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seismic waves

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seismic waves

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How big was that earthquake? The worksheet is a measuring activity where students must precisely measure the height of peaks on a seismogram and correlate this measurement to the Richter scale value of the earthquake. Accuracy counts! The answer key is provided.Quality document camera-ready images a
This PowerPoint covers the three different types of seismic waves produced by earthquakes. It also suggests on how students can demonstrate the different types of waves with a slinky. Words defined and illustrated are focus, epicenter, primary (P) waves, secondary (S) waves, surface waves, love wa
4th - 9th
Worksheet to drill the students on identifying Primary, Secondary waves, determining P-wave and S-Wave arrival times, calculating S-P interval, Determining earthquake epicenters, and distances 2 pages | 11 problems.
6th - 12th
This worksheet gives a brief reading selection about the three types of earthquake waves: primary waves, secondary waves and surface waves. The student is then asked to cut out various pictures or words to show understanding of the reading selection and paste into the appropriate location. The ca
This note-taking guide corresponds with my “Seismic Waves of Earthquakes” PowerPoint. Students can fill in will viewing the PowerPoint. It covers the three different types of seismic waves produced by earthquakes. It also suggests on how students can demonstrate the different types of waves with
4th - 9th
This resource is now available with all of my earthquake resources in my EARTHQUAKE BUNDLE. This resource contains an information reading on types of seismic waves including body waves ( p waves and s waves) and surface waves (love waves and Rayleigh waves). These are all introduced in the simplest
This product includes Cornell notes, an activity, a presentation on the lesson, and a mini quiz built into the presentation on seismic waves. This product is part of my Earthquake Interactive Notebook Bundle.This lesson includes the following main ideas/vocabulary:* seismic waves* foreshock*
This activity is part of a unit to address the Next Generation Science Standard HS-ESS2-3: Develop a model based on evidence of Earth’s interior to describe the cycling of matter by thermal convection.This activity was designed as part of the EXPLORE stage in the 5E model. To get the best use of it,
**Do you need a Seismic Waves Lab for 1 class period that requires little to no prep time on your part?** *Save $$ when you buy the entire unit at https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Plate-Tectonics-Full-Unit-with-Labs-and-Answer-Documents-2911227 Included is a full lesson plan lab, includin
A worksheet that brings it all together for students. Concepts included: Earth's internal layers, Seismic Waves, P-waves, S-waves, Angle, Distance. 16 questions Answer Key!
7th - 12th, Higher Education
Assessment of student knowledge and skills that tests the following concepts: 1) Seismic Waves 2) Seismograms 3) P-waves vs S-waves 4) Epicenter 5) Richter Scale 6) Mercalli Magnitude 7) Locating the earthquake epicenter NGSS Alignment: MS-ESS3-2. Analyze and interpret data on natural hazards to f
6th - 12th, Higher Education
This product is a project for students to create a newspaper article on a fictional or non-fictional earthquake. It comes with written directions, rubric, and an editable template with fill-in-the-blank to scaffold completion of all criteria. This product is part of my Earthquake Interactive Noteboo
This is a FREE pacing guide for the Earth Science Unit: Earthquakes. It outlines the following: lessons, main ideas, vocabulary, essential questions, and a resource. There is also a two-page lessons strategies handout to help support teachers who purchase my Earthquake Interactive Notebook Bundle.Th
Your search for the ultimate bundle of activities to keep your gamified class engaged in the realms of Earth's Layers, Seismic Waves, and Plate Tectonics is at an end! Presented in this bundle is a collection of quest activities that establishes a clear connection in content between models of Earth'
This test covers: 1. the parts of a volcano 2. types of volcanoes 3. direction particles move during all types of seismic waves 4. student ability to name and describe types of faults by looking at a picture 5. effects of volcanoes and earthquakes
5th - 7th
This zip file contains materials a for middle school science lesson on earthquakes and seismic waves as part of an Earth science unit. The unit was designed for 7th graders in NYC. Includes: 1 full lesson plan 1 SMARTboard .notebook lesson presentation (13 slides) including lab experiment with Sl
Beautiful 2 page graphic organizer on seismic or earthquake waves Compares: Surface vs Body Waves Primary Waves Secondary Waves Love Waves Rayleigh Waves Provides easy to label diagrams for each wave type The second page allows students to label the diagram using the seismic wave vocabulary. T
7th - 12th, Higher Education
Do you want your students to be able to visualize how an earthquake wave travels through the Earth? Do you want to get outside to do a fun lab? This one is a lot of fun! You just need to make sure you have enough slinkys! : )
Teach Science? This PowerPoint explains and shows the different seismic waves that occur during an earthquake. Each slide includes key information and images to explain the concept of forms of energy.Topics include: What is a seismic wave? FocusEpicenterPrimary waveSecondary waveSurface wavesMore In
PowerPoint and Guided Notes I use to teach about Seismic waves including P-waves, S-Waves, and Surface waves, as well as how a seismograph measures waves. PowerPoint includes 9 Slides with Activator, Daily objectives, an embedded YouTube video, and objectives review (formative assessment questions)
This 100% editable, affordable Earthquake product includes a PowerPoint presentation, 5 sets of Cornell notes, 10 warm-ups, and 5 quizzes. Five lessons encompass the following: seismic waves, tsunamis, faults, mapping and measuring earthquakes. All of these topics covered in this unit are ready to p
This Google Form WebQuest covers Earthquakes and Seismic Waves. Some of the key concepts that are mentioned in this WebQuest are:Tectonic platesEarthquakesEpicenterHypocenter/FocusP wavesS WavesSeismographThis WebQuest Includes:Short video clips (with built in links) to help introduce students to th
5th - 9th
This multimedia presentation uses animations in a Flash powerpoint lesson to introduce your classes to Seismic Waves, the three main types, and the differences among them. In addition, tsunamis and discussed, and the detection and propagation characteristics are explored...in a non-boring way!
This Google Slides, digital AND printable science lesson includes two warm-ups (Slide 1), Cornell notes (Slide 2), a lab activity with directions (Slide 3-5), a slide presentation to follow along with the notes, and an evaluation sheet for students and/or teachers to use (Slide 6). The slide present

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