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A huge collection of 38 science graphing activities from all my middle school science units. Great for 8th grade science test prep review, data analysis, or can be used for your science sub plans and substitute lesson plans. Over 110 pages, the packet is a collection of ready-to-go practice graphing worksheets and data tables sure to help your students master graphing skills. Science state assessment 8th grade Florida, California Science Test, and Virginia Science SOL tests.Some of the science
This activity was created to help students use information found in tables and graphs to answer science questions. These questions consist of multiple choice, fill in, and open ended. They must interpret and reason to figure out the answers. They questions and information are designed to help students prepare for the ACT Aspire.
3rd - 7th
A huge collection of 37 science graphing activities from all my elementary science units. Great for 4th and 5th grade science review, an independent work packet, or as a folder for science substitute lesson plans. Could also be used as an independent work packet for students. Over 90 pages, the packet is a collection of ready-to-go practice graphing worksheets and data tables sure to help your students master graphing skills. Some of the science graphs are bar graphs, some are line, some are fi
This is a table of climate data on five different biomes. The students are asked to use the data in the table to answer a variety of questions. They must interpret the information given in order to answer the questions. There are multiple choice, sorting, and open ended questions. It is similar to the type of questions seen on the science part of the ACT Aspire.
This is made in a digital interactive notebook format. You can do this with the kids or they can do it asynchronously. You can just assign this and GO! You are all set. Don't forget to scroll all the way to the bottom of my blog for the video previewHere is a breakdown of the lesson.Title slideSlide 1 Data Collection: Research Question and Hypothesis- The difference between a research question and a hypothesis is described using one of the examples we will carry through the entire lesson.Slide 2
This worksheet is based on the New York State Earth Science Reference Tables. It has students identify major characteristics of each table or chart and includes questions from the regents exam for them to answer using the table.
8th - 12th
Practice student graphing & data analysis skills with this great digital science lesson and project to get them excited. Lesson covers everything from how to collect and organize data, graphing basics such as what to include on a graph, to data analysis and how to draw conclusions. The student choice project involves students creating a survey question, surveying classmates to create their data set, then turning that information into tables and graphs. Presentation (33 slides) provides lesso
Step-by-step instructions to guide students through the creation of clear, properly-labeled data tables and graphs for middle school and high school science.
This is a Google Slide presentation that can be used to introduce data tables used in science experiments.
4th - 7th
A rudimentary lab meant to assess students' abilities to think scientifically and utilize proper methodology when designing an investigation.
Graphic organizer for students to get to know the types of data formats on the science portion of the ACT. Students draw an example of the data format, label it, and explain how it is used/read.
This is the Glass Analysis Lab that I used for my Forensic Science course. It includes the protocols for the different types of analysis, a PDF of the laboratory notes that the students used to record their data as well a PDF form of the laboratory notes for students that choose to use an electronic device to record their data. The protocol has four different labs for the analysis of known glass samples. These same four activities can be used for an unknown glass sample. The laboratory notes ha
9th - 12th
These skittles labs are a fun way to have students learn about the scientific method. Lab contents: 1. Skittle Colors Lab: A. Question: Which color skittle is most common in a package of skittles? B. Developing a hypothesis C. Procedure D. Data Tables E. Graphing F. Post-Lab Questions 2. Skittles Mass and Amount Lab A. Question: How accurate are Skittles packages to one another in terms of mass and total                   number of Skittles? B. Developing a hypothesis C. Procedure D. D
Teaching second grade science aligned the Next Generation Science Standards is quite challenging without quality resources to guide you. These in-depth units address all 2nd grade NGSS topics and enable you to plan and teach high-engagement, three-dimensional science lessons. The six units in this bundle blend three important aspects of science and engineering education: the content, the skills, and the big picture ideas. These units incorporate phenomena, integrate Crosscutting Concepts, and pr
