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This project is engaging, Common Core and student centered. My students LOVED this project! Students create a stop motion animation for any discipline, including: math, history, science or language arts. Students are grouped or paired and they use their own phones or iPADs with an easy FREE Stop Motion Studio APP. Don't worry about instruction, the APP has great instructional videos on YouTube and it's super intuitive for students. Only one phone or iPAD is needed per group, but ALL group member
4th - 12th
Your students will love designing their force and motion experiments following the scientific method with this complete bundle.  This comprehensive bundle includes 42 ready-to-go force and motion testable questions, a highly engaging lab report template, and a scientific method digital flip book to guide students throughout their investigation. All bundle components include Google Slides presentations that are easily assigned in Google Classroom.  These three resources work together beautifully!
This workbook covers the Grade 3 Forces and Motion unit in the NEW 2022 Ontario Science curriculum (Matter and Energy).Students will assess the impacts of various forces on society and the environment and identify forces used in their daily lives. Topics include push vs. pull, friction, gravity, magnetic force, muscular force, static force, and how forces change shape, speed, direction, and distance.Interactive, hands-on activities are explained, with follow-up worksheets included. There is a va
SCIENCE PROJECT: FORCES & MOTION IN SPORTSSUBJECTS: SCIENCE, PHYSICAL EDUCATION, PHYSICAL SCIENCEGRADES : 7-12SUB PLANS: YES!This folder contains several assignments focusing on Newton's Laws of Motion, energy, and the types of friction. The work is perfect for a conclusion on a motion unit (or as a refresher).PROJECT GOAL - To introduce students to Newton's Laws of Motion and the three forms of friction.1 - Power Point Presentation (10 slides) showing how the sport of rock climbing is conn
Your students will love this unique Project Based Learning experience! They will be learning about force and motion throughout this unit, while using their knowledge to help them build a rollercoaster that is fast, fun, and safe. This is a great end of the year science activity with high student engagement!You will need additional materials for this experience. The links are included, but here is the basic list of supplies: foam pipe (about $2/4 students), marbles, stopwatches, plastic cups.This
Your students will rave about this marble maze project! They'll become engineers to solve a problem at the local amusement park. Students will work together in a small group and learn patience, perseverance, and positivity. The pack contains 3 pages of instructions, a rubric, a student trifold recording sheet, a page of student examples, and 2 versions of the Engineering Design Process poster.
3rd - 10th
This is a great way to wrap up an unit on Newton's 3 Laws of Motion. Students choose how they want to present their information for the project. It can be a poster, brochure or power point presentation. If students come up with a different presentation as long as they get my approval beforehand, I usually give them the go ahead (ie: students wanted to include videos versus pictures in their PPT presentation). This project includes some background information on the 3 laws of motion for stude
Challenge your students to create their own trivia board game to review or explore concepts and vocabulary on the unit: force and motion. Easily attach this document to your Google Classroom and save paper by not needing to print this project for each of your students! Print for those who benefit from having a physical copy for differentiation. This product is part of my Force and Motion Interactive Notebook- Distance Learning! ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★C
This resource contains different digital and printable collage activities for students to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the 5 different forces: magnetic force, gravity, muscular force, friction, and static force.Individual slides for each force included, as well as a slide with all 5 forces on it.I hope you enjoy! Be sure to leave me feedback and connect with me on instagram! My instagram handle is @Teaching.With.AlyssaClick here to check out my other resources & find out
This resource contains printable collage activities for students to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the 5 different forces: magnetic force, gravity, muscular force, friction, and static force. Individual pages for each force included, as well as a page with all 5 forces on it.GOOGLE SLIDES VERSION AVAILABLE HEREI hope you enjoy! Be sure to leave me feedback and connect with me on instagram! My instagram handle is @Teaching.With.AlyssaClick here to check out my other resources &
This project has students film themselves doing an activity (hitting, serving, or kicking a ball or frisbee). With this film, students are able to solve for force applied, velocity of the ball, and energy. This comes with student directions, lab report outline, help sheet for struggling students and teacher directions as well as which apps are useful.
