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Possessive Nouns Task Cards for Singular and Plural
Here are 32 task cards to help your students learn to properly punctuate and identify singular and plural possessive nouns. Each card requires students to both write the possessive noun correctly (by adding the apostrophe), and to tell whether the word is singular or plural. Several of these cards a

Also included in: Reading and ELA Task Card Massive Bundle - 107 Task Card Sets!


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Nouns Worksheets and Activities: Common, Proper, Singular, Plural & Possessive
My Parts of Speech Grammar BUNDLE is now available at a discounted price HERE!This nouns packet includes all sorts of fun activities and worksheets for teaching the types of nouns (person, place, animal, thing, idea) and noun grammar concepts (common, proper, singular, plural, possessive). Updated

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Singular and Plural Possessive Noun Activities
Singular and Plural Possessive Noun Activities to engage your students when teaching about singular and plural possessive nouns!This resource contains the follow:Posters to help you teach possessive nounsWord Work Page: -Cut and Paste the wordsWord Work Page: Multi activity page where student unscra

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Nifty Nouns {Common, Proper, Possessive, Singular, & Plural Noun Activities}
This unit goes in-depth to cover nouns from the most basic level (person, place, thing) to different types of nouns including common, proper, possessive, singular, and plural nouns! This unit is ideal for first grade, but also meets kindergarten standards and could be used in second grade for review

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Noun Unit - Identify Nouns, Common & Proper, Singular & Plural, Possessive
Make grammar fun and relevant to your students! No more boring practice! This comprehension noun unit is sure to be a hit with your students. These lessons are engaging and include hands-on activities to making learning about nouns interesting! *****************************************************

Also included in: Parts of Speech Bundle - Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs, Types of Sentences


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Singular and Plural Possessive Nouns Activities and Interactive Notebook Pages
Teach your students about singular and plural possessive nouns with this Singular and Plural Nouns Activities and Interactive Notebook Pages from The Resourceful Teacher. This product includes 5 lessons complete with teacher lesson plans, interactive notebook pages, teacher directions for interacti

Also included in: Nouns Activities and Interactive Notebook DOUBLE Bundle


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FREEBIE Singular and Plural Puppies Possessive Nouns Task Cards
Blacklines are now included, as well as color copies! This freebie set is a preview of one of the activities in my Singular and Plural Possessive Nouns Puppy Centers, Games, and More. Click here to see the entire file! Every year my students get so excited to read Dogzilla by Dav Pilkey, and that

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Singular and Plural Possessive Noun Task Cards
Your students will enjoy practicing singular and plural possessive nouns with these engaging, party-themed task cards. ***This product is part of my Possessive Nouns Bundle. If you purchased this bundle, then you already own these task cards. Here's what's included *36 task cards to practice singu

Also included in: Possessive Nouns Bundle


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Singular and Plural Possessive Nouns
This worksheets explains the difference between singular and plural possessive nouns. Definitions and examples are given. Then students will look at pictures to write the singular or plural possessive noun.

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Singular and Plural Possessive Noun Activity
ZAP is a fun, easy game that will keep your students engaged as they enhance their knowledge of possessive nouns. Students chose cards and determine if the underlined word is a singular possessive or plural possessive. Watch those apostrophes! ZAP can be used as a center activity, RTI intervention,

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Possessive Nouns Bundle: Singular and Plural Possessives
This bundle contains multiple resources for reviewing apostrophe rules related to forming singular possessive nouns and plural possessive nouns. The apostrophe rules featured in this bundle include:Add 's to singular nouns. (the girl's necklace)Add ONLY the apostrophe to plural nouns that end in -s.


