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This packet includes 5 activities/games, 3 word lists for students to use, 2 pages of vce syllable words for the teacher, and 2 passages with lots of vce syllable words! The 5 activities/games include: a Connect 4 Game, A Matching Game, A Board Game, A Find Someone Who Game, and A Graphic Organizer
This is great practice for those CVCe pattern in words. This is card game. Print, cut and play! There is a blank template for you to add words if you would like. To Play: Players will take turns picking a card and reading the CVCe word. If a special card is drawn, follow the directions on t
Included: * One deck of 35 pairs of words ~ 70 cards. I've included words with blends in the set, rather than breaking it into 2 separate sets. You can divide the deck taking those out for those students not ready for that concept. In each pair, one is a closed syllable, and the other is the same wo
This tool has everything you need to introduce and practice the silent-e syllable! This is perfect for teaching an Orton-Gillingham lesson. This bundle contains:*Anchor Posters for the Classroom (color and ink friendly versions)*Reference Sheet for Student Notebooks * 2 word reading sheets. Each pre
This Three Syllable Card Game is played similarly to UNO or Crazy Eights. This is a great way to have students reinforce closed, open, and silent-e syllable types. Print onto card stock and cut into eighths. Directions included. Highly addicting for both the students and the teacher!!
This is a fantastic multi-sensory puzzle activity to work on combining syllables. This packet includes three sets of puzzles: closed+closed syllables closed+open syllables closed+silent e syllables Print and cut out once and you have an interactive activity to use in a one-on-one setting, small g
Super e to the rescue! Have fun teaching silent e syllables with this activity bundle. Includes a rule poster, multisensory game, review and reinforcement worksheet, word list and the story of Super e! Great for Orton Gillingham lessons, literacy centers and homeschoolers.
Decode! Book 4 features words with silent-e syllables. There are fluency practice sheets for: • one-syllable silent-e words • multisyllabic words that contain silent-e syllables • silent-e words that are exceptions Each page comprises: • a key word/illustration for the phonogram • real and nonsen
This bundle includes four great resources for teaching multisensory lessons on Silent e syllable words with one, two and three syllables. This is a money saving way to get the materials that I use in my Orton-Gillingham type lessons with my students of all ages. There are games, worksheets, and wor
⭐UPDATED with ❤️editable❤️ words and game cards!This set is designed to help you reinforce your lessons about different types of syllables.Sorting in general is a valuable activity for young children because it encourages brain development. Our brains love categorizing!⭐And sorting by syllable type ha
Diamond Delight is a board game that takes players in many directions around the special diamond shaped board while working on multi-syllable words with a silent-e ending syllable (eg. invade). The vocabulary in this game follows the rules presented in Megawords, Book 1, List 3. You will need a move
This phonics-in-disguise activity is adaptable, according to your curriculum and the needs of your students in first grade. The kids have so much fun playing educational game that they don't even know they are learning! ★Create dozens of different versions of Bingo ★With 105 different Sile
This is a lesson plan for the silent "e" syllable (also known as magic "e") using the Orton-Gillingham approach. It only includes long a words (a-e) Includes: Multisensory instruction: Visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile 2 Phonological awareness activities List of 10 words for reading List o
A ⚡digital version⚡ of the popular syllable sorting activity for 2nd and 3rd graders is now available on Google Slides. Students drag and drop words and word parts into 4 categories: · real words – closed syllable· real words – silent-e syllable· nonsense words – closed first syllable· nonsense word
These phonetically-controlled word lists have been created by HHBAOGPE for the silent-e syllable. They include a poster for the rule that can be printed and shared, as well as word lists that follow silent-e, silent-e (blends), silent-e (digraphs and clusters), and 2-syllable words with silent-e. A
This is an activity that will help students identify closed and silent-e syllables. This product contains Closed Syllable and Silent-e Syllable heading cards, and colored and black and white syllable cards that students will sort as closed or silent-e syllables. There is a documenting sheet that s
Flight of the Butterflies is a beautifully colorful game with many butterflies and the opportunity to practice multi-syllable words with an initial closed syllable and a silent-e ending. When you purchase this game, you will be able to download and print it in full color. Mount the cover with dire
⭐A digital version of the popular syllable sorting activity is now available on Google Slides! Children use drag and drop to sort words into closed or silent-E categories. They also read the words on digital flash cards. The activity is offered on 4 levels, and there is an ❤️editable❤️ portion for yo
This ❤️editable❤️ resource is designed to help your students review syllable types, in preparation for learning to read multi-syllabic words. Students sort syllables into closed or silent-e real or nonsense words. .⭐Sorting by syllable type has many benefits for young readers:• reinforces their knowle
This FINAL SILENT E SYLLABLE poster is one of a set of that contains the Basic six syllable types: • Closed • Open • Final / Silent • Vowel Team • Vowell—r • Consonant—le PLUS • Diphthongs—a special vowel team /oi/ /ou/ • Other Final Stable Syllables (e.g., tion, ture, age, etc) There are two summ
This collection of silent e worksheets is a great supplement to an Orton Gillingham style reading program. This packet has 50+ worksheets and activities that make good extra assignments for students working with magic e, VCE syllables. There are resources for single-syllable vce words as well as mu
This is a scripted lesson for teaching the silent E syllable using the Talk Read Talk Write format. Student and teacher materials are included. Scripted lesson plans for all the other syllable types are available in my store. The lesson plan refers to a word list and passage. These are also availabl
Are you using the popular FUN program for phonics? This product makes an excellent WORD WORK Literacy Center. It is NO PREP, just print and GO. This product includes Level 2 Unit 6 Fundations Phonics Skills in a Write the Room Multisyllabic words with vowel consonant e syllables with recording shee
Cindy and Bear are back again with another engaging poster to explain the rule of the silent 'e' Syllable. These spelling rules are a useful tool for those using Orton Gillingham or Multi Sensory Learning approaches.

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