for the article, questions and answer keys.
7th - 12th
Here’s a list of 20 really great ideas using common household and classroom objects.These are all tried-and-true activities from a kindergarten classroom. Use them to teach cause and effect, “if..then” language to ELLs or speech students, or as ‘mini-lessons.” Write the sentence on the board, read i
Enjoy this FREE poster illustrating "Cause & Effect." It explains the Crosscutting Concept #2 of the Next Generation Science Standards. THIS POSTER IS PART OF A 7-POSTER SET! On the poster: CAUSE & EFFECT Events can be traced back to a cause, either a simple or complex one. ASK: How did t
This is an in-depth states and properties of matter unit with detailed, science lesson plans for second grade. Designed to excite your students' curiosity and connect prior knowledge, students learn through engaging, high-interest lessons with hands-on investigations and experiments. Students are in
Cause and Effect is one of those target skills that takes a little bit of practice before your students really master it. This packet will help give you games to play, posters to display, passages to read, and lesson plan ideas to help your students truly understand this essential target skill. This
**PLEASE REDOWNLOAD FOR ALL OF THE NEW POSTERS Make your alphabet line more meaningful (and bright!) with these posters! Enough posters to make an entire ELA set or math set. Or mix and match the content areas for your alphabet! Your choice! THE MOST RECENT UPDATE INCLUDES 9 SCIENCE TERMS. See belo
This second grade habitats & ecosystems unit is designed with high engagement, hands-on science lesson plans. This resource enables you to easily plan and teach an in-depth unit that is both effective and fun. Students learn about land and water habitats and identify ecosystems within these biom
Please make sure you always have the most recent version of my products, I update my products all the time! I am a science teacher who is still in the classroom and every time I use one of my lesson plans, I think of new things to add! Please make sure you always have my latest version. Here’s how:
K - 5th

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