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scientific method skittles

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These skittles labs are a fun way to have students learn about the scientific method. Lab contents: 1. Skittle Colors Lab: A. Question: Which color skittle is most common in a package of skittles? B. Developing a hypothesis C. Procedure D. Data Tables E. Graphing F. Post-Lab Questions 2. Skittles
Scientific Method Sweet Skittles Lab. This fun and engaging lab includes a write-up, experiment, and graphing. Perfect for introducing secondary students to the scientific method. Just add Skittles- your students will be saying, "Sweet Skittles!" for sure! Please note: This product is also off
This experiment follows the Scientific MethodIncludes:A list of materials needed and set-upScientific Method anchor chart perfect for laminating and putting on displaySkittles Experiment packetThis experiment packet includes step-by-step directions for the procedure, a fill in the blank "if ______,
Scientific Method Introduction Experiment using Skittles: Students practice using the scientific method by actually using it! They try to determine if one color of skittles is more dominant than another in a bag. This activity is part of the following bundle: Scientific Method Introduction BUNDLE:
Science Experiments: This bundle includes all of the products listed below. Answer keys are provided for each product.Important: All these products sell for $17.60; as a bundle they are 20% off, for $14!         ♦ 1. Skittles Lab Experiments         ♦ 2. Gummy Bears Lab Experiment         ♦
5th - 9th
Scientific Method Skittles Lab Science Experiment: These worksheets provide step by step instructions using Skittles with the Scientific Method experiment process. It is engaging and fun! Just bring the candy - and the sheets are ready to use -NO PREP! The process includes: Question, hypothesis,
5th - 9th
Teach your students about the Scientific Method with this super fun Skittle activity!--Want another Scientific Method activity? The link below is for a M&M activity.M&M Activity!!--Want another Scientific Method activity? The link below is for a Jolly Rancher activity.Jolly Rancher Activity!
2nd - 8th
I use this graphic organizer to accompany my science experiment for introducing the scientific method. All the experiment requires is a cup of hot water, a cup of cold water, and some Skittles. Students hypothesize about what temperature of water will make the Skittle dissolve faster. We then time t
This is a lab guessing the amount of skittles in a bag and the amount of each color skittle. This lab uses the steps of the scientific method. Students collect data, create a table, and create a graph.
1st - 6th
Follow the steps of the scientific method to discover the most dominant color of skittles in a bag. Steps include: Ask a question, form a hypothesis, test hypothesis, analyze results, draw conclusions, and communicate results. Students will also have to graph.
Students will enjoy learning and following the scientific method using a popular candy! Students will use the candy to develop a hypothesis, go through the procedures of a scientific study, calculate formulas, and reflect upon their work.
UPDATED 8/2017!! Students use a yummy, motivating treat to help support learning of the scientific method! Lab sheets included in your TPT purchase as .doc file, Skittles candy not included. I have found that purchasing the small halloween/individual bags can be easiest, or split a larger bag amongs
5th - 8th
This lab can be used as an intro or review of the scientific method to most science classes. It could also be used as a dissolving rate lab in chemistry.In this lab students dissolve Skittles in different water temperatures to see which temperature will dissolve the Skittle the quickest. Students re
This is a simple lab write up that is great for students just learning about the scientific method or practicing lab write ups or the scientific method.This is a powerpoint that helps the student review the scientific method by testing the number of skittles. The students write down the steps of th
6th - 8th
Looking for some good NGSS material to bring into your class? This is a good simple way to start off getting a feel for the new science standards. This basic lab introduces students to a claim, evidence, reasoning format while applying their knowledge of the scientific method and giving them the tac
5th - 8th

Also included in: NGSS Bundle

Students will need a mini size pack of skittles for this lab! Students will go through the different steps of the scientific method as they discover how many candies of each color are in one bag of Skittles. Students will record data on charts, make graphs, and draw conclusions.
Purpose: to let your students see how quickly the color disappears in hot vs room temperature water while using the steps of the scientific method. This digital copy of the lab paper provides students with questions and areas for reflection along with an embedded link for a timer for the students to
Not Grade Specific
These 7 slides are great for your first Back to School days for grades K-3. All you need is a bunch of Skittles, these slides, and some kids :) You can assign these on your Google Classroom page or however you assign for your virtual learners. They can work right on each slide. You can print for
Students use yummy Skittles to figure out if the CLAIM that all colors in the bag are equal is true. After they state the claim, students provide EVIDENCE backed up by REASON as to whether or not that claim is true. Inquiry based activity that is fun, and yummy!
Students will use a simple experiment of dissolving skittles in room temperature and hot water to go through the steps of the scientific method.
Not Grade Specific
This is an activity sheet that allows the students to go through the steps of the scientific method while having fun with skittles!
3rd - 5th
This is a basic scientific method experimental investigation involving yummy skittles that your students will love! It walks students through the basic scientific method process step by step. Students will write their hypothesis, identify variables, use data tables, graph data, and then follow-up wi
5th - 8th
iLearn Science PowerPoint and Activities will help you kick off your year of science fun! This is great for Back to School or before Science Fair.A suggested teaching guide breaks the PowerPoint and activities down into 8 days of lessons.This file includes:‚ÄĘ 57 slide PowerPoint with information abo
Scientific Method: This scientific method activities bundle contains all of my activities on the scientific method and allows students to learn while having fun!Important:All these lessons sell individually for $29.65; as a bundle they are 45% off, for $16!Scientific Method Activities Bundle Content

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