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shopping with decimals

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shopping with decimals

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10 word problem scavenger hunt using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of decimals. Students will move around the room to find the next problem matched up with the previous problem. This is a fun activity for students during or after your decimal unit. It's also a great spiral act
This activity can be done as independant or group work. Have students discuss with you or a partner the prices and discounts needed to buy the beach supplies for the summer! After calculating the total costs and discounts, they must calculate the total taxes applied to the purchase. This activity ap
This is a fun project to do with your students before Christmas holidays! It comes in PDF and formatted for Google Slides.This project comes with two options. In option one, students are given a list of people and gifts to shop for. In the second option, the students find ten people they would like
Your students will enjoy working on Math with this real-life experience product. Students will use a Toy Shop Weekly Ad to count money and to add and subtract problems with decimals. Included: 2 weekly ads (one with values up to $1.00 and the other with values up to $32.69). Each ad has 3 counting
2nd - 4th
Help with THANKSGIVING DINNER!! This is a fun way to review multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction with decimals. It is REAL WORLD situations that the students will need to help solve.This activity can be used as a group activity or as individual practice.I laminate the shopping list ca
6th - 8th
Dotty Decimal visits her friendly local grocery store to take advantage of its Daily Deals, and your students will enjoy shopping alongside her. They will be exposed to real world math situations: unit pricing, multiplying with decimals to find purchase price, subtracting across zeros to calcu
Students who can make real-life connections to math will be more successful than those just learning a procedure. Multiplying decimals can be tricky so I created an activity for my students which allows them to create estimates and then multiply the actual dollar amount so they can have better unde
Making decimals meaningful with a grocery shopping trip for the family! Students will compare, round, add and subtract decimals with this resource. Great review or assessment as well! Drag and drop version is available for distance learning on Google Slides.
Students use grocery fliers to solve real world math problems (authentic learning). This includes adding and multiplying decimals while staying on a budget.
4th - 6th
This is a fun activity to celebrate Valentines Day in your Life Skills class, and generalize the skill of adding and subtracting decimals!There are 4 pages total for students to add prices, then subtract the total from a dollar amount to find the change. The first two pages have students totaling 2
To begin this activity, collect several weeks worth of grocery fliers. You could get these from your newspaper each week, or go by the newspaper office for additional copies if you are in a hurry. Students could also bring these from home. Explain the activity and do the included examples I have for
4th - 6th
Let your students go on a shopping spree! This activity is a fun, real-world application for students to practice adding and subtracting decimals. Students will use a grocery ad provided by the teacher to fulfill different tasks in which they add or subtract the prices of different items. This acti
To begin this activity, collect a variety of catalogs. Students could also bring these from home if you are in a hurry and haven’t collected as many as you need. **Make sure you check out the catalog contents before using, and remove any pages with inappropriate items. Explain to the students that t
4th - 6th
This is a fun activity to reinforce adding and subtracting decimals with estimating. Place the pictures of food items around your room and students can "go shopping" to find the answers to the questions.Are you looking for more practice with estimating decimals? Check out the following: Estimating
4th - 5th

Also included in: Estimating Decimals Bundle

Your purchase comes with the document pictured above. Scholars have 2 shopping trips to complete, a splurge trip where they can buy electronics and goodies, and a fantasy meal where they shop for food. Scholars are given a budget and compete to get as close to their limit as possible.1. Scholars go
Let's go shopping! In this activity, students have fun doing what they like to do best- BUY TOYS:) Students are arranged in groups of 2 or 3 for this activity. Each group receives this worksheet and a toy catalog. You can obtain free catalogs from any toy store or download an electronic version.
This interactive Holiday Shopping activity incorporates students' interests and favorite stores and is perfect to assign around Thanksgiving and holiday time. The focus is on operations with decimals (multistep problems). I have even split these problems into 8 differentiated station activities, by
Students will practice adding and subtracting decimals by shopping for items for a birthday party they are asked to throw. This is a 4 part project that will take 5 days for most blocked 45-60min classes. There is a grading rubric, linked shopping sites, budget sheets, and all other materials needed
4th - 6th
Have your students practice multiplication of decimals with shopping for groceries! Give the students requirements of what they must buy, like an item from each category. Then have them circulate around the room to look at the items and calculate the prices!
4th - 6th
Can be used as a classroom game or an individual activity. Involves products' prices to help students work on adding, subtracting, and multiplying decimals. ** Special thanks to Miss S's Sixers' Store for providing the task card templates. Task card templates are available from: https://www.teac
Making decimals meaningful with a grocery shopping trip for the family! Students will compare, round, add and subtract decimals with this resource. Great review or assessment as well!
Students will go online shopping to choose gifts to buy for friends and family. They will find the subtotals, tax amounts, and grand totals of the gifts they choose. Included are the step-by-step instructions, an example project, a pacing guide, and the grading rubric.
This is a collection of multi-step story problems involving hot chocolate shops. These story problems involve adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimal numbers to figure out the profit brought in at the hot chocolate shops. This is the perfect supplement to the hot chocolate shop proj
4th - 6th
I thought to myself, what would motivate students to practice decimals??? A shopping spree of course! This activity involves students multiplying the price of the object by the quantity they’re buying, as well as adding their totals together. I just picked some items I thought 5th/6th graders would

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