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Behavior Management and Self Regulation - Take A Break
All students need an opportunity to refocus, regain composure, reflect, or just take a moment to release stress. By providing a designated and well thought out space in the classroom for students to do just that, you can reduce classroom disruptions, teach self regulation, and provide opportunities
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Self-Regulation, Self-Control & Self-Esteem Social Emotional Learning Curriculum
This self-management SEL curriculum includes 5 detailed, research-based lessons filled with hands-on and mindful activities that teach children how to self-regulate, calm down, be mindful, and develop self-control and self-esteem. The lessons and activities work great for morning classroom meetings

Also included in: Social Emotional Learning, Social Skills, & Character Education Curriculum

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A CBT Based School Counseling Game for Self Regulation
A cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) game for small group counseling or individual counseling working on understanding feelings and emotions, negative thoughts, coping skills, and perspective taking. The Helper Squad is a set of engaging characters that help younger students understand these more ab

Also included in: Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) Activities and Games Bundle for School Counseling

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Self Regulation Using a Take A Break Spot or Calm Down Corner
A Take A Break Spot or a Calm Down Corner is a great behavior management tool for the classroom. Students benefit from a space that they can go to for a brief time to use strategies to manage and control their emotions. It serves as a teachable moment and a way to model effective ways to keep yourse

Also included in: Self Regulation for Classrooms: Break Spot, Yoga Cards, Movement Breaks.

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Self-Regulation Skills TAUGHT
As a part of your school’s positive behavior supports or IEPs, are you working to teach self-regulation skills? Do you have children who need tier II and tier III interventions for sensory or emotional-behavioral issues? Do you want to designate an area in your room or school where you go with chi
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Games that Practice Self-Regulation of Body & Actions
These 17 games practice impulse control, paying attention, listening and following directions. Students focus on having to pay close attention to expectations, and override urges in order to make the most appropriate choice about their actions. Games can be conducted with small or large groups, re
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Self Regulation Break Cards
These cards give your students options for what type of break they want to take. When you download this product, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO EDIT EVERYTHING on the card to suit your needs and your students' needs. I recommend printing on color paper, laminating, and putting on a ring for students to kee
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Self Regulation Game to Develop Coping Strategies for Triggers
This self regulation game has students practice identifying strategies to use when confronted with triggers that affect their ability to stay in control of their emotions, thoughts, and behavior. The supplemental materials included address the different types of triggers and matching the right strat

Also included in: Growing Self Regulation Game Bundle

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Bundle Self Regulation Small Group Curriculum with Lessons, Activities, & Games
Emotional Regulation helps students understand their feelings and know how to manage them so they are ready to learn and can develop healthy relationships. This curriculum series easily complements other emotional regulation materials and programs. The lessons and games will cover coping skills, emo
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Self Regulation Curriculum: Self Regulation Activities Bundle for Counseling
Self Regulation Curriculum: In this emotion regulation school counseling curriculum, you’ll find 20 classroom guidance lessons on emotion regulation, situationally appropriate behaviors, calming strategies, self talk, perspective taking, and more to help your students understand and manage their emo
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Self Regulation SUPER BUNDLE!
This self-regulation activity bundle will help students use self-regulation to manage their emotions. This resource would be a great complement to lessons about the Zones of Regulation by Leah Kuypers. This self-regulation BUNDLE includes "Self-Regulation: What Color is Your Chameleon?", "Self Monit
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Self Regulation Foldable Pages
These self regulation foldable pages will help students learn to recognize their feelings, understand what causes their feelings and cope with their feelings appropriately. A great addition to anger management, self control and feelings/emotions lessons. These foldable pages are perfect for interact
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Self Regulation Bundle
This bundle is designed to help elementary students increase emotional awareness and develop essential self-regulation skills. It is especially helpful for kids with autism, ADHD, and behavior concerns. However, the resources are fun, educational, and engaging for all students! For added convenience
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Self Control Activities: Self-Regulation Station
Use these lessons to teach and practice self-control and self-regulation skills! Activities focus on understanding self-control, controlling our bodies, controlling our thoughts, managing emotions, using a social filter before we speak, and controlling our actions to make good decisions. The resourc
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Emotional Regulation Activities | Self Regulation Activities
Do you teach social skills and emotional regulation in the classroom? This toolkit is about to give you the resources you need to enhance your students skills! Included in this toolkit: P 3-4: labels to describe how colors can help identify feelings P 5-12: posters and tool box strategies for stude

Also included in: Emotional Regulation Activities | Emotional Support Activities | BUNDLE!

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Self Regulation Tools for Primary Aged Learners
Looking for a way to help young learners to learn how to self-regulate their feelings and behavior? Teaching self-regulation to young students with special needs can be a challenge. This product has print & go materials to provide visual supports when teaching a child to regulate his or her be
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Emotion self regulation and behavior management supports. Autism.
This product is designed to help students with Autism self regulate their emotions during times and situations that they may find difficult. I have broken this packet into 3 key sections that not only helps students identify their emotions and how their actions may affect others, but it also provide
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Calm Down Strategies and Self-Regulation Posters
These Calming Strategies and Self-Regulation Posters are perfect to post in the time-away area of your classroom. Give your students a visual reminder to assess how their “motor is running” and how to calm themselves when needed. Please check out the Preview. It includes the entire file at a lowe

Also included in: Managing Behaviors and Emotions Bundle

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Unit 3 Self Management Self Regulation Social Skills Emotional Learning Program
Unit 3 - Self Management (from the Kindness Classroom: A Social Emotional Yearlong Curriculum) This SEL curriculum program focuses on self management, self-control, impulse control, anger management, anxiety and worry, as well as mindfulness and calm down strategies in the primary grades. The goa
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Self Regulation Pack: Behavior Management
This is a resource to help children manage their emotions through creating a self regulation corner in your classroom or home. The pack brings: -Self Regulation Board: Brings a board which children choose how they feel and choose a task to feel better. All resources are provided for the child and i
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Self Regulation Tools: Emoji Feelings/Emotion pack
Learn about emotions and self regulation with EMOJI'S! This product can be used on its own independent from any other resource or in conjunction with any behavior/social/self-regulation curriculum, school wide positive behavior, students with additional needs, students with sensory processing diffi
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Colorful Feelings - Self-Regulation Workbook
Fun and engaging! These worksheets help students self regulate emotions by processing through the different emotions that we feel and identifying triggers. Students will learn to recognize each Zone and when they are expected to be in each Zone. Students will go through different calming tools
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Emotions Package - Scale & Self Regulation Work Set
This is a cute, fun, 1 month (20 school days) program (30 - 45 minutes per day) that helps teach children how to understand their emotions and to make better choices. It uses the fun Little Monster's crew to implement a series of fun activities from a make your own monster art project to word searc
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Self-Regulation: 10 Session Plan + Resources + Student Workbook
EMOTION REGULATION BUNDLE + STUDENT WORKBOOK! This product outlines group/whole class 10 x 45minute session plans for introducing self-regulation and emotion recognition to students in early elementary (approx up to 10 years of age). Everything you need is included in the bundle. The only addition
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