8th - 10th
★★★ FREE CANVAS TOTE BAG with purchase of Triple Year Unit Bundle! ★★★Challenge your students to create their own cartoon to show how the laws of motion are everywhere! This product is part of my Force and Motion Unit Bundle. Go digital with my Force and Motion Digital Notebook Bundle, which is very similar to this product!★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★My Force and Motion Complete Bundle includes all of the following:Notebook Set-Up- Free!Pre-Assessment/Warm-upLesson- Sp
Follow me for more freebies, sales, and more!Challenge your students to create their own trivia board game to review concepts on the unit: force and motion. There is an editable template. This product is part of my Force and Motion Complete Bundle!This product will encourage your students to review the following topics:Speed: motion, speed, and forceAcceleration: velocity, acceleration, and decelerationFriction: static, sliding, rolling and fluid frictionNet forces: balanced, unbalanced, and com
A great way to get kids to dive deeper into force and motion topics is to have them become teachers themselves. Included is the project description with a list of topics that I used for the kids. The kids need to use all 3 main types of learning. Auditory, visual, and tactile, so they need to come up with fun activities for the whole class to do. This is a great project if you have a really creative group! I allow them to partner up (with a partner of my choice) or let them work alone, but that
6th - 12th
Use project-based learning when teaching or reviewing force and motion concepts such as position, push, and pull. Meet the needs of 3rd-grade students by addressing science TEK 3.6B and math TEK 3.6A while making a real-world connection to STEM career opportunities as an animator!Included in this resource:teacher tips with recommendations for PBL Launch activityBackground knowledge of a STEM career opportunity to supply to studentsBlank PBL Launch slidePBL ChallengeStudent InstructionsStudent Re
3rd - 5th
Have your students show their creative and technical skills while writing a story and filming it using STOP MOTION animation. Basic guidelines and grading ideas are included. My students really enjoyed becoming storytellers using an animation program.
Aligned with Essential Standard 5.P.1 for 5th grade This project requires students to write a narrative story about an animal or character of their choice. Students must use proper science vocabulary, as well as key narrative elements, in their story. Rubric provided.
This product includes one lab activity with directions on students creating an obstacle coarse in order to calculate speed and understand its relationship between distance over time. Make it a home project to do with their families for distance learning! This product is part of my Force and Motion Complete Interactive Notebook or my Newton's Laws of Motion Digital and Printable Notebook! (great for distance learning).This lesson includes the following main ideas/vocabulary:• Motion• speed• Slidi
You are looking at a file containing directions and printouts to create a Foam Rocket Energy & Motion Laboratory: Project Science Inquiry Baggie Kit. This file contains items that can be copied and cut out for use at a laboratory station or science center. Scarlet Piper and I are calling the kits Project Science Inquiry Baggie Kits, because the directions, vocabulary cards, and other materials can be conveniently stored in a big baggie or box. The intent of the items in each Project Scien
This product will engage your students to create a cartoon comic project focusing on vocabulary from the unit: Force and Motion. This project includes a non-editable directions, a rubric, and student template. This product is part of my FORCE AND MOTION UNIT BUNDLE!My Force and Motion Complete Bundle includes all of the following:Notebook Set-Up- FREE!Pre-Assessment/Warm-upLesson- Speed and MotionLesson- Acceleration and VelocityLesson- Force and FrictionLesson- Net BalancesLesson- Newton's Laws
This mini unit includes everything you need to teach your students about force and motion. The packet includes six 5-E lesson plans for each of these essential questions: How do things move? What is speed? What is gravity? What is a ramp? What is a magnet? What is magnetic? Each lesson includes multiple real life picture cards that you can project in your classroom using technology or that you can print out to generate a discussion at the beginning of your lesson. The pictures include topic
K - 2nd
Use this Newton's 3 Laws Doodle poster project with your students to engage them in meaningful application of science concepts! Review the laws of motion with this printable that gives examples to help students refine their understanding of Newton's 3 Laws of Motion. Four student pages can be copied side by side on 11 x 17 paper to make a newspaper-style poster. (Great for hallway displays!) This reviews each of the laws of motion using fun doodle-style tasks. Print and go Easel Ready! Studen
Forces and Motion - Third Grade - NGSS Aligned- Complete UnitThis is a complete, hands-on, in-depth science unit for teaching about Forces and Motion. There are eleven engaging lessons, including all resources, including PowerPoint presentations, lesson plans, and student journals. Also included is a collaborative end-of-unit project that follows the NGSS Science and Engineering Practices to apply their knowledge in a fun scientific project! --------------------APPROACH TO LEARNING
This no-prep paper AND digital paperless product is all of the notes, labs, activities, practices, and tests you need to teach your motion and force unit in your physical science class. Content covered includes describing motion, distance, displacement, speed, velocity, acceleration, graphing motion, net force, Newton’s Laws, Law of Universal Gravitation, and Law of Conservation of Momentum. Links to video lectures are included for all notes. All assessments are differentiated for two levels

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