This student centered NGSS aligned graphing lesson is fun and interactive! My class gave it a thumbs up! It was created specifically for Middle School grades 6-8 NGSS Practice 4: Analyzing and Interpreting Data. These graphing stations are a great way to get students to interact with different forms of data. The graphing stations include: * A Graphing Notes Printable - The notes explain the different types of graphs and how they are most commonly used. This is a great resource for students to
Scientific Method: This scientific method gummy bears lab is a fun way to have students learn about the scientific method.This lab contains the following:1. Question: What will happen to gummy bears if they are placed into different solutions:       Water, Vinegar, Water and Baking soda, Water and Salt?2. Make Observations3. Developing a hypothesis4. Procedure5. Data Tables6. Graphing7. Post-Lab QuestionsImportant: This lesson is in my Scientific Method Activities Bundle(35% OFF!)Also Check ou
Closely aligned to the 5th Grade Science TEKS with STAAR in mind, I created the Science Test Prep Scenarios to help teachers maximize their instruction time and provide students with a high quality test prep resource.This resource includes BOTH the PDF version for printable use AND the Google Slides resource for Google Classroom. Just copy the file from my Google Drive to yours.This pack includes 25 Test Prep Scenario pages, each focusing on a different science content standard.The pages include
Scientific Method: This scientific method activities bundle contains all of my activities on the scientific method and allows students to learn while having fun!Important:All these lessons sell individually for $29.65; as a bundle they are 45% off, for $16!Scientific Method Activities Bundle Contents:1. Scientific Method Fold and Learn:         A. Fold and learn scientific method cover in color         B. Fold and learn scientific method in black and white         C. Blank version for s
This Newton’s Laws of Motion S.C.I.E.N.C.E. Station activity is designed to get your students engaged, collaborating, and moving in your daily lesson. A Google Form for distance learning is also included with your purchase. Each station provides a different method for reinforcing important science content. All stations correlate to a task that is represented by a letter in the word SCIENCE. These stations will have students Summarize, Create, Interpret, Experiment, Navigate, Challenge, and E
Do your students adeptly analyze data from science experiments? It’s quite common for students to know how to conduct experiments, observe, and gather results, but also lack the data analysis skills to make meaning from their experiments. That problem is the inspiration behind this resource.STEM / NGSS Aligned Students are usually given the most experience with the first steps of the Scientific Method, but lack practice in the end stages. We often run out of steam or time performing experiments
This experiment follows the Scientific MethodIncludes:A list of materials needed and set-upScientific Method anchor chart perfect for laminating and putting on displaySkittles Experiment packetThis experiment packet includes step-by-step directions for the procedure, a fill in the blank "if ______, then _______ because ________" sentence frame for the hypothesis, inquiry questions, data tables, and a bar graph.
What a fabulous way to practice, preview, or review the Scientific Method! The versatility of task cards makes them a perfect addition to your classroom! NOTE: This task card set is available in money-saving bundles!Scientific Method Bundle featuring Posters with Chalkboard FramesScientific Method Bundle featuring Posters with White FramesThere are so many uses for this great set, including Scoot (rotating stations), Scavenger Hunts, Centers, Early Finishers, Sub Days, Test Preview or Review, Mo
Thank you for your interest in my 3rd Grade Interactive Journal Pages, based on the Next Generation Science Standards in conjunction with the Mystery Science video curriculum program! Mystery Science has excellent exploration videos and activities, and the journal pages provide a space and a guide to think critically about science concepts. The pages also serve as an information guide for students to refer back to as they review concepts and standards throughout the year.These pages will encoura
Let your high school or middle school science class solve the crime while they practice applying the scientific method! Lab instructions, student and teacher worksheets, and materials lists for the activity are included."It was a dark and dreadful night when we discovered the disappearance of the priceless Lighthouse Diamond. We all thought it was safe and sound in our super secure vault in the basement of the “You Gotta Have It- Jewelry Store.” But alas, the only thing we found was a note and

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