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This PDF and Google Doc experimental design collection of 13 worksheets and assessments contains independent and dependent variables, controls and constants, hypothesis statements, and designing experimental procedures. Great for both in-person and remote learning! Integrates with Google Classroom o
This Experimental Design game is suited for grades 6 - 9 science students. Topics include vocabulary along with questions regarding variables, control groups, constants, and graphing data. For online learning, I have included a Google Slides version with short tutorials on how to use a game like thi
Spice up your review for the unit test on "Introduction to Biology" using a fun game format! My students love to review using these Jeopardy-style Powerpoint review games. I have found that my students pay far greater attention to the review when it is in a competitive game format. Review games i
This zip file contains review materials for middle school science scientific inquiry / scientific method unit. Includes: 6th grade .notebook presentation (25 slides) 6th grade .notebook presentation, for retake exam (9 slides) 7th grade .notebook presentation (11 slides) 7th grade .notebook present
This resource reviews concepts related to the nature of science. Students will practice analyzing experiments, finding trends among data sets, and differentiating between observations and inferences. The Power Points are hyperlinked and ready to use! There are also instructions on how to use this re
This PowerPoint game can be used to review the scientific method, variables, graphing, branches of science, lab safety, science tools, and science skills. It includes 26 review questions and answers of varying difficulty. The game format is the same as it is on the show. Credit to the following site
5th - 8th
Students can use the interactive Jeopardy game in order to review the scientific method.
4th - 7th
Chalkboard Challenge is a Jeopardy-like game where students get to test their knowledge of topics taught in a typical unit on the scientific method, variables and metrics. These topics are found in four separate categories, as described below. Categories: - Scientific Method - Metric Units - Varia
Scientific Method Jeopardy Game is the perfect way to check your students understanding of the scientific method. This game contain 22 question all related to component of the scientific method. Students will love is game. The answer key to the game is sold separately. More Products on the Scienti
8th - 12th
This Jeopardy game asks different questions about scientific method, including controlled variables, independent variables, dependent variables, and all of the different steps. You can customize this powerpoint, so you can remove and add questions.
4th - 6th
Here is a fun way to assess your students knowledge, learning, and review on topics including scientific method, standards of measurement, conversion of measurements, graphs, and vocabulary that goes along with. What you need is the ability to display a powerpoint, or a printer to print and post
This template is different from the others because you can keep team scores! All you have to do is add questions to whatever topic you are covering in class. This is compatible with any version of PowerPoint and can be used for any topic in class.Important: This Game is available as a bundle (25
Scientific Method: This scientific method activities bundle contains all of my activities on the scientific method and allows students to learn while having fun!Important:All these lessons sell individually for $27.90; as a bundle they are 45% off, for $14.95!Scientific Method Activities Bundle Cont
Games Bundle: Jeopardy, Money Wheel (which plays like wheel of fortune), and Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? Important Update: If you purchased this product before 5-1-17, please re-download the file as I have included a working score keeper for the Jeopardy Template for Mac computers. (Just cli
Science Skills Mega Bundle: Graphing, Concept Mapping, Scientific Method, Metric System, Scientific Measurement, Lab Safety, Significant Digits, Analyzing Data, Graphic Organizers, Scientific Notation, Scientific Writing, and More!After many years of teaching, I have come to realize that what my st
This scientific method foldable is a great way for students to learn and organize each step while following and conducting an actual science experiment which follows the scientific method. Contents: 6 pages:1. Fold and learn in color2. Fold and learn in black and white3. Blank version for students t
Scientific Method: These scientific method cootie catchers are a great way for students to have fun while learning about the scientific method process. Scientific method vocabulary terms: ♦ Observation, Question, Purpose, Hypothesis, Materials, Procedure, Data, Conclusion These scientific metho
Are you ready to create a classroom full of eager scientists? With the assistance of this unit you will introduce science, science tools, and the scientific method to your students. Sit back and watch as your students fall in love with science through the use of labs, printables and interactive an
3rd - 5th
Prepare 5th grade students for the Ohio Science AIR test by engaging them in this prep free, interactive Jeopardy game reviewing key topics in the areas of space, life, physical, and scientific methods found in the new generation Science learning standards! 25 questions covering key vocabulary, con
Scientific Method: This scientific method lab experiment has students answering the question: "How does soap affect how many drops of water a penny can hold?" This lab incorporates the topics of cohesion and surface tension into the lab and post lab questions. This scientific method lab experimen
This bundle includes scientific method task cards, guided inquiry labs, tons of practice determining variables & writing hypothesis statements, and embedded non-fiction reading in the form of case studies. Also included: Google Slides & Docs versions where possible. Great for distance learni
Knee deep in Scientific Method, but still feel like your students need more practice! Then you need these CSI detective themed scientific method task cards! This set of understanding the scientific method task cards can help! Use these 28 cards and their accompanying answer sheet for workstations,
Physical Science: This is a bundle of all my Physical Science cootie catchers/ fortune tellers. Playing directions and folding Directions (with pictures) are Included. Important: All these Cootie Catchers sell for $71.35; as a bundle they are 45% off, for $39! There are 25 different topics, each
This super unit bundle product combines 2 separate unit bundles together: Scientific Method and Metric System. This super bundle contains 42 resources needed for a typical middle school science unit covering the nature of science, scientific method, experimental design, metric or SI system, metric

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