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Scientific Method Skittles Lab Science Experiment: These worksheets provide step by step instructions using Skittles with the Scientific Method experiment process. It is engaging and fun! Just bring the candy - and the sheets are ready to use -NO PREP! The process includes: Question, hypothesis,
5th - 9th
This is a neat science experiment to do with your class. I have included teacher notes / directions & a student directions sheet with questions for them to answer. I've included a .pdf and an editable word .doc file for you to easily change anything to make the experiment better fit the need of
PreK - 5th
Try out this simple diffusion experiment. This can be done at home too! This experiment is super simple and fun, you can do this lab in two different ways:To discuss the science behind diffusion, why diffusion is important in BiologyTo teach hypothesis writing skillsOr a bit of both!This skittles di
Enjoy this quick, easy, and fun science experiment with your Kiddos, and use this recording sheet as a follow-up activity.
Try the skittles science experiment in your classroom and watch as your students are amazed! Students will first guess what will happen when water hits the skittles: Will the colors combine? Will they make a rainbow? Next they will pour the water and record their observations.Included:Instructions f
Taste the rainbow! This is a recording sheet for the popular Skittles Experiment. I did this experiment with my kindergarten class and they LOVED it! I will list below the steps we followed to complete this activity.Step 1 - Gather Materials (illustrated each of our materials)Step 2 - Arrange skittl
K - 2nd
Science just got a whole lot easier to add into your lesson plans! These hands-on, super cool science experiments are surprisingly easy to set up and use common supplies like baking soda and vinegar.PLUS, this set includes a no prep science journal that goes along with the 30 jaw dropping science ex
Scientific Method: This scientific method activities bundle contains all of my activities on the scientific method and allows students to learn while having fun!Important:All these lessons sell individually for $27.90; as a bundle they are 45% off, for $14.95!Scientific Method Activities Bundle Cont
Experiments with candy are a big hit in the STEM Lab! This is a great study of what happens when you add liquids to hard-shelled candies. It is a perfect challenge to use at Halloween time and keep the learning going! The challenge begins with an exploration using candy. The experiment plan then fol
This activity is a STEM experience for the students. A lesson plan with an explanation is included, as well as, a recording sheet for the students to fill out during the experiment. This activity can be adjusted for any grade level.Be sure to check out my other STEM activities!---Gummy Worm Candy ST
PreK - 12th
This is a fun adaptation activity for students to understand how the camouflage helps animals to survive in their habitat. You will need M&M's and Skittles to complete this activity. Students will act as predators "hunting" for M&M prey. M&M's will be mixed in with Skittles (which this p
The 13 Easy Science Experiments for Kids with Household Items ebook is a great way to teach young scientists about the Scientific Method, and how to start hypothesizing and analyzing.If you’re in need of a science workbook for your 2nd to 4th grader, this book is for you!Welcome to the easiest Scien
This is a great rainbow activity for St. Patrick's Day or just because! I split my class up into groups of 3-4 kids per group to do this activity. You will need:- clear cups (I used clear mini condiment cups)- Skittles (red bag of traditional colors)- waterI have done this experiment in multiple way
This science activity uses candy left over from Halloween to experiment with acidic reactions. Students also explore dissolving M&Ms and Skittles to separate edible ink from the sugar coating. They are also encouraged to try other activities to enrich their learning. This sheet gives the student
Line a plate around with skittles, pour some warm water in the middle, and watch students be amazed with this fun experiment!
Not Grade Specific
A fine motor activity used to teach students about rainbows. This is a visual guide for students to follow directions within the experiment. It includes a place mat to create the row of rainbow, and the direction sheet with visuals. Teacher must provide the plate, warm water, and skittles.
PreK - 2nd
One of my favorite lessons to use when teaching about the Earth's changing surface is this Skittles Erosion Lab. I noticed the need for a printable that my students could use to guide them through the experiment and solidify the concepts I wanted them to pull out. Thus this student sheet was created
Engaging, hands-on, FOOD RELATED worksheets to cover the Year 3 Statistics and Probability strands. You can choose to complete as a whole class, small groups, or independently. The options are endless!Currently in the file:- Clinkers: tallying different outcomes, displaying data on a column graph, i
2nd - 4th
Chance and Probability activity using yummy Skittles!!! Students are to predict the colours and quantities before they open the skittles bag. Students are to complete a chance experiment where they use a tally to collect their data. Students then transfer their data in fractions, decimals and percen
3rd - 10th
This is a package for conducting and making a science fair board on What is the Most Common Color/Flavor of Skittles? Package includes:~Instructions~Title: What is the most common flavor/color of Skittles?~Headings: Purpose, Problem, Hypothesis, Procedures, Materials, Results, Conclusion, Recommenda
Uses chocolates or candy (M&Ms, Skittles, Kisses) to practice probability! What's included- *Colored candy probability activity: have students randomly pick colored candy and tally what's picked to experiment probability *Colored candy probability activity reflection page- have students reflec
This product is a fun way to introduce students to data collection and analysis - using Skittles!The Introduction part of the lesson provides students with an example of a data table and a bar graph for them to try together, with the teacher to guide them. Next, students follow a simple lab procedur
4th - 7th
****Please take a moment to rate this product, I really appreciate your feedback. Thank you. If you like this product, check out my Probability Packet: experimental and mathematical! This worksheet is one of the worksheets that can be found as the culminating activity for that packet. Students pra
4th - 7th
Help students discover diffusion and concentration gradients with an engaging candy lab. This hands-on experiment will help students understand dissolving sugar and food dyes. It was developed to be conducted in 30 minutes. The lesson expands to explain the confluence of rivers for an Earth science

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