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Digraphs SCOOT / write the room is a great activity for your students to review their understanding of the differences between the th, ch, sh and wh sounds. Students will have a blast scooting around the room looking at the pictures and recording the answers on their sheets. Included in this digrap
This packet includes 4 games/activities to help students learn whether to add s or es. Games/Activities Include: Sort Capture My Word Board Game Unscramble My Word All activities are PRINT AND GO! NO PREP!!! For more activities like this check out my store at: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com
1st - 4th
Digraphs are an important topic for students to master as they develop into readers and writers, These practice activities will help kindergarten and first grade students learn to use these sounds in their reading and writing. This mini-unit includes the following: *6 Sorting Pages* *c vs. ch* *s v
This fun classroom or hallway hunt will help your students practice using SH, TH, WH, and CH, the four most common consonant digraphs in the English language. Hang the 16 cards in the classroom or hallway, give each student a recording sheet, and turn them loose to find and choose appropriate artic
1st - 2nd
This is a set of ten sentences for sh, ten for th, and so on for ch, ar, or, er, ur, and ir. There are a total of 80 printable sentence flashcards in large font to be used for a game called Elimination, but also for many other purposes. This game reinforces phonics skills in the context of meaning
You need a Promethean Board and ActivInspire software to use this. There is a page with 10 pictures for each blend: ch, sh, sk, & st Students slide the pictures to show whether the work BEGINS or ENDS with the consonant blend. The free preview slide shows exactly what you get. The last sli
Phonics unit can be used for intervention, word work, or whole group instruction. Phonics activities are interactive games and spelling activities that develop spelling pattern awareness and vocabulary. Picture clues support phonics intervention. Activities Include: Missing Letters Match the Word
Practice distinguishing between SH and CH digraph sounds with these interactive digital task cards!This product is accessed through Boom Learning℠. This is a digital resource and is great for distance learning! This deck contains 19 drag and drop cards. Students are given a picture of an object and
PreK - 1st

Also included in: Preschool Ocean Theme BUNDLE

INITIAL DIGRAPHS CH or SHBOOM CARDS DISTANCE LEARNINGIn this DIGITAL GAME students match the initial digraph in this fun and interactive digraphs game. A great way to practice sounding out digraphs while enhancing your students reading, vocabulary, word identification and spelling. The questions and
This DIGITAL resource will be added directly to your Google Drive by TPT. It can be shared with your children and their parents via Google Classroom or similar platform. It can be used with the interactive white board.A new digital phonic reading scheme. Learn To Read With Phonics teaches reading ra
Diagraph ch or sh Beginning & Ending Sounds GOOGLE SLIDES InteractiveThis bright, fun colourful and easy interactive activity, will have your students mastering their sound discrimination skills for the /ch/ and /sh/ diagraphs!Students click on the correct diagraph to move on in the game. If stu
Diagraph ch or sh Beginning & Ending Sounds POWERPOINT InteractiveThis bright, fun colourful and easy interactive activity, will have your students mastering their sound discrimination skills for the /ch/ and /sh/ diagraphs!Students click on the correct diagraph to move on in the game. If studen
Write the room is a fun an engaging center that students LOVE!Just print, tape the cards around the room, copy the recording sheets and you are ready to go! This pack will have students fill in the missing digraph at the beginning of the word. They will use the SH or CH digraph to complete the follo
This packet features a ton of activities to master /sh, ch, juh/. The activities all come with clear instructions for an SLP or teacher or parent, are no prep, and are easy to use with distance learning.More than 50 pages of activities including:9 auditory bombardment lists9 minimal pair drills3 Sou
Not Grade Specific
Set of 8 base cards each with 5 pictures and 4 letter cards for matching. Children can be given 2 or more base cards each and the relevant picture and letter cards mixed up so they can sort the cards on to the correct boards. Also, if photocopied a workbook can be made to give children the opportuni
K - 1st
Knowing the correct spelling to make a word plural can be difficult for students. This literacy center will help them practice a specific rule: Most of the time the plural of a noun is made by adding an S to the noun, but when the noun ends in SS, SH, CH or X, you have to add ES to the noun. St
This is a set of 14 word sort worksheets which may be cut or colored to sort words by phonics pattern. They reinforce short vowels, consonant blends, and the digraphs sh, th, ch, oo, ar, and or. They may be used whole group, in small groups, or one-on-one.
A no-prep, digital distance learning Halloween articulation activity for /sh/, /ch/, and /dz/ (J sound).  Students will drag each piece of candy into the trick-or-treater's bag and reveal a picture.  A sentence strip is provided to target sentence level.  The activity also allows for structured conv
K - 4th
Have some fall fun with this "Real or Nutty" consonant digraph FREEBIE! Students will sort real and nonsense words that use the sh/th/ch/ph consonant digraphs. After sorting all of the consonant digraph words, students can record their work on the "Real or Nutty" worksheet. Check out my "Fall Conson
1st - 2nd
Beginning Digraphs - CH or SH? Unicorn Themed BOOM Cards™ –Clickable Digital Task CardsThis Beginning Digraphs - CH or SH? Unicorn Themed Clickable Deck is a 21 card deck, used in classroom to support students to identify and discriminate between beginning digraphs. This deck of 21 cards allows stu
Winter Play Doh Mats Articulation Sheets for sounds R, L, TH, SH, CH, and S-Blends. Open Ended Sheets for reinforcers to any activity. Great for: Articulation, grammar, carrier phrases, vocabulary, and hands on interaction. 20 pages These sheets can be used as: - flashcards - with carrier
Plural Nouns (Ending in s, x, ch, or sh) Task Cards Task cards can be used: 1. Individually 2. In Literacy Centers 3. Whole group Additionally, these task cards can be used as a Scavenger Hunt, a Read the Room Activity, or Scoot Game! Document includes: - 20 Plural Nouns (Ending in s, x, ch, or
This download is for a poster or anchor chart to use as reference for digraph sounds: PH WH SH CH TH.
K - 3rd
6 different activity books. 4 of which focus on 1 sound each and 2 which focus on 2 sounds each. Collectively children will have 48 pages to help develop their sound recognition, word recognition, spelling, rhyming and letter formation skills.
1st - 3rd

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