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Sequencing Events Practice
The 3 activities in this packet allow students to practice putting events in order. The activities range from something easier, like putting the pictures in order. This activity also includes a short writing challenge. Then there is one where you just put steps of a recipe in order. The hardest as
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Sequencing Events Practice 2
Sequencing events is a concept that needs constant practice. In the first two activities, the students need to put the pictures in order. Those two activities have challenges, which ask students to write a sentence or few about the pictures once they are put in order. The other two activities ask s
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Sequencing Task Cards  Sequence of Events with short passages
Here are 32 sequencing cards to help your students master this important reading strategy. Each card features a paragraph (with signal words) and a sequencing question about the order of events. Each paragraph is used on two consecutive cards to encourage car

Also included in: Reading Strategies Task Card Bundle 648 reading skills cards

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Sequencing Events with Pictures and Text Task Cards For Special Education SET 1
Autism - Sequencing Pictures within Text Task Cards for Special Education WITH DATA. ALSO, be sure to catch the newly released SET 2! Sequencing Events with Pictures & Text Task Cards Autism/Special Education SET 2 My students and I have fallen in love with this activity! Complete with 40 Ex
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Story Sequencing Activity: 36 Sequence of Events Task Cards (Clip and Flip)
This set of Sequencing 'Clip and Flip' Cards contains 36 self-correcting cards to help students practice putting events into the correct sequence. There are 3 different levels of cards in this set, with 12 cards per level. • 12 cards have FOUR sentences to put into the correct sequence • 12 cards
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Sequencing Doodle Notes and 5 Activities for Finding the Sequence of Events
Help students learn all about sequencing with this super fun Doodle and Do mini-unit! This resource includes sequencing graphic organizers, reading comprehension worksheets and passages that help students determine the sequence of events in a text, and hands-on learning activities to help students

Also included in: 5 ELA Doodle Notes and Activities Mini-Units - Reading Comprehension Passages

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Sequencing Activity: Sequence of Events Reading Passages Game
This Sequencing Board Game contains 48 game cards and a game board to help students practice identifying the order of events given in a text. This Sequencing Board Game works great as a pair/group activity, or for use in literacy centers. Included with this Sequencing Board Game: • Instructions

Also included in: Reading Comprehension Passages & Questions {Inference, Cause & Effect, Sequence

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Story Retell and Sequencing| Sequence of Events | Speech and Language Therapy
These story retell and sequence printables are super engaging for students! After listening to a passage, your student will use the picture scenes and target sequence words to retell the story events! Perfect for speech and language or special education. This Kinesthetic Communication packet for sto
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Sequence of Events Recipe Book
This cute recipe book is a fun way to give your students practice with sequence of events. Download includes: -10 fun recipe cards -multiple choice worksheets for each recipe (10) -free response worksheets for each recipe (10) DO NOT try to follow any of these recipes! I am by no means a cook, a ba
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BEFORE and AFTER:  Understanding & Using for Sequencing Events
This packet is designed to help teach these students how to use and understand “before” and “after” in relation to sequencing events. Students with language delays often have difficult understanding “before” and “after” in relation to sequencing events whether in a story or in verbal directions.
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Sequencing Events with Pictures & Text Task Cards Autism/Special Education SET 2
Autism reading comprehension and Sequencing Pictures within Text Task Cards for Special Education WITH DATA (SET# 2) BY POPULAR REQUEST! My students have had such incredible gains in reading comprehension with this activity! Complete with 30 Extra Large Sequencing Task Cards, reading comprehension
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Sequence of Events Task Cards: 32 Task Cards + Poster, Game Boards & More!
These task cards can be used in a variety of ways to let students practice GOING BACK IN THE TEXT to find the sequence of events in the story. Included in this pack you will find:✪32 task cards total✪16 different task cards, each with 2 questions✪recording sheet ✪answer key✪game board in color✪game

Also included in: {Reading} ELA Task Cards Bundle {188 Cards!}

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Sequencing Stories Task Cards 3rd 4th 5th Grade Sequence of Events Activity
These task cards are a great way for students to have fun while practicing their sequencing skills. A recording sheet and an answer key is provided. This activity has students reading 16 short passages to each other and then asked to identify the correct event which occurred before or after anothe

Also included in: 3rd 4th 5th 6th Grade Reading Comprehension Task Cards Bundle

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Sequence of Events Jeopardy-Style Game Show
This fun and sushi themed game will help you get your students excited about practicing sequence of events. Encourage your students to use the transition words to help them find the correct answer. I also have my students list what happened in order and make sure their answer makes sense! This game
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Sequence of Events Listening Center QR Codes with Graphic Organizer
Sequencing of Events Great way for students to practice Sequence of Events with Ipads/ipods. Students will scan the QR code and listen to a story and then use one of the graphic organizers to show the sequence of events in the story. Use one as a whole group activity and then use the rest in a li
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Sequencing of Events
Sequencing Activities help build the understanding that a series of events happen in a specific and logical order. This concept is an important prerequisite for reading comprehension, helping students understand how stories have a beginning, middle and end. The activities included in this unit giv
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Comprehension Practice: Sequence of Events
This packet is jam packed with sequence of events practice!! Using several versions of the three little pigs, (The Three Little Pigs by Gavin Bishop, The Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark, The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig), students will be working on putting together what happens f
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Sequence of Events Guided and Independent Practice
Literature Passage with multiple choice questions to check for comprehension. Cut and sort activity! Students reread the passage and put a set of sentence strips in the order in which they occurred in the story. Guided and independent practice all in one packet! Printable ready to be used! Answe
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Sequencing Events of a Story Unit
Sequencing events helps kids comprehend and summarize better! This product is designed to support students in sequencing events. Teacher pages explain how to use the gradual release model to help students move from learning the new strategy to supported practice to independent practice. Included in

Also included in: Reading Strategy Lesson Bundle

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Sequence of Events Power Point
This engaging PowerPoint will help your students understand sequencing as they practice putting events in order as well as identify what happens when. It includes a link to a free printable that can be used to practice, review, or assess the skill. It also includes a link to a fun online sequencing
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Sequence of Events
This is a fun creative writing activity I used for my 3/4 classroom to practice writing sequence of events focusing on the words: first, then, next, finally. Thanks for checking it out and I hope you find it useful for your class!I'm new and would love if you could take a second and rate what you do
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Sequencing Events | Complete Lesson Plan | Anchor Charts | 10 Graphic Organizers
Do you need some refreshing resources for teaching sequencing events? This COMPLETE lesson includes everything you need to introduce and practice this skill with your students. These resources are easy to differentiate and include a lesson plan with the "I do, we do, you do" format. The graphic orga

Also included in: Reading Comprehension Skills Kits BUNDLE: Lesson Plans, Mini-Lessons and MORE!

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Google Classroom Writing & Sequence of Events
Google Classroom Activities This No Prep, digital Google Classroom / Google Slides resource assists mastery of sequencing and sentence writing skills. First and second grade students will be engaged practicing sequencing with this interactive digital lesson and literacy center. The Google Slide Acce

Also included in: for Google Classroom GRAMMAR & SENTENCE WRITING for 1st & 2nd Grade BUNDLE

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Writing a Narrative: Writing a Sequence of Events and Providing Closure
This unit includes 25 lessons that build a foundation for narrative writing using literature. It focuses on a piece of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade Common Core standard for writing a narrative--writing a sequence of events and adding a sense of closure. Beginning with story structure, students will
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