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simple vs compound interest

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simple vs compound interest

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For a great deal on 5 Economics products check out this bundle!The Economics of Checks, Budgets, Stocks, College, and Savings - 5 Activities!I love teaching Economics to my middle school students because it directly relates to their lives. I teach 8th grade, and most of the students I teach save th
Quiz- Simple vs. Compound Interest10 Questions.The formulas are provided. You can check: Fifth Grade • Daily Math Homework (For September) My Quizzes: 4th Grade Word Problems Quiz (10 Q)Equations and Inequalities Quiz (20 Questions)An Introduction to Functions Quiz (11 Questions)Evaluate Expression
9th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Linear and Exponential Growth using Simple and Compound Interest.In this lesson student will analyze the difference between linear and exponential growth through the lens of simple and compound interest.Great for Distance learning or in person learningI made a video for this lesson. The link is prov
9th - 11th

Also included in: Algebra 1 Bundle

Bring some real world experience to your classroom with this project that turns your students into investment advisors working for clients to reach a 10 year financial goal. Students must choose from a selection of simple and compound investments to develop a sequence of investments that will maxim
This is a Combo Pack of two of my lessons... Save money! Simple Interest vs Compound Interest: This lesson compares simple interest to interest that is compounded annually. After computing compound interest in multiple steps, students discover a future value formula for compound interest. Appreciati
Just a quick power point lesson to cover simple and compound interest. You can change the font colors and add examples. Make any modifications as you see fit.
This lesson compares simple interest to interest that is compounded annually. After computing compound interest in multiple steps, students discover a future value formula for compound interest. Functions for computing simple interest and compound interest over time are developed and related to thei
This cheat sheet is a quick overview of all different situational questions that could be asked when covering simple or compound interest. The following situations are covered:Simple interest problems asking the students to find the Interest.Simple interest problems asking the students to find eith
This document includes instructions and an example for the personal banking project. Students will analyze how simple interest and compound interest accrues differently over time. Students will be given a hypothetical situation and will need to research various banks and interest rates to make a dec
6th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Students are engaged in groups to analyse the difference between simple interest and compound interest. There is group discussion, creative thinking, analysis and interpretation all happening with this single task.
9th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
A simple scaffolded graphic organizer to help students compare simple interest and compound interestContains 1 example, answer sheet, and "fill in" copy for students and teacherGreat for SpEd (mild/mod) and struggling students7th, 8th and High school Math
* Download the preview for details! *This 2-day lesson includes 6 pages of guided notes, a 1-page assignment, and a 2-page assignment. This lesson works well in both pre-algebra and algebra classes. The goal for part 1 is to understand the process of simple and compound interest, so students will us
Spring is an awesome time of year, and when I usually teach my financial literacy unit. So why not make a few worksheets that combine the two? This file contains 2 self check interest worksheets(that are sold in other bundles in my store). One is simple interest using the formula I = PRT. The seco
EASY MATERIALS and EASY PREP! This investigation puts a CLASSIFYING MATTER spin on the popular separating iron from breakfast cereal lab. An engaging way to look at elements, compounds, and mixtures! Middle school level - supports NGSS MS-PS1-1 MS-PS1-8.In this activity, students use simple suppl
In this activity simple activity, students (Part 1:) Teachers briefly lectures on atoms, chemical reactions, and bonding. (Part 2:) Students practice drawing 9 examples of compounds. (Part 3:) Student answer an exit ticket to reinforce their conceptual understanding of why atoms bond. A. NEXT GENER
Do your students struggle to add interesting words and descriptive details when they write? You will love this variety of activities to help them build their skills with adding details and description to their sentences.This bundle includes:Chameleon Sentences: Collaborative activity where step by s
4th - 8th, Adult Education
A Closer look at Compound InterestExample 1: Simple Interest Formula vs. Compound interest FormulaCalculate the compound interest TWO ways for an investment over year compounded quarterly.Example 2: Simple Interest Formula vs. Compound interest FormulaCalculate the compound interest TWO ways for an
Students solve simple interest and compound interest problems and one comparing simple vs compound interest problem. 5 question self grading quiz.
Do your students consistently “Vary sentence patterns for meaning, reader/listener interest, and style” in their writing? Do they even know what it means to vary sentence patterns?This comprehensive mini-unit includes:*explanation/link to common core expectations concerning varying sentence structu
6th - 8th
This activity will help students explore the power of exponential growth as they compare simple interest vs. compound interest. This activity has three components. The first component will have students calculate interest earned and new balance using simple interest over the course of four year
6th - 9th
In this NO PREP mini unit you get about a weeks worth of lessons covering simple probability, theoretical vs experimental probability, and compound probability. There are notes, practice pages, a quiz review and a quiz. All you have to do is print the pages to get started. Answer keys are include
6th - 8th
This package includes explanations and activities regarding: Sentence structure: sentence fragments, run-on sentences, conjunctive adverbs and semicolons, phrase vs clause, prepositions and prepositional phrases, appositives and appositive phrases, independent and dependent clauses, simple/compound/
This packet includes worksheets for working on sentence types and creating sentences. Included is:-an anchor page and glossary covering simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences, as well as subjects, verbs, coordinating conjunctions, subordinating conjunctions, relative pronouns-iden
Bundled Unit (at a discount!) for Probability. 19 Pages! - 4 Handouts (Lessons) / 5 Worksheets / 5 Keys Note: You may also be interested in another product that is collection of review problems for Probability & Counting Methods... Counting Methods and Probability Review for Busy Teachers Thi
7th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education

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