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This physical science unit includes everything you need to teach the six simple machines! This resource contains demonstration ideas, reading passages, (one for each simple machine), a fun trivia game (name that machine!), printable posters, an interactive mini book, and extension activities. The in
This is a very simple game that will help kids learn and review the six simple machines: wedge, wheel & axel, screws, inclined planes, levers, and pulleys. A wide range of ages will enjoy this science game from Kindergarten – 5th grade students. Included in the game are the following 4 cards
Simple Machines (Wedge, Wheel and Axle, Lever, Inclined Plane, Pulley, and Screw) Matching Game Sort Students will love reviewing what you've taught them about the different Simple Machines (Wedge, Wheel and Axle, Lever, Inclined Plane, Pulley, and Screw) with this matching game sort activity. Fun
Based on the popular game "Scatagories" this dice game is designed to give students the opportunity to critically think about what kinds of simple machines can be found in familiar settings, like the grocery store and at school. I designed this game for my own 8th graders and have watch them ❤️LOVE
Simple Machines, Force and Motion SCOOT is a fun review game for the entire class. Use as a review before an assessment, as an alternative or formative assessment, or just as a fun way to end a unit. Students love to scoot!Included in this game:-Directions-Student Answer Sheet (2 options for easy d
Great vocabulary review game for Force and Simple MachinesIncludes Word cards and Definition cardsEach word matches one or more definition cards to help students understand various aspects of the definition. Includes: standard definition, use of the word in a defining sentence and pictures.To play:
This is a great way to practice science skills while having fun!In this game, students decide what kind of simple machines are pictured as they move around the game board.The science game can be used for stations/centers, partner games, or small group practice.A printable is included to assess learn
This is an "I Have...Who Has" game for a class ranging from 15 to 30 students. Questions include review of key terms as well as examples of various simple machines and their properties. To play "I Have...Who Has" the teacher prints one page of cards and cuts them apart. The cards are mixed up and di
What is a Seek-and-Solve activity? It’s a cross between an academic scavenger hunt and Hide-and-Seek. The objective is to have students review concepts, but with the freedom of getting out of their seats. ---------------------------------------------------- Don't be intimidated if you've never heard
Simple Machines and Force and Motion "I have, Who has" is a fun and exciting chain reaction game perfect for the whole class to play! It's a fun activity to reinforce simple machines and force and motion content and vocabulary. Included: - game directions - 26 game cards - answer key For added fun,
Do a quick review with your class that requires no prep for your wheels and levers or simple machines unit. You can check to see if your students have learned the concepts before giving the unit is over in this fun and easy to use game.This product includes:a link to a Google Slides file25 self-chec
This is a 106 slide PowerPoint Review Game about Machines, Simple Machines, and Mechanical Advantage. Template sheet provided as well as directions. Also included are hundreds of unit PowerPoint slides, the bundled homework package, unit notes, and much more from the unit. Forces in Motion (1400
Looking for a really fun way to review simple machines with your students? Look no further because this game is SO MUCH FUN!!! Here's how to play the game: 1) Each team will take turns choosing a number. The number can lead to questions worth 5, 10, and 15 points or it can lead to a ZONK or a DOUB
This fun puzzle matching game will help your students review pulleys, levers, wedges, and more after learning about simple machines! They will match the name of the simple machine and three examples that fit into that category. On the back of each of the puzzles is a unique pattern. This allows t
This is a Jeopardy-Style classroom review game focused on a simple machines unit. By purchasing this PowerPoint Presentation formatted review game, you could easily edit its content and make any Jeopardy-Style review game of your choice. Great for SmartBoards or ActivBoards in classrooms. Easy to
This is a great game for getting students energized about science. It has them competing in teams, answering questions, drawing pictures, building, moving, and having loads of fun! It contains moving graphics, an embedded scoreboard, 12 tough questions and 12 crazy challenges for those who miss th
Simple Machines: This set has posters, a simple machines word wall, simple machines matching memory game, a puzzle activity, and a worksheet ✍ (with an ✔answer key). The simple machines in this set are levers, pulleys, wedges, screws, levers, and inclined planes. The terms effort, load, and fulcrum
Work, Power, and Efficiency I Have, Who Has Game Cards, Physical Science Tests Prep, Print & Digital Distance LearningThese student matching vocabulary cards are a great way to engage all students in groups for a fun whole class or group game. This includes a print set, instructions for using, a
I created this project for my 7th grade science class, but it is appropriate for any middle school grade. It would also be great for ICP in high school. You can reduce the number of requirements listed to fit the needs of your class. Students will create an original board game to learn about work
If you are like me, you can always use more activities to review simple machines! This "I Have, Who Has?" activity was just the thing to help reinforce my students' understand the concepts of simple machines. There are 24 cards that specifically cover what the Georgia standards for fourth grade scie
This pack has spelling games that are perfect for your word work station. Minimal prep make these games a snap to add to your literacy centers or word work stations. *BUMP game *Spin, Read, and Write *Diphthongs /oi/, /oy/ Board Game *Suffixes -er, -or Board Game *Rainbow Writing *Word Search *Roll
Simple machines made simple! Full-color graphics make these cards appealing and their versatility makes them useful over and over again. (.PDFs in a ZIP folder) Included • Set of 52 playing cards • Set of six 8”x11” posters for bulletin board and/or vocabulary gallery walk • Set of eight 8”x11” s
Simple Machine Vocabulary Game! This is a fun board game that you can use with your students to teach simple machine vocabulary. As students move around the board they choose a simple machine vocabulary card and then spin the spinner to see whether they will act out the word, draw it, use it in a s
Do you remember playing around the world in school? Most of us did but mainly in math when learning how to remember our times tables. Here is the same concept but with simple machines. This is a great activity that can be used for early finishers, in science centers, enrichment, a small group activi

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