Singular and Plural Possessive Nouns Penguin Game Grades 3-5
This center game is an engaging way to teach your 3rd-5th grade students about singular and plural possessive nouns. Your students will learn to add an apostrophe and s to singular nouns and for plural nouns they will learn when to add just an apostrophe and when to add and an apostrophe and s to t

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Singular, Plural, Possessive, and Collective Noun Unit & Activities
Not sure where to start when teaching your students about singular, plural, possessive, and collective nouns? Look no further! This resource is jam-packed with teaching posters, task cards, sorting activities, and printables to help you teach these standards to your students. THIS RESOURCE CONSIST

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I HAVE…WHO HAS?  "Singular and Plural Possessive Nouns" & Follow-Up worksheet
This game is a fun way for your students to practice singular and plural possessive nouns! The download includes 24 “I Have…Who Has?” cards, instructions for playing (partner, small group, and whole class), an answer key, a baggie cover card, and a follow-up practice worksheet. Students also get p

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L.1.1b Singular and Plural Possessive Noun Practice
This packet has pages to help your students practice identifying and using singular and plural possessive nouns. Included in the packet: 1. Identifying Singular Possessive Nouns 2. Using Singular Possessive Nouns in Sentences 3. Identifying Plural Possessive Nouns 4. Using Plural Possessive Noun

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Possessive Nouns: Zoo Worksheet  or Assessment (singular and plural rules)
This worksheet will provide your students with an opportunity to practice the rules they have learned about how to use the apostrophe to correctly form possessive nouns. It includes both singular and plural possessive nouns. I use it at the end of the week as an assessment to determine who underst

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Singular and Plural Possessive Noun Game!
Your Goal: Help the alien find the way back to his spaceship by correctly writing the singular/plural possessive form of different nouns! Rules for the game are as follows: 1.Players shuffle the cards and place them facedown on the table. Each card contains a set of words such as, “A toy that bel

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Singular and Plural Possessive Nouns Quiz
This is a quiz covering singular and plural possessive nouns. 20 questions. The first five, students must decide if the plural noun is singular or plural. There are 15 words that students must make possessive. Answer key included. Covers plural nouns ending in s as well as irregular nouns.

Also included in: Grammar Quizzes Bundle!


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Boom Cards Distance Learning 3rd GRADE : Singular & Plural Possessive Nouns
These Singular & Plural Possessive Nouns BOOM CARDS are a no prep, self-checking, common core solution to assessing 3rd grade grammar skills. These interactive Digital BOOM CARDS include 25 digital task cards with drag & drop movable pieces. Students choose the correct possessive form. This

Also included in: Boom Cards Distance Learning ELA & Grammar Bundle (2nd Grade & 3rd Grade)


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Singular & Plural Possessive Nouns Task Cards
Singular and Plural Possessives are difficult to grasp. Once my students learn, they want to put an apostrophe on every word that ends in s! While students begin learning this skill as a first grader, it isn't until the 3rd grade development and practice that it starts to make sense. As a 23 yea



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Singular and Plural Possessive Nouns
Singular and Plural Possessive Nouns This Singular and Possessive Nouns book will be a great supplemental resource for students. This printable noun book includes activities to help students identify and develop their skills when learning about singular and possessive nouns. Please click on the p

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Singular & Plural Possessive Nouns Tri Fold
This is a tri-fold worksheet on Special Plurals, Singular Possessive, Plural Possessive, Distinguishing between Plural and Plural Possessive, and combining sentences with nouns. The students first define it, then find it in a sentence, then use it in a sentence. It folds into something similar to a

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Singular and Plural Possessive Nouns Posters and Mini Posters
Students will enjoy learning about possessive nouns with these fun, party themed posters. These six posters will add an element of fun to any classroom. The mini posters work great for small group work. You can also place them in a possessive noun center for students to use as a reference.***This pr

Also included in: Possessive Nouns Bundle


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Singular and Plural Possessive Nouns Task Cards
Singular and Plural Possessive Nouns Task Cards: This set includes 48 Task Cards to be used while teaching or reviewing singular or plural possessive nouns. Three different task card sets are included (16 cards in each set): Set one: Singular Possessive Nouns Set two: Plural Possessive Nouns Set

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