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Scientific Method Definition Cards
All scientists should know about the scientific method. They have to start somewhere. These cards are designed to give a simple, clear explanation to our young scientists. These visually appealing cards are designed to be put on display. I suggest printing on cardstock and laminating them. See also
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Scientific Method and Process Skills Unit
Kick off the year in your science class with this complete unit full of engaging lessons and experiments to teach about the scientific method! Your students will learn about what it means to be a scientist, what the different process skills are, and observation and classification skills.**Check out

Also included in: Scientific Method and Process Skills Bundle

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Scientific Method and Process Skills Bundle
As your students start the year in science class, it's very important that they understand what they'll be doing and the expectations set up on them. That's why I've combined all of my products about the scientific method and process skills into this one bundle--all for your quick and easy use!With
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Scientific Method and Candy Worms Activity
Your students will have fun learning about the steps of the scientific method with this activity using candy worms. Students will follow each step of the scientific method as they experiment to see what happens to candy worms when they are left in water.With this product you will be able to teach y

Also included in: Scientific Method Experiment and Activity Bundle

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Scientific Method Vocabulary Test
This includes a 10 question vocabulary test on words related to the scientific method including hypothesis, replicate, and variables. The definitions are written so elementary students can easily read and understand them. An answer key is included. **Bonus** Scientific Method cut and paste activ
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Skittles Weathering and Erosion Lab  / Scientific Method / Differentiated
***If you like this product, check out the BUNDLE with another Erosion Lab HERE******UPDATED 2.11.19*** Updated fonts & minor lesson plan correctionsUnderstanding the difference between weathering and erosion can be challenging for students. In this engaging Skittles lab packet, students will ge

Also included in: Skittles & Erosion Labs BUNDLE/ Differentiated / Scientific Method

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Scientific Method Interactive Notebook
Scientific Method Interactive Notebook - The PERFECT addition to your science interactive notebooks!! The skills practiced in these activities will be used throughout the year & applied in almost every lab/activity! This product includes 13 interactive notebook activities that can be used in-cla

Also included in: Scientific Method BUNDLE

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Lab Safety and the Scientific Method PowerPoint and Notes Bundle
Introduce important Lab Safety and Scientific Method concepts to your students with this PowerPoint and notes bundle! Science Lab Tools and Equipment, Safety Equipment, Safety Rules and Procedures, and the Scientific Method is included in this bundle. This resource includes 4 PowerPoint presentati
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Experimental Design Scientific Method Cornell Doodle Notes and Powerpoint
This resource is also part of the Physical Science Cornell Doodle Notes Growing Bundle!These scaffolded Cornell Doodle Notes combine two effective note-taking strategies and can be used to introduce the components of the experimental design process and scientific method. Students will be introduced

Also included in: Science Process Bundle

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Exploring the Scientific Method Worksheet
This Exploring the Scientific Method worksheet was designed for middle school students learning about the scientific method. Key concepts include scientific inquiry, hypothesis, control group, experimental group, independent variable, dependent variable, scientific theory, and scientific law. Thi

Also included in: Worksheet Bundle: General Science Set #1 – The Nature of Science

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Science Test Prep - Variables and the Scientific Method (Nature of Science)
Nature of Science; Science Test Prep; Scientific Method; Independent, Dependent, Controlled Variables: When it's time to introduce or review the practice of science to your students you definitely want this double-bundle of SCIENTIFIC METHOD & VARIABLES activities! 6 Activities bundled for 10.00
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Scientific Method Foldable for INB
This is a two page scientific method foldable that can be used in a science interactive notebook. Click the PREVIEW button to see the 2 page foldable. This foldable has students write the definition of vocabulary words (ie. independent variable, dependent variable, controlled constants, experiment
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**SAVE OVER 30%** Middle School Scientific Method Worksheet & Activity BUNDLE
Great value - includes 9 resources! Designed to engage students and add FUN to a Nature of Science Unit, especially highlighting how science happens in the REAL WORLD.BUNDLE INCLUDES:School-Themed Hypotheses, Variables & Experimental Design Practice (FREE BONUS)Scientific Method & the Growt
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Scientific Method Bundle
This bundle on the scientific method includes a PowerPoint with guided notes, two practice sheets 2-3 pages long to help organize the information and think critically. Also included is a worksheet with a hypothetical lab design as well as an actual lab that uses petri dishes and food to test the 5 s
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Scientific Method: A Scientific Inquiry Unit - Notes, Tasks Cards & MORE!
This bundle includes 12 days worth of lessons and activity ideas for teaching the scientific method through inquiry. If you’re teaching the scientific method or a unit on scientific inquiry check out this incredible bundle of resources! This has student notes and homework with solutions, task card
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Scientific Method Task Cards
What a fabulous way to practice, preview, or review the Scientific Method! The versatility of task cards make them a perfect addition to your classroom! NOTE: This task card set is available in money-saving bundles! • Scientific Method Bundle featuring Posters with Chalkboard Frames • Scientific Me
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Scientific Method Activity/ Foldable: Observation, Questioning, Hypothesis, Etc.
Scientific Method: These scientific method cootie catchers are a great way for students to have fun while learning about the scientific method process. Scientific method vocabulary terms: ♦ Observation, Question, Purpose, Hypothesis, Materials, Procedure, Data, Conclusion These scientific metho

Also included in: Scientific Method Activities: Worksheets, Science Experiments, Task Cards Bundle

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Scientific Method Foldable Book K-1
This is a printable foldable flip-book for your students to use during science experiments. It is designed for K-1 students who need support while learning about the scientific method. **A more advanced version of this foldable is available here: Foldable 2-5th grade** You will need to print the f
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Foldable Scientific Method Activity for Scientific Method Interactive Notebook
You will download a foldable scientific method activity to use in science centers or as an interactive notebook craftivity.A quiz and answer key are also included for all 30 words.Students will practice 30 scientific method vocabulary words. A separate word bank is also included for easy differenti

Also included in: Scientific Method Activities BUNDLE Task Cards, Foldable Interactive Notebooks

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How Much Sugar is in Bubble Gum Measuring Mass Scientific Method Experiment
In this Activity, students practice measuring the mass of bubble gum before and after its chewed, then make some calculations to determine the percentage of sugar in the gum- definitely a crowd pleaser! This activity is great for everyone- students get to chew gum and teachers get students to pract
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Scientific Method Foldable Book and Posters
This is a set of scientific method posters and a printable foldable book to use as part of the scientific inquiry process. This book is designed for 2nd-5th grade students. The lines are close together and allow for lots of independent writing. **An easier K-1 version of foldable book is available
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Scientific Method Posters
Scientific Method Posters These printables feature 8 scientific method posters with definitions and coordinating clip art. Every poster is included in both a polka dot and chevron version. This set includes: •8 Posters (PDF Files) -Scientific Method -Question -Research -Hypothesis -Experiment -Anal
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Scientific Method {Steps and Vocabulary}
Scientific Method Steps and Vocabulary featuring the Scientific Method Monsters! Stations and interactive notebook activities of each are included. Download includes 50 in-color pages total. Cards for station activities can be printed on white paper or card stock, cut, and laminated. Student han
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Introduction to Biology: Scientific Method, Graphing, Microscope Powerpoint
This 62 slide Power Point and Notes bundle covers the topics found in the first chapter of a typical biology textbook. Written for biology or life science students in grades 8-12, this colorful and engaging PowerPoint will hook your students from the very first day. The slides are packed with phot

Also included in: Biology: Introduction to Biology Bundle

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