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Need figurative language activities? Use this fun and interactive sorting game to review and reinforce figurative language. These 100 cards each have examples of figurative language taken from authentic texts and popular YA literature. Students will sort them into seven categories: metaphors, simile
If you are looking for a practical way students can practice recognizing similes and metaphors in context with a quick and easy format, this is it. There are now thirty metaphors/similes with three sorts to cut and glue as well as a page to identify, explain, and illustrate a metaphor and a simile.
Use this sorting activity at the end of teaching these three figurative language skills: similes, metaphors, and personification. Students will cut, sort and glue on the sorting sheet. Answer key is included!
Figurative language can get very tricky! This product was designed to give students hands-on practice with similes, idioms, and metaphors. ***This product is part of my Figurative Language Bundle. If you purchased this bundle, you already own this product. Here's what's included *30 Figurative l
Help your students master similes and metaphors with this fun resources. Students cut and paste lyrics from popular songs into the correct category: simile or metaphor. 16 great lyric choices. Answer key is provided!
This sorting game is designed to help students learn to differentiate between the two elements of figurative language - similes and metaphors. Outlier phrases are included to help check their understanding as they play the game.☝ Click on the preview to learn more!Updated 9/2020: This resource was r
Figurative Language Sort - Simile, Metaphor, Personification, & Hyperbole Directions: Students are given 20 sentences. They must sort the sentences into the correct figurative language category. This could be used as individual student assessment or laminated and place in a literacy center.
This activity is great for differentiating between similes and metaphors. Once students have learned the difference, they can demonstrate understanding with this sort.
This sort has 28 cards with sentences that are either Similes, Metaphors, or Neither. Students sort the cards into those 3 categories.
Simile & Metaphor Word Sort This engaging, educational game will help you address the Common Core Standard: CCSS.ELA Literacy L.5 It’s great for 3rd-7th grade. This Word Sort Game contains a game in color and in black and white. It also contains various game boards. There are 16 similes and
This product focuses on similes and metaphors. It includes 24 cards. Students are asked to sort the sentence cards that contain similes and metaphors under the correct heading. An answer key and student recording sheet is included. I suggest printing the student direction page in color (It do
Simile or Metaphor? This activity provides a fun, engaging, and meaningful way to practice identifying if a statement is a simile or a metaphor. Students will cut out examples and glue them in the correct column. Answer key included.
This file contains 28 cards with short sentences/phrases. Students cut out the cards and sort them by whether they are examples of similes, metaphors, or neither. Answer key is included.
Simile vs Metaphor Sorting Worksheets | Figurative Language PrintablesStudents match sentences to the correct category (Simile or Metaphor).There are 2 worksheets in this set.Please take time to rate this product after download. I appreciate your feedback. Thank you!Be the first to know about my pro
This sort contains 40 task cards. These figurative language task cards are to be sorted by similes or metaphors. This would be a great tool during Literacy Centers or Workstations! Includes Simile/Metaphor cards, 40 task cards, Student Response sheet, and answer key. Thank you so much for looking! C
Quiz-Quiz-Trade is an engaging Kagan cooperative learning structure that my students are obsessed with! Students get to get up, mingle, and quiz their friends to practice the skill of similes and metaphors. This is a set of 24 Simile or Metaphor cards to be used for the Quiz-Quiz-Trade activity,
If you are looking for a practical way students can practice recognizing holiday similes and metaphors in context with a quick and easy format, this is it. There are 20 Christmas-themed metaphors/similes in two sorts to cut and glue as well as a page to illustrate a metaphor and a simile as an exte
Understanding figurative language elements like metaphors and similes are key to reading comprehension and elevating student writing. These 30 no-prep, self-checking digital task cards can help you monitor student mastery of both concepts. Students are asked to determine whether the sentence shown i
This is a short one pager that has students create simile and metaphor pockets and sort some examples into each. Perfect reinforcement activity and can serve as an easy review. Students can also create their own examples to place in the pockets! Like this product? Please leave feedback!
Christmas Simile & Metaphor Sort Directions: Students cut out the Christmas related sentences and sort them into the correct category of Similes or Metaphors. This activity could be used as student assessment or laminated to be used as a literacy center.
This is a great way to have children see the differences between similes and metaphors. This interactive sort can be done whole class, with partners, or independently. Hold students accountable with the answer document. This is a fun way for students to practice their skills!
A combination of similes and metaphors for students to sort out in groups. These similes and metaphors can also be used in story writing or as sentence starters. My students love group work and worked in groups of 3 for this activity.
In this figurative language sort, students will analyze popular song lyrics for similes, metaphors, and personification. This is a great hands on activity to practice not only learning to identify figurative language but also to analyze why the author used it. Students will cut out the song lyric ti
This is a new idea I had for helping students understand the relationship between similes and metaphors. My students were struggling with the concept of "like" and "as...as" for simile. Most wanted to say things like "I like football". So, a teacher and I thought that having them match cards or w

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