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Teach your students about colons and semicolons with this punctuation unit that includes materials for instruction as well as student resources, assessments, and practice. This resource will help your students learn about punctuation. This resource includes:- a 32 slide EDITABLE & animated Power
This worksheet packet sets up students for how to properly use colons and semi-colons correctly in their writing. Students are given clear examples and guided practice, leading into independent practice in latter pages. The following skills are taught:- How to use a colon to begin a list.- What word
This is a review worksheet for using commas, semi-colons, and colons, meant to be used in preparation for a quiz. There are four sections on the review worksheet. One for each mark, plus a mixed review. Students write marks into sentences. Could use in middle school or high school.Quiz is meant to b
This PowerPoint presentation complements the ACT English chapter on punctuation skills from our best-selling"Fun ACT Prep: Skill by Skill" workbook. Three commonly tested ACT grammar skills (apostrophes, commas, and semicolons) are broken down in easy-to-follow steps. Includes an overview of each co
SEMI-COLONS: Let your students discover how to use them properly. Traditionally, when we want to work on mechanics with our students, we teach them the “rule” then give them worksheets that contain error ridden sentences that they have to correct. This model, however, presents students with multip
Need a hand teaching grammar in a no-prep, classroom-tested, easy-to-assess manner? Use this set of tools to introduce OR review colons and semicolons to middle and high school students!This concept is very common on standardized tests, and these two punctuation marks are great to get students using
It's time to use mentor sentences to teach more common punctuation marks--Semicolons, Colons, Hyphens, and the Em Dash. We've got MORE Punctuation Power! **This resource has been updated to now include hyphens and the em dash** Students often know the basics of sentence and paragraph writing, but
Teach your students how to create compound sentences with semicolons, as well as compound sentences with semicolons and conjunctive adverbs! Digital and Printable! From mentor sentences to two fun games, students will be engaged in their learning. Two great practice activities, application activitie
This excerpt from "Fun ACT Prep: Skill by Skill" is an assessment passage scaffolding the punctuation skills of apostrophes, commas, and semicolons designed for use after using the related "Fun ACT Prep" materials. It is designed to meet the rigorous level of ACT passage & question difficulty c
Study common punctuation marks with older students! This bundle will answer your students' questions regarding semicolons, colons, commas, quotation marks, apostrophes, hyphens, ellipses, and dashes.This punctuation bundle is printer-friendly and digital. You will receive Powerpoints, PDFs, editable
Teach Hyphens, Dashes, and Semicolons punctuation with this interactive PowerPoint presentation with animation and sound. Explains the usage of hyphens, dashes, and semicolons, and then students can practice punctuating the sentences that follow, and checking their answers. Great for independent stu
A one- to two-week unit on colons and semicolons complete with daily bell ringers, worksheets, quiz, a teacher's guide, and more! This is unit #26 of Ten-Minute Grammar: Trimester Three. Also available are the other eight units in Trimester Three, all nine units in Trimester One, and nine more in T
This grammar packet covers 12 essential rules for using commas, semicolons, and conjunctions correctly. Students apply their understanding of these rules by making revisions to several sentences. This resource is recommended for high school students enrolled in composition classes emphasizing foun
The PPT, lesson plan, worksheets, and exit ticket all focus on CCSS.L. 9-10.2. Teach punctuation to your secondary class with this no prep resource. Check out the reviews!With the PowerPoint, a lecture unfolds to include an activating strategy, teaching strategies, and summarizing strategies. Using
Semicolon vs. Colon Usage - Grammar Activities. Perfect for distance learning!NO PREP PowerPoint, Worksheets, Answer Keys and Google Drive link (Google slides) for no prep lesson or Google Classroom activity!Zip Includes:- Powerpoint of Review, Practice & Answer Key- Student Worksheets- Answer
Semicolons Rules, Examples, Worksheet, Quiz, and Keys. Take the mystery out of the commonly misused semicolon. This packet contains the three semicolon rules with clear examples, a practice worksheet, a quiz, and keys for both. This packet coordinates nicely with my Semicolon Power Point: Semicol
Animated and interactive! Conjunctive Adverbs vs Interrupters, aka: When to use (; however,) -vs- when to use (, however, ). Fully animated with a "challenge" interactive section. Sentences for both types of punctuation are similar, demonstrating the difference between creating 2 sentences vs. si
This worksheet shows students how to use semicolons with conjunctive adverbs. The sheet begins with a simple rule that students can understand, then provides 5 practice sentences that can be used as guided practice or for independent work. Students are then asked to apply the rule by creating an ex
Students will review semicolon usage in 32 sentences and 8 paragraphs on 16 task cards in this escape room.This product IS included in my escape room bundle:Secondary English Escape Room Bundleand in my punctuation bundle:High School Punctuation BundleYour download includes* 8 task cards determining
This Common Core aligned lesson is designed to help students build knowledge about using semicolons and colons. It can be taught by you or a substitute in one to two class periods. I have heard back from teachers who do this with great success. However, I intended these activities to be used firs
These Common Core aligned task cards are to be used after you have taught students the uses of colons and semicolons. I have a lesson in my store titled “Colons and Semicolons: A Week of Bell Ringers” that you might like to use as your teach piece. www.TeachersPayTeachers.com/Store/Elyse-Allen
This 1-page review provides practice for student understanding of the following forms of punctuation: commas, colons, semicolons, hyphens, and dashes. Students are required to place proper punctuation throughout the statements provided. Includes key. See both versions of the accompanying quiz for fu
Semicolons, Colons, and Commas Assessment can be used as a pre-assessment, summative quiz, or formative post-asssessment. There are 22 multiple-choice questions. For each number, 3 possible errors are underlined. Students will decide which is an error and select the corresponding letter A, B, or C.
When better to use parallelism than with semicolon applications? This bundle features our 20 multiple-choice question parallelism pretest/posttest written in vignette format and available as an individual item here. The semicolon lesson plans are constructed to provide theory and practice (practi

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