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This economics video series provides self-paced lessons for students. These lessons include one or more instructional videos, notes that the student must fill in while watching the video, and relevant review material. The videos are similar to narrated PowerPoints. Each video is not scripted, bu
Should I Incorporate or Have a Sole Proprietorship? is one of the most common business questions for TpT sellers. In this lesson, I go through pros and cons of both, then also give you the answer you have been waiting for. Whether you do your own taxes or use the services of an accountant, knowing a
In this comprehensive practice problem, students will record the impact of common business transactions on the accounting equation (in a business organized as a sole proprietorship). Students will then use the information to prepare a simple income statement, statement of changes in owner's equity,
High School Economics Sole Proprietorship PowerPoint with Guided Notes includes 27 engaging slides, bell ringer, think pair share, think about it questions, video stopping points with links in note section, and 5 quiz review questions with answers at the end, Fill in the blank notes are GREAT for EL
This is a whole lesson on Business Ownership. It uses a fun group activity to learn the different characteristics. It is ready-made and requires no prep time. 34 slides + 2 handouts.The lesson includes:+ Starter+ Learning Objectives (differentiated)+ Keywords+ Key Questions+ Main Activity (Group Ga
PPT includes aim and follow up questions.
These assignments can be used in an economics course to introduce, reinforce, or review concepts that will be or have been taught. Each bell ringer includes one or more thought-provoking questions about important economic concepts. PowerPoint and Google slides of each bell ringer are included so tha
Looking for activities for your high school business ownership unit? Look no further! This bundle contains: Business Ownership Graphic Organizer, Forms of Business Ownership Gallery Walk, Partnership Agreement Writing Activity, Corporations Guided Research Project and Presentation, Franchise Scaveng
This product is a bundle of all my TPT AND TAX REFORM products. These products are designed to teach TpT sellers about small business taxes. I've created these materials to be easy to understand, using examples relative to TpT sellers. I believe that if small business owners understand how the tax l
This is a 10-13 day unit that covers Basic Business concepts and Economics concepts. This download includes all the materials for a full unit, including step by step instructions for all lessons and activities, as well as a review sheet and test. This unit includes:Instructions for an interactive op
These cootie catchers are a great way for students to have fun while learning about the Industrial Revolution. How to Play and Assembly Instructions are included.These cootie catchers contain the following vocabulary terms: Industrial Revolution, Mass production, Steam engine, Capitalism, Corporatio
TpT sellers are considered self-employed, so they need to fill out an IRS Schedule C. This form reports how much money you made or lost in your TpT store. The form is labeled "Profit or Loss From Business (Sole Proprietorship)" and it must be completed and included with your income tax return. The S
Put a trendy spin on your business structures lesson by incorporating this escape room, competition-based activity. This product covers types of business ownership (sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, nonprofit, franchise, and cooperative), advantages/disadvantages for types business owne
What is a Stand and Sort? A stand and sort activity allows students to get out of their seats and move around while demonstrating their knowledge of economic concepts. Category signs are taped on the wall in various locations in the classroom. Students (or groups of students) are given characteris
**Includes a Google version for your Distance Learning needs! Please make sure any resources placed online are password protected (no free public access) Thanks!In this 12 page activity, your students have everything they need to learn about the various types of business structures/organizations (so
In this COMPLETE lesson from InspirEd Educators, students will be able to explain the advantages and disadvantages of various business organizations such as sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations. Lesson warm up, teacher instructions, teacher answers, guiding discussion questions, all
Looking for a simple way to teach the advantages and disadvantages of the different forms of business ownership to your business and marketing students? This bundle includes materials to help you teach characteristics and advantages/disadvantages of the main forms of business ownership including sol
Teaching a hybrid model, distance learning, or in a traditional setting? This resource has you covered and will appeal to different types of learners. In this activity students will sort characteristics of business ownership types (sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporation) by cutting and pa
Get your students moving with an interactive way to have a discussion about forms of business ownership! If you're not familiar with the idea a gallery walk is essentially where students move around the room to complete a task. This product contains 10 discussion questions on forms of business owner
This unit will introduce the concept of entrepreneurship. The benefits of an entrepreneurial career are covered as well as the challenges that entrepreneurs must overcome. The important role of entrepreneurs within the free enterprise system will be discussed. The personal characteristics of success
Sole proprietorships are the most common form of business ownership in the United States, but corporations bring in the most money. Get your students researching some of the largest corporations with this guided research project. Students will select a corporation (list provided), complete a workshe
120 slides on Business Organizations for the high school economics course. It includes advantages/disadvantages of sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, and franchises. Covers the three types of mergers. Also a good McHistory of McDonalds.
Business Principles - Lesson 12: Entrepreneurship & Small Business: This is the twelfth of a series of lessons for a high school Business Principles class. The slides are intended for presentation during class lecture. Content covered: * Business Ownership * Types of Small Businesses: Sole Prop
This is a really fun way to teach something that can be incredibly dry. After trying and trying to find anything out there that could help me teach business structures, I finally decided to make my own! Begin by teaching students a quick overview of the six types - Sole Proprietorship, Partnership,

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