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In this MODEL science station, students read about how the Earth’s tilt, rotation, and revolution cause the seasons on Earth to change.  They will use models to conduct an investigation about this. Students answer questions about the model within their science journals, on the included worksheets,
In this WATCH science station, students watch one of two videos about day to night and seasons. One video is about a day on Earth. The second video is about seasons and the sun. Students answer questions about the videos within their science journals, on the included worksheets, or in the Google
Seasons is a 27 slide power point presentation and 4 pages of students’ notes that going to help you teach, review and assess the topic of Seasons in the Northern Hemisphere. This presentation works well for secondary grades and is aligned with the common core standards and the national science stan
Label a diagram of the sun and the Earth, showing why Earth has seasons. Includes an interactive PowerPoint slide. Students will need to click and drag the labels to the correct box to identify the date and the season (in both North and South hemispheres).
**This is the chapter slice "Seasons Gr. 1-5" from the full lesson plan Hands-On - Earth & Space Science Gr. 1-5**About the FULL RESOURCE:Inspire your students to gain a deep understanding of our planet earth and beyond with our Hands-On Earth & Space Science resource for grades 1-5. Combini
Grade 8 Seasons on EarthUse this activity to enhance a unit on the solar system.This worksheet is a fun way to engage and assess what your middle school students understand earth’s four seasons.This one-page worksheet is perfect for both the classroom and long-distance learning. There is a reading s
7th - 8th
All the things a student or group needs to create a poster paper model of Earth and its seasons. Students will show understanding of tilt, sunlight intensity, seasons, temperature expectations, and revolution! Great for Ohio 5th grade science teachers, but can easily be adapted for other uses as w
This Activity is based on Kathy Henderson's picture book called And the Good Brown Earth. Students match gardening activities with their corresponding seasons using pictures.
K - 2nd
A 2-page document that allows students to explore the ideas of Seasons on NASA's Space Place Website. This is included in the Characteristics of the World Unit Bundle linked below:Characteristics of the World
5th - 9th
This is a 1 page document (includes answer key) that goes in order with the film. It asks questions pertinent to the film, so it will require your students to pay attention. This is a great film for any middle/high school science, or agriculture class to watch.Animal Defenders International (ADI), l
Beautifully crafted lesson on Earths axis, tilt, and orbit with a second part about gravity and the moon.
Question: Why does Earth have seasons?Objective: I can combine information from multiple sources to explain why Earth experiences seasons.Suggested Unit: Space, Day and Night, Earth's PatternsTopic: patterns in space, seasons, Earth's movementsActivity InformationThis resource includes a PDF with a
Integrating science into your reading curriculum has never been easier! We have designed fun and interactive reading printables that cover a variety of important science topics. After your students read each passage, they will complete a simple comprehension activity that directly relates to what th
Students will make a model of the Earth, Sun, and Moon system and demonstrate an understanding of phases of the moon, causes of the seasons, and how eclipses happen. This unit starts with phenomena and includes hands-on labs, informational text passages, slideshow, comprehension pages, interactive
Earth in the Universe Solar System Space Exploration The Moon Phases / Tides/ Eclipses Yes, this unit covers all of the above! This is a HUGE bundle covering an entire Earth in the Universe Unit. This is specifically tied to North Carolina Essential Standards, or NC Essential Standards for 6th gra
The seasons escape room is an immersive experience for your students. It allows them to demonstrate their knowledge of rotation, revolution, seasons, and day & night, in a fun and engaging way.Student Background/Standards:TEKS:8.7 A - model and illustrate how the tilted Earth rotates on its axi
Now you can add an interactive layer to this PDF and assign it to your students through Google Classroom!This PDF includes 36 task cards to help students demonstrate mastery on predicting the sequence of events in the lunar cycle and modeling how the tilted Earth rotates on its axis causing day and
Integrating science into your reading curriculum has never been easier! We have designed fun and interactive reading printables that cover a variety of important science topics. After your students read each passage, they will complete a simple comprehension activity that directly relates to what th
ACSSU019 - Observable changes occur in the sky and landscape.Learning Goals:•Predicting and recognising daily and seasonal changes in weather patterns and landscape.•Identifying natural, managed and constructed features in local environments.•Recording patterns of events that occur in our every day
K - 2nd
OverviewLooking for something to handy and straightforward to teach seasons and the effect of the tilted Earth? This is just the resource for you. This interactive folding notes page with a built in card sort is designed to visually model for students that the revolution of Earth with a tilted rot
Looking for an interactive way to teach causes of seasons and the patterns caused by our tilted earth? This fun, hands-on product offers you various activity options for helping your student understand the effects of a tilted Earth.Overview:This activity gives students the opportunity to practice i

Also included in: Causes of Seasons Bundle

This is a fun and engaging WEATHER and SEASONS Science unit for little learners. Students in kindergarten and first grade will have hands-on opportunities to make observations about local weather and seasonal changes in this unit that also includes integrated reading, writing, drama and craft activ
This product is a color-by-number activity that allows students to match sentence starters with the correct sentence endings to make factual statements related to day/night and seasons. And YES- even secondary students love to color! This activity addresses TEKS 8.7A which states that students sh

Also included in: Custom Bundle for Cole T.

This bundle contains the worksheets for all 10 episodes of One Strange Rock including their answer keys.As described by National Geographic:"One Strange Rock is a thrilling journey exploring the fragility and wonder of our planet, one of the most peculiar, unique places in the universe. It's the ext
7th - 12th

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