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Teach students to set goals with these classroom goal setting lessons. By the end of the unit, students will understand what it means to set SMART goals. These five goal-setting lessons have a whole group lesson plan as well as small group and individual activities to help students see and underst
Five 15-minute lessons in print and digital that break down the SMART goal setting process into manageable chunks. Perfect for in-person instruction and distance learning. Goal setting breaks down SMART goals so students can go from simple hopes and wishes to clear and achievable goals. Easy to use
The Importance of Goal Setting Lesson will help students learn about the importance of setting goals and creating SMART goals. Students will learn first hand why setting goals are important with an experiential learning activity. Afterwards, students will learn about SMART Goals and learn how to w
This elementary school counseling classroom guidance lesson introduces students to SMART goals! Using an editable or ready-to-show PowerPoint, teach students the components of a SMART goal with examples. Students then complete a Scoot activity to evaluate goals. Students decide if the goals are SMA
SMART Goals: SMART Goals take us higher! This classroom guidance lesson focuses on SMART goal setting to get students started on the right foot for the school year! Students are introduced to goal-setting in a fun, collaborative activity and then set personal SMART goals and evaluate in small groups
Teach students how to write goals using the SMART Goal model. This skills-based health education unit breaks down the goal writing process and empowers students to take ownership of their life.Distance Learning CompatibleThis resource is hosted on Google Drive, featuring Google Slides edition of stu
SMART Goals Activity: Teach your students what SMART goals are with this easy to use classroom guidance lesson. Begin with 2 fun anticipatory set activities to show the importance of goal setting and the importance of setting personally meaningful goals. This lesson is ideal for a 30-40 minute lesso
SMART Goal lesson plan. I have included all the slides I have used in this lesson. However, I do not necessarily do all the activities/slides with every group. Slide 1: The basic learning target and success criteria for the lesson. Slide 2: This is an assignment I sometimes do to classes that en
This elementary school counseling classroom guidance lesson introduces students to the components of SMART goals and how to break long-term goals into manageable short-term goals! Student set their own long-term academic and/or social-emotional goals and identify 2 short-term goals as well. Students
Writing SMART Goals is the second lesson in the Academic Success Plan series. This lesson will cover how to write a SMART Goal. Contains: ✎ SMART Goals Writing handout ✎ SMART Goals Writing worksheet ✎ My SMART Plan for Success worksheet ✎ Lesson Plan This lesson plan is also included in the
Embedding Character Education into your curriculum has never been so easy! The Building Character Lesson Bundle has over 10 dynamic, self-reflective, student-centered, & creative activities designed to encourage character education. Activities can be used as standalone activities, as a compreh
Help students realize their superpower: making SMART Goals to achieve their dreams! Students will follow along as the teacher demonstrates a SMART goal to put a needle through a balloon without popping it! Students will utilize a worksheet to complete the steps of making their own SMART goal and the
This classroom guidance lesson reviews the concept of SMART goals. Students participate in a movement-based group goal-setting activity, review components of a SMART goal with a text message conversation, and set their own SMART goals for the academic year. I use this lesson with 6th grade, but it i
This No Prep Lesson on SMART Goal-Setting teaches students the vital skill through an interactive student lesson guide along with supplemental activities to apply and practice what the students have learned. This product can be used with individual students, small groups, or large class instruction.
Character Through Goal Setting Grades 3-5. Smart Goals are the Best Goals. Students will explore self discipline (strive to be thinkers) through goal setting. Students will be able to define short –term and long-term goals and the steps needed to reach longer term goals. Includes posters for visual
My students LOVE this New Years Goal-Setting activity! Incorporating the slam poem "Forget Your New Year's Resolutions" by Prince Ea and the Greek myth of Icarus transforms goal-setting into an inspirational analogy that teens can relate to. I love how this lesson refocuses and rejuvenates them for
This complete lesson packet includes everything that you need to teach students the process for understanding and creating SMART goals. This packet contains: -A detailed lesson plan aligned with ASCA standards and complete with anecdotal notes to help counselors of various levels modify the lesso
This lesson will help students not only understand the process of writing a SMART goal, but will also understand the importance of creating goals for themselves. SMART Goal Setting includes a powerpoint presentation, student notes, a guided practice activity, and a short formative assessment. If
Little Monster Learns to make SM.A.R.T. Goals power point lesson and activities. These activities has been colorfully designed with a fun monster theme to help students understand the 5 steps involved in making a S.M.A.R.T goal. Includes instructions on making short, intermediate and long term goa
Tracking SMART Goals: SMART Goals take us higher! This classroom guidance lesson focuses on breaking long-term SMART goals into short-term SMART goals for better goal tracking. In a fun, movement-based activity, students will practice setting short-term goals and identifying short-term goals that wi
This is a self-directed SMART Goals Lesson for asynchronous distance learning. The lesson is presented in an interactive, virtual Google slides classroom. It includes an interactive slideshow lesson where students can click, drag, and type responses. Students will have the opportunity to see a SMART
This READY TO USE (NO PREP) lesson is designed to use with first grade through middle school level students. It can easily be adapted to teach them on their developmental level. It includes 23 slides, a master slide to customize and personalize it to fit your needs, links to 2 different videos th
This classroom guidance lesson guides students through the process of setting a long-term SMART goal for the school year with 3 short-term goals to aid in success of the long-term goal! Includes lesson plan (objectives, outline, materials list, ASCA standards alignment), SMART goal visual aids, Tick
This lesson and book will help students understand how to set SMART goals for themselves. This activity can be used any time throughout the school year, from 3rd grade up through high school.

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