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This item is also found in the Earth Science SET of 8 BUNDLES at 30% OFF!This is a great unit all about weather and climate. This big bundle comes with:Weather and Climate Foldable72 Slide Weather and Climate PowerPointMapping WeatherWeather and Climate Tools FoldableUnderstanding FrontsQuiz about
This is a great way to introduce weather and climate and the differences between the two. It fits into an interactive notebook and file includes a KEY in color. Have the students guess which word to fill in as they follow along with the group. They love to color and decorate it as they learn about w
Weathering Doodle Notes for Earth Science Weathering: What factors influence how rocks break down? Teach your students the types of physical and chemical weathering using this visual doodle note sheet. Doodle notes provide visual triggers that improve focus, memory and learning and are useful in
This science graphic organizer will aid in student concept retention, focus, creativity, and engagement. Students will use this graphic organizer to identify, define, and illustrate weather versus climate. Also included are 6 "you try" questions in which students will identify if the scenario is des
Climate change is an important topic for our students to understand. Help them out by teaching or reviewing with the aid of climate change doodle notes covering the difference between weather and climate, and some of the main factors that affect climate. This resource is also part of my Biology GRO
Students will enjoy learning about Weather with Seek & Find Science Doodles. Weather key terms include Precipitation, Weather Map, Thermometer, Barometer, Rain Gauge, Wind Vane, Pressure, Front, Sling Psychrometer, and Anemometer Great for student engagement and retention. Your students will lov
Looking for a fun and engaging way to review Earth Science topics? This set of Doodle & Write activities is an excellent way to reinforce concepts and have students review key ideas. Includes all answer keys!Includes:Volcano Doodle & Write - review all three types of volcanoes and their haz
This powerpoint follows the Climate and Weather Foldable. It also has lots of pictures of weather and climate and a KEY. It is great way to introduce weather and climate and check for understanding. 72 slides Use this with the Weather and Climate Foldable found in the Weather and Climate BUNDLE her
A fun way for students to take notes and compare Weather and Climate.Pair this doodle note with the Water Cycle Doodle &Learn Note. Have students relate the water cycle to weather! Also be sure to check out some of my other amazing Doodle & Learn Notes:Jet Stream and Ocean Current Doodle &a
Help your students understand the differences between physical and chemical weathering!Be sure to check out some of my other Doodle & Learn Notes! Jet Stream and Ocean Current Doodle & Learn NotesRock Cycle Doodle & Learn Note (Free Quiz Included)Spheres (Systems) of the EarthWeathering
Students can take notes on ways humans can protect themselves from hazardous weather. Be prepared! Take Cover! Plan Ahead! Secure Loose Objects! Notes include the following:ThunderstormsLightningThunderHurricaneStorm SurgeTornadoPair this doodle note with the Protection from the Sun Doodle & Lea
Great Science Doodle & Learn notes that address the 4 main factors that cause physical (mechanical) weathering. Factors include:Temperature ChangePressure ChangePlant and Animal FactorsGravity, Wind, WaterTeacher tips are included on the second page.Need to help students understand the differenc
Weathering, Erosion, & Deposition "science doodle notes" When students color or doodle in class, it activates both hemispheres of the brain at the same time. There are proven benefits of this cross-lateral brain activity:- new learning- relaxation (less anxiety)- visual connections- better memor
Help students overcome the confusion of understanding the similarities and differences among WEATHERING, EROSION, AND DEPOSITION with this doodle & learn note!!! Each process is color coded to help students even more! Teacher Tips are included as well as a Check for Understanding activity that I
This item is also found in the Earth Science SET of 8 BUNDLES at 30% OFF!This is a bundled unit to teachChanges to the Earth: Weathering, Erosion and Depositionwith the formation of Sand Dunes, Canyons and DeltasThe unit includes:Vocabulary Sheets with picturesChanges to the Earth Foldable with keyW
** NEW UPDATED DRAWINGS ** and I added PowerPoints to show the KEYS!All the Science Concepts in my Bundles are in one place here as a review for the whole year! This download has 4 main doodle sheets with student blanks and keys plus lots of powerpoint slides. This bundle has four review sheets to h
This SET includes 8 BUNDLES all about EARTH SCIENCE at a big savings of 25% OFF! These doodle notes help students retain content which helps them score big on the state test. Students LOVE the doodle notes and teachers LOVE the content! The 8 Bundles include 428 pages, 7 PowerPoints, 9 sets of ta
*NOTE* If you purchased the Kindergarten packet, many of the pages are repeated in this packet I worry that Science gets overlooked in the early grades and that is why I offer this: NO PREP 200+ Page SCIENCE printables packed with engaging ways to teach Science! Unique drawings that help students
Before you purchase, you might consider this foldable is also sold in the whole unit Changes to the Earth BUNDLE sold for just $7! click here for the Changes to the Earth BUNDLE This is a great way to introduce Changes to the Earth from wind, water, and ice. Weathering, erosion, and deposition a
*NOTE* If you purchased the First Grade packet, many of the pages are repeated in this packet I worry that Science gets overlooked in the early grades and that is why I offer this: NO PREP 200+ Page SCIENCE printables packed with engaging ways to teach Science! Unique drawings that help students u
This 2nd grade Interactive Notebook Bundle has 24 foldables that cover these topics: Safety and Tools Scientific Method Matter Changes in Heat Engineering Light and Sound Magnets Objects in the Sky Shadows and Time The Water Cycle Weather Changes to Earth Bodies of Water Seasons Resources Conservat
INCLUDED in this download: 47 Science Doodle Sheets Two versions of all 47 sheets included: 
Interactive Notebook Size and large 8.5 x 11 size 47 PowerPoints – to show students the KEYThese flat doodle sheets are different than my foldables. It is the same content but in a flat sheet format. They m
This set is packed with little weather icons! These graphics coordinate perfectly with my Weather Doodle font!These images are more simple designs and meant to be used on a smaller scale. I have included four circle styles so you can layer the images to create cute buttons! 56 total images (30 vibra
K-1 Full Year Science BUNDLE NGSS and TEKS Aligned I'm so excited about this Complete Interactive Notebook for grades Kindergarten/First that is aligned to the NGSS standards as well as the TEKS. It is a complete curriculum that is rich in vocabulary (44 sheets), 20 foldables with original science

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