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Suggestions for this lesson: -Use this as an assessment piece based on the work you have already done in working on understanding line plots in your classroom -Use this as a reward activity that is still curriculum based. -Use this as a review for the end of a unit. -Use this as an introduction to l
This is a super fun activity to go along with your graphing unit. My students really struggle with following the key on a picture graph, so this was great practice! Includes: -2 Pages (to be printed front and back) Frequency Table (students sort skittles and fill in the table) Picture Graph, Key is
Skittles Graph and Line Plot
Students sort skittles by color, record their data, and then plot their data on a line plot. Once they have plotted their data, then they answer questions about their data. Fun activity to introduce or reteach line plots.
This activity helps teach/review basic graphing skills: tally marks, bar graphs, pictographs, line plots and answering questions based on data. I usually use Skittles (because they don't melt) or M&Ms, but any candies of different colors will do!The end product is colorful and substantive. I gl
Designed to help students understand line plots in a fun and engaging way, students will have lots of opportunities for practice including: guided practice, small group practice, partner practice, individual practice, assessments, and a fun extension project that can be completed in class or at home
This math activity is perfect for wrapping up your unit on graphing. Included in this 7 page unit is a data recording sheet, "skittles" to color, and 3 different types of graphs including a bar graph, pictograph, and line plot for the students to create. Also included is a page of questions to help
Ready for some hands-on, "real-life" experience with fractions, estimation and graphing? With SKITTLES candy! What could be more fun than edible math? This unit includes: -Teaching Notes -Estimation -Data Collecting with options* for either Fractions alone or Fractions & Percents together -
Using a Fun Size Skittles Bag, students will make predictions as to the number of colors in each bag. They will then record the actual number of skittles of each color in the bag and convert those numbers into a fraction, decimal, and a percent. Using the class data, students will record the number
This math activity is designed for students in grades 4-8. It reinforces the Common Core standards for graphing practices, including creating a finding a sample of data, creating a frequency chart, line plot, line graph and circle graph. Allows for expansion to create a bar graph using Microsoft Ex
Food + Math = A Fun and Engaging Math Activity! This product includes 18 worksheets to use with Skittles Candy. Each student will be given a bag of Skittles to use for the activity and afterwards students may eat them. Who doesn’t love eating candy while doing math??The worksheets include the follow
This PDF file includes 14 pages. The project is 7 pages long, there are two sets, one with a rainbow border and one set that is just black and white with no border. This project works best with the fun size Skittles, so that there are no double digit colors. The first page is estimating, second pa
"Create a Line Plot" is a great, interactive way for introducing (or reviewing) the basics of line plots. There are 11 different line plots that students can create from gathering data. Five of these have the option for students to choose their own categories. *Roll the Dice *Favorite Color *Favo
Use Skittles and this worksheet to have your students create and interpret a variety of graphs. Graphs that are reviewed during this activty are tally charts, line plots, bar graphs and pictographs. Additionally, once the graphs are created students answer questions to review a variety of skills inc
An EZ Prep solution for math. Math is always fun with food. Everyone has heard of Skittles math. This lesson stands out because it covers a variety of concepts in a condensed and easy to use handout. It is student friendly and provides challenges for different ability levels. All you need is studen
Just add Skittles for an instantly engaging and motivational hands-on graphing unit. Included in this bundle you will find a tally chart, a vertical bar graph, sorting mat, picture graph, line plot, and analysis questions.
This Skittle Graphing Lesson is effective for grades 3-5 to teach or review the different types of graphs that students may encounter at each level. Students will first be asked to make a tally chart for the number of Skittle colors, then use that information to complete a line plot, bar graph, and
This activity includes a sorting map, graphs (tally marks, pictograph, bar graph and line plot) and questions to identify and compare the data they collected! There are color and black/white versions. There's also a page where you can fill in the blank for the colors.
Nothing sparks fun in your math class like a little sugar! Use this to bring Dot Plots to life while practicing many other great math skills including fractions, comparing fractions equivalent fractions, multiplication and MORE!There are 20 task cards. First mathematicians will create their Dot Plot
Students will use M&M's to gather data and plot their findings. Then using class data, students will find an exponential regression and answer questions using that equation. This is a fun intro activity to exponentials or decay equations. Plus, students love to get candy in class! This can also
Great way to introduce students to line plots! I used Skittles, but you can use any other candy with the same colors. Helps students practice writing fractions, identifying wholes, finding equivalent fractions, and creating line plots. Plus, they get to eat candy! Directions: 1. Give all students
This is the exact same product as my Skittles product, except it has been altered to work with the fun size/individual size of M&Ms! Students will input data into: tables picturegraphs bar graphs line plots They will also have to investigate the probability of their data, and write 2 sentences
This is an activity for students to graph Skittles, M&Ms, Smarties, and Starburst candies and answer questions using the graph. This zip file includes a smartboard presentation with objectives, graphing video link, additional bar graph links, the candy graphing handouts, graph questions, and cl
This is a project to review making bar graphs, line plots, and pictographs. It was designed to be used with Froot Loops cereal. However, it could be adjusted for use with M&Ms, Skittles, etc.

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