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I love to use this Student Self-Reflection assessment the week before conferences so that I can use this as a lead in to conversations at Parent Teacher conferences. Seeing their child write about their strengths and weaknesses in their own words is always a genuinely eye-opening experience and great conversation starter. Students reflect on their academic & behavioral strengths in order to better understand themselves as a learner.This is a student self reflection form for elementary (1st g
Use this student self-evaluation from The Resourceful Teacher for your students to monitor and check their progress of classroom behavior. Perfect for intermediate grades (3rd - 5th).This is a great tool to use for informal assessing or parent/teacher conferences. Download the preview to check it out!3 OPTIONS INCLUDED:1 Black and White2 Colored~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~ALL NEW PRODUCTS DEBUT AT 20% OFF FOR MY FOLLOWERS!Be the first to know about my discounts, s
Give your students the tools to assess their own learning with these emoji style self-assessment tools! They are based on Marzano's levels of understanding, and include posters, student use cards, and a student response page. >>>> This product now includes TWO VERSIONS! The only change is the emoji that goes with #3. The first version has a huge grin (that some read as a grimace), and the second is a blushing smile. Choose the one you want, both are complete files. =) Studies s
Teach your students to assess their own learning with these self-assessment tools! They are based on Marzano's levels of understanding, and include posters, student use cards, and a student response page. Studies show that students who are partners in their own assessment show increased engagement in all subject areas, and are more likely to become lifelong learners. Also, students who are taught to analyze their own learning show increased motivation to learn. This means that we need to foc
Checking for understanding and formative assessment have never been easier! All of the resources included in this AMAZING, GAME-CHANGING bundle come in a printable or digital format, perfect for your blended or hybrid learning model!This bundle includes:Student Data Tracker This student friendly data folder, sometimes called trackers or portfolios, with help your students take ownership over their learning. This resource allows students to track their growth in all subject areas, set goals, a
Student Response "Pinch" Cards for test prep! Hands-on response cards with multiple choice and much more. This set is especially designed for younger students K-2. This assessment pack is FULL of engaging Every Pupil Responds, or "pinch cards," to check for understanding in Phonics, Phonemic Awareness, ELA, Math...ANY subject. Students are provided with a card to "pinch" their response in a small or whole group setting. You will be able to easily see how your students are doing with a quick glan
This EDITABLE student self-evaluation is an ideal tool for allowing students to reflect on their organization, social skills, work habits, and responsibility in the classroom. This student evaluation is a great tool for guiding parent-teacher conferences, marking goal progress throughout the year, and receiving feedback from students.It covers the following areas: OrganizationSocialWork HabitsResponsibilityDue to the nature of copyright requirements with fonts, the categories are not editable.
“Emoji” Levels of Understanding ScalesAdapted from Marzano's Levels of UnderstandingI came up with this student friendly "EMOJI" scale based on Marzano's Levels of Understanding to use in your classroom to help your children establish a “GROWTH MINDSET” when it comes their understanding of what they are learning in class.If you are looking for a way to hold your students accountable for their learning, to know how well your students are understanding the material, and for teaching your students
This student-led self assessment tool is based on Marzano's Levels of Learning using a 4-Point Rubric. It can be used in a variety of ways: The most common being the "4 finger" quick-check assessment- 4 fingers -Expert 3 fingers -Master 2 fingers -Apprentice 1 finger -Novice The posters come in 3 sizes and bookmarks are included for your classroom needs. It can be used across subject areas to check levels of understanding before, during, and after each lesson. Thank you & Enjoy! Julie
DIGITAL PDF AND PRINT: Here are two rubric assessments for writing sentences. The first rubric may be used by the teacher to assess the students' skills in capitalization, punctuation, sentence structure, neatness, and grammar. The sentence writing rubric assessment is on a four point scale. The second assessment is the student version of the first assessment and uses "I" statements. Black and white versions are also included for economical printing.$$$ Click HERE to purchase this packet as p
This is a self-evaluation for students to fill out prior to parent conferences. They rate themselves on their effort and behavior as well as write a reflection on what they are doing well at school and what they can improve in. It is great for showing parents at conferences to discuss their child's behavior. This resource includes:A ready-to-print copy An editable template to type your own criteria for student self-ratingA digital Google Slides versionIf you want to match the font shown in the r
1st - 3rd
This student quarterly self-evaluation is a great way to encourage reflection, set goals, and foster communication between the student, parent, and teacher. This is great to have for conferences or to start a new semester!This PDF now has an interactive layer so you can assign it to your students online. * I've removed answer keys and added text boxes so students can type right on this document. This is great for distance learning! Find it by clicking "Open Easel Activity" after you purchase th
