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Do you need an engaging and fun way to get lots of repetitions of target articulation sounds? These Roll the Dice Games will make your speech therapy sessions so much easier and productive!Included in this packet are Roll the dice games for "CH", "SH", and "TH" sounds. There are 12 total boards, 4 b
Watch out for the Shark! This SH Game is great to teach the SH Sound Digraph...Here is a cute and fun way to teach the SH Sound and the SH digraph! Your little readers are going to have so much fun playing this game!Sh Sound Digraph GameTo play you will need:-A list of words. If you have reader
Practice the 'sh' sound at word or sentence level in this fun Bingo-style game.To play the game you will need:a word board for each player (Four word boards are provided in this pack - print and laminate to make a lasting resource, then select a board to practice the sound in initial, medial, final
Wilson Fundations Kindergarten-aligned for Unit 4 with the study of five digraphs: CH, CK, SH, TH, and WH! There are 10 cards for each of the five digraphs, for 50 cards total. Students have to identify which digraph completes the word and picture shown. To make this game self-checking, put a small
My preschool caseload is heavily phonology and articulation this year in a few classes. The kids and I are already looking for new ways to practice our sounds. I know it's been a lot of drill when they whine about iPad flashcards! I made an activity called 'Whack A Sound' using this adorable Whac-A
This articulation game helps students practice their ‘sh’, ‘ch’, ‘j’, ‘th’ and ‘zh’ sounds in a fun and engaging way! This pack contains no prep ‘Tic Tac Toe’ game boards for the ‘sh’, ‘ch’, ‘j’, ‘th’ and ‘zh’ sounds. There are two boards for each, in all positions (where possible), mixed boards ar
Looking for a fresh way to build vocabulary and practice identifying digraphs in new words? Our Digraph I SPY Mats and Sound Mazes make learning the consonant digraph SH hands-on fun! Two different types of activity included in the one download! Find your way through the mazes of sounds! Ready to pr
Articulation Board Games target initial, medial and final Sh, Ch and Th using 4 different Christmas and winter themed board games. This set includes a Christmas tree, mitten, scarf and mug of hot chocolate. The students practices the targeted words on the game board as they move their pawns. It is p
Players take turns rolling the dice and moving the counter accordingly. When landing on a square, players to attempt to identify the picture shown. Players then identify whether the /sh/ sound is at the beginning or end of the word. The first player to reach the finish line is the winner. Includes –
This is an awesome game that your speech therapy students will love! It works just like the popular game, "Spot It". Use it with articulation groups ages 4 and up. The game will stimulate multiple productions of the /SH/ sound at the beginning, middle, and end of words. Players look for a match
PreK - 12th
Do your students love to play games? Are you looking for a simple and fun activity that lasts 1-2 sessions? Make & Take Bingo is a fun way to practice SH sounds during traditional speech therapy sessions. Whether you are based at one site or a traveling therapist, this is a resource that doesn't
This colorful 10 page packet includes a matching game and word book that can be used individually, in a learning center, as a small group activity, or can be assembled into a file folder game to help your students learn and use the 'sh' digraph. Directions for assembly for game, folder game, and boo
THIS BINGO SET INCLUDES 30 UNIQUE SH- WORD BINGO CARDS, TOGETHER WITH A SET OF CALLING CARDS.Who doesn't love to play Bingo? This phonics bingo set is perfect for large classes since it contains 30 different bingo cards! It is ideal to practice and revise initial sh sound in decodable words: ship,
Are you ready for some new picture cards for speech therapy? Refresh your SH initial and final targets with this 48 card printable deck with 10 bonus games included! Your students will love having new pictures to practice! These cards are my original artwork, so they will be fresh images for your st
Cookie Monsters is my Speech students’ favorite card game, and it allows for a much needed break from UNO. To make articulation practice easier, I “speechified” this game by adding practice words on each card. This version is customized for practice of the /sh/ & /ch/ sounds, in initial, medial
Not Grade Specific
Let's drill reading "sh" sounding words -ti-, -ssi-, -ci- !Educational Snakes and Ladders Game is a great review activity. My students really like this game.Perfect for Young Learners and ESL Kids!There is 1 game board in this set:Game Board #1: -ti-, -ssi-, -ci- (28 words)action, discussion, racial
Theraboo is a no prep, no print, digital speech resource that your client will love! It's an interactive PowerPoint game and if your video conferencing platform (i.e. Zoom) has a remote control feature, your client can do all the playing. Make distance learning fun for you and your client as they pr
Discriminating between the sounds of s and sh can be very challenging for some students. This minilesson focuses on multisensory techniques for helping your students FEEL as well as HEAR these sounds, and learning to discriminate between them. This product includes a minilesson outline, a picture s
PreK - 1st
Need an engaging game for targeting "CH", "SH", and "TH" sounds at the word, phrase or sentence level? Your students will love playing this game! This is a fun card game for targeting "CH", "SH", and "TH" sounds at the word, phrase or sentence level. Students work to see who can collect the most sn
What a great way to make practicing articulation fun for kids!! This download provides therapists with an entertaining and motivating activity to use with their school aged students while targeting the development of articulation skills in order to improve overall intelligibilty of speech. Student
Practice CH and SH Speech Therapy goals with these fun articulation board games. 6 game boards are included (initial sh, medial sh, final sh, initial ch, medial ch, and final ch). Good to practice auditory discrimination and phonological goals for stopping, lateral lisp, or substitution.Low prep! Ju
Winter and Snow themed speech therapy game designed to target /sh/ articulation!Card 1 gives instructions, and card 2 is a menu. The menu links to six different rounds of a snowball fight, each one starring a different polar bear and penguin. Both characters have a health bar above their heads with
Not Grade Specific
No Prep! Black and White Ink! Speech Sums is a great speech therapy articulation game for SLPs who need more SH, CH, and DG words to practice with than the typical 10. This resource has 132 different SH words as well as 9 pages that use 108 of those words in mixed positions. There are 144 differ
This download is made with the non-reader in mind. Students play a game while practicing the /SH/ target sound in all positions of words. Students are asked to say the item pictured each time they take their turn while playing the game. DIRECTIONS All cards are shuffled and dealt facedown equally
PreK - 6th

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