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Six pages of 12 different levels of rhythms. Lower levels doable by those as young as Kindergarten! Upper levels good to review in middle school and high school. Use for sight-reading, rhythm counting, worksheets, and whatever else!This resource is perfect for:✅ Review & Reinforcing Rhythms &
SCHOOL DISTRICTS! If you are interested in purchasing more than license, you are eligible for excellent discounts. The first S-Cubed license is regular price, but all subsequent licenses are sold at a significant discount. Click this linkor reach out directly to me at inthemiddlewithmrd@gmail.com.
This product a ZIP file that contains digital flashcards (in PowerPoint PPTX format and PDF format) for solfege sight-singing. The cards include both iconic (stars) and traditional notation and are designed to aid students in beginning to sight-sing. Only 3 pitches are used in these flashcards: SO
Have your pre-staff and partial-staff beginning piano students sight-reading like a pro in no time with this exciting and unique collection of beginning sight-reading materials: "Sight-Read Like A Rockstar!" written in extra-large music notation. To learn how I used these sight-reading materials in
PreK - 12th
This bundle includes TWO comprehensive Google SLIDE decks: Melodic and Rhythmic Sightreading. Each Google slide deck includes 50 separate sightreading examples with editable text boxes.... perfect for students to complete asynchronously, or complete together as a class. This makes sight singing po
Do you need a way to practice sight reading in a fun way? Choir Bingo offers a fun review and can be used to take a break from the daily sight reading process in a competitive way. There are ways to use this game to practice sight reading, dictation, and aural skills. This can also be used as a game
6th - 8th
This is a way to teach note reading from the beginning (as an orchestra) in just minutes per class period! (We call it "Notes of the Day") The score has unison pitches in treble, alto, bass clef for cellos, and bass clef for basses. It can also be used as differentiated instruction. If you teach a c
38 tunes!!!!!! Sight reading doesn't have to be boring! Use these familiar tunes for a change of pace in your daily routine. Difficulties of melodies vary from beginner through more advanced readers - this collection has something for all of your classes! Use as a quick review or to drill concep
I created this file for my Kinder classes, although it is appropriate for 1st and 2nd graders as well. I like to do this lesson around President's Day - that way you can relate the pennies to Lincoln. This is an advanced activity - students should already know So and Mi and quarter note/eighth not
WORKS WITH SCREEN SHARING AND PROJECTOR!www.choirreader.com Click Here to watch an Overview Video on YouTubeComplete Curriculum! Levels 1 - 6 Full Lesson Sets Two Complete Sets of Chorales Two Complete Sets of Assessments Assessment Rubrics and Resources Teacher Manual Curriculum Outlines and Pacing
9th - 12th, Higher Education
Can you identify these well-known Christmas carols by looking at the music notation of their first phrases? This exercise is a lot of fun for students who are learning to sight-read. It is "passive sight reading" to see if they can hear what they see in their head, and identify the tune. This is bes
This is a collection of 20 reading passages written using ONLY words from the Fry's Word List. The words were drawn from the full list, not the separate groups of 100, though not every word is used. Every word is used exactly as it appears in the list. If the word in the list is plural, the word
“ACTION TIME” is an intense, action-movie-type video great for sight-reading with bucket drums. I made this for my class, and it was such a success that I thought I'd offer it to you here! This resource is the downloadable, mp4 of this free youtube video. I don't like using YouTube in class because
I always find myself writing my simple rules, when teaching beginning sight reading to my choirs. I hope you find these slides an easy explanation and great visual for your beginning choirs. Game idea included Slides to practice Solfege Drills and a visible scale Steps Rules of how notes move A
Use this warm up to practice a simple 4 part harmony written in solfege. Solfege allows you to focus on vowels instead of complicated text. This will get your choir ready for 2 to 4 part sight-reading. Choir Sight-reading. Choir Warm Up. Choir Energizer. Voice Lessons Warm Up. Solfege Exercise. 2 sl
5th - 12th
This is a worksheet for students to identify important elements of music when first reading a piece of music. Key Signature, Time Signature, Tempo, Rhythms, Roadmaps, Accidentals, Articulations, and Dynamics are addressed with this. It is designed to be used with any new piece of music you hand out!
6th - 12th
Notebusters helps improve sight-reading skills with simple and fun one-minute exercises for your students. Each pack is designed for a specific instrument and range of notes. The Piano Pack (Level 1) contains 20 worksheets with 24 notes per sheet. Students are encouraged to complete each exercise in
K - 12th, Adult Education
Feed the Music Monster BUNDLE is a set of printable sight-reading and ear training games for elementary piano students. These music task cards help beginning piano students strengthen their sight-reading and aural skills. Fabulous to use in piano lessons, group piano, music class, as a review, and m
PreK - 5th, Higher Education, Adult Education
One of the first posters I made as a teacher was my S.T.A.R.S. poster. I didn't break it out until the end of the school year after my students had a full year of music. It's that time of year again and I have students ready to take a stab at sight-reading. Playing an unrehearsed piece of music f
5th - 12th
Interval Wizard cards are designed to get beginning piano students off to a flying start, by encouraging them to sightread using intervals. Taking away the grand staff and the clefs, students can see more clearly how the staff works and how they can read any note if they know the first note. These
K - 12th, Adult Education
This Google SLIDE deck includes 50 separate Melodic Sightreading examples with editable text boxes....perfect for students to complete asynchronously, or complete together as a class. This makes sight singing possible in a remote or virtual setting!This listing is for Set ONE, which includes 5 leve
This Google SLIDE deck includes 50 separate Rhythmic Sightreading examples with editable text boxes....perfect for students to complete asynchronously, or complete together as a class. This makes sight singing possible in a remote or virtual setting! This listing is for Set ONE, which includes 5 l
This fun game is a great activity for after the holiday concert, and will have your students practicing their solfege skills at the same time!  It can be played in class or virtually. The Bingo cards can easily be shared and manipulated online, so it's perfect for distance learning! The game is bu
7th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Are your music students going crazy for the TikTok trend of sea chanties? Hearing strains of Wellerman coming from your classroom? This melodic dictation Google SLIDE deck is just what your Middle or High School Band, Choir, or Orchestra students have been waiting for! These melodic dictation exe

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