Easily create a custom rubric with editable templates. This Google Docs file includes 6 templates with 2 and 3 point systems to easily score writing, projects, and other alternative assessments. Great for helping students understand how their performance directly impacts their grade!You receive:Link to make a copy to your Google DriveSix blank rubric templatesRubrics include:Choice of 2 or 3 point grading scaleChoice of 5, 6, or 7 requirementsTwo point scale includes:Does not meet expectations,
K - 12th, Higher Education
This product is designed to help students self assess their current understanding of introduced concepts as they are being taught. This rubric allows teachers to stop periodically and have students use a number system to identify how readily they are understanding the material. The levels currently read: Level 4: I know this VERY well. I feel like I could teach it to someone else. Level 3: I feel like I know this pretty well. I get almost every question right the first time. Level 2: I feel
Use this easy-to-follow reflection sheet to guide your young learners as they reflect on their learning! Easy instructions allows you to simply read the ten expectations, and have students color the face that they agree with! Perfect for conferences, mid-year review, or any time you'd like your students to practice the important tool of "self-reflection"! Use year after year! Included in this set: - 1 Student reflection sheet with self-portrait - 1 Student reflection sheet with self-portrait an
Looking for a way to have students monitor their own learning? Try this CVC Dictation and Student Assessment Quiz Packet (RF.K.2d)INSTRUCTIONS:1) Students fold the answer key flap back and use the key to study the words individually, or with a classmate.2) Students flip the quiz paper over, hiding the answer key. The teacher can now dictate the words to the entire class (great practice for ECLAS), or allow the students to test themselves by looking at the pictures and writing the words.3) Stu
These posters come in 3 DIFFERENT STYLES to choose from! Hang them up in your classroom for students to reference as they assess/evaluate their own understanding of the material. The use of these visuals will encourage students to take responsibility of their own learning!I use this self-assessment strategy in the classroom and have students hold up fingers 1-4 to evaluate their learning, or I have them write their evaluations on a post-it or scrap piece of paper where they can tell me more! I t
2nd - 8th
⭐Students in your class can use this ONTARIO LEARNING SKILLS AND WORK HABITS checklist to self-assess themselves in the areas identified on the Ontario Report Card for elementary students (Responsibility, Organization, Independent Work, Collaboration, Initiative and Self-Regulation). ⭐Each of the areas outlined for Learning Skills and Work Habits have been broken down into student friendly language. After using the checklists students look back over the checklist and identify areas of strength,
3rd - 8th
This excellent work reflection form works well with any test, assignment or project as a reflection and goal setting component. I give it to students after having them review their work on unit assessments. I share the form along with student work at conferences. The process is very insightful for students, teachers and parents!
Use this student self-evaluation from The Resourceful Teacher for your students to monitor and check their progress of classroom behavior and work ethic. Perfect for primary grades.This is a great tool to use for informal assessing or parent/teacher conferences. Download the preview to check it out!3 OPTIONS INCLUDED:1 Black and White2 Colored~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~ALL NEW PRODUCTS DEBUT AT 20% OFF FOR MY FOLLOWERS!Be the first to know about my discounts, sa
This student self-reflection resource is an excellent way for your students to evaluate their learning to share during student led and parent teacher conferences. It can be used for any reporting period to converse with your students about their successes and ways in which they can improve. The activity can be used for in person instruction as well as assigned digitally.May be used as a printable resource or assigned on Google Classroom with your students.Resource Includes:Student Self-Reflecti
Are you looking for a way to get your students self-assessing their learning at the end of each class period? The Student Self-Assessment: I Can Statements is a great tool to get students to reflect upon their learning. It is not only a great way for students to reflect but also helps teachers continuously monitor student progress. Students will rate themselves, write down their I Can Statement, and then explain or give an example to support their understanding. There are two different self-ass
summerdeals1 This is a must have for every elementary school classroom! In this weekly assessment, students are given a chance to reflect on their work habits and conduct in the classroom. They will set specific goals for the upcoming week and consider what actions they will take to meet their goals.This back to back self-assessment worksheet can be used in any classroom and in multiple grade levels. It is helpful for keeping parents informed on what is happening in the classroom.Students self
1st - 7th
Use this product with your students to help reflect on their own learning at the end of the learning period (quarter, semester, trimester, weekly, or monthly).Students are asked to reflect on positive and negative behaviors that contribute to their learning throughout the year. There is a place for students to give the teacher feedback in terms of what else can be done to help the student. Students are also asked to bring the paper home and show a guardian to receive a signature in order to have

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