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Slope Intercept Form and Systems of Equations USING Casio Calculators
While I revamp my lessons to incorporate our new CASIO fx-9860GII calculators, I am constantly amazed by its capabilities! The PowerPoint listed here has calculator screen shots, but can be used by anyone teaching or learning how to deal with slope-intercept form and writing & solving systems o
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Math digital exercises 005 - Equation of each graph in slope intercept form
This is a Flash program file containing 20 graphs that can be used by teachers to practice how to find the equation of a line, given two points on the line. The equations must be written in slope intercept form. The questions appear when the program is run, and the pictures of the graphs can be enl
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Writing Linear Equations when given Slope and a Point
This is an animated powerpoint presentation I made for my class this year to introduce a method for finding the slope-intercept form of an equation when you only have the slope and one point. This method involves substituting the given information into y = mx + b and then solving for b. Using Po
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showing 1-3 of 3 results

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