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Whew! Teaching algebra students how to solve multi-step equations can be overwhelming for all parties involved! To help "chunk" the sheer volume of material and examples, consider these foldable paper note-taking guides. Note taking guides included here provide space to address: * solving 2-st
6th - 11th, Adult Education
This foldable organizes 6 practice problems & notes for solving multi-step equations including: • variables on one side • variables on both sides PERFECT for interactive math notebooks. Works great during whole group/ guided instruction, as a centers activity, class work assignment, or even a
This is an interactive note page on solving multi-step equations. It walks students through solving 3 types of commonly seen multi step equations.Interactive Notebooks are a new way to share information with students. They are meant to replace repetitive note taking. Students organize information di
This foldable organizes notes and 3 practice problems & for solving multi- step equations with the following types of solutions: • One Solution • No Solutions • Identity OR Infinitely Many PERFECT for interactive math notebooks. Works great during whole group/ guided instruction, as a centers
Solving Multi-step Equations Foldable has an accordion style, creative and atractive to students. Can be a nice colorful addition to your interactive notebooks. it Includes 4 easy steps to solve multi-step equations. Students can decorated it, and add their own examples.This product is part of a n
This foldable will help your students tackle the basic steps when solving a multi-step equation! There are many types of multi-step equations and solving them can be overwhelming for students! That is why I have chosen 3 example problems to focus on, that requires students to distribute, combine li
This resource includes both a Digital Flipbook and a Printable Foldable Organizer that focuses on Solving Linear Equations including 1 Step Equations, 2 Step Equations, Multi-Step Equations and Equations with Variables on both sides. You can use these Flipbooks as part of a review before an assessme
Use this flip book to reinforce solving equations. Includes, two-step, combining like terms, distributing, and variables on both sides. Great resource to include in an interactive notebook.
7th - 9th
Interactive Notebook Foldable Solving Multi-Step Equations Solving one-variable Equations Print landscape Print back to back INB This product is in the following BUNDLE: Solving Mult-Step Equations BUNDLE
Solving multi-step equations Foldable EDITABLE Foldable which uses detailed questions to walk students through solving an equation. Students answer yes and no questions, turn to the corresponding flaps and receive feedback on how to proceed. Guides students through solving equations while keepin
Complete lesson, start to finish at your finger tips. The lesson introduces multi-step equations which is a foundational skill for Algebra. The foldable is a great guided practice, the interactive notebook is a great way for students to collaborate and create and manipulate, the practice sheet c
This resource is a perfect step-by-step notes on how to solve multi-step equations. It uses 5 steps and it breaks it down by each step. This resource includes an answer key along with slides to present to your students to fill in the notes. The video shows what the Slides will look like.The notes an
7th - 9th
Solving Multi-Step Equations with Rational Numbers FoldableTHIS FILE NOW CONTAINS THE PDF VERSION OF THIS PRODUCT PLUS A GOOGLE SLIDES VERSION FOR DISTANCE LEARNINGTHIS PRODUCT IS NOW INCLUDED IN One-Variable Equations and Inequalities-Unit 3-8th Grade-Notes + Distance Learning Bundle!This foldable
7th - 9th
This foldable includes 4 multi-step equations and 4 multi-step inequalities to solve. Variables are only on one side and some of the problems require students to distribute and/or combine like terms on only one side.This resource could be used during initial instruction or it could be used as a rev
This foldable is perfect for students to VISUALLY see the difference between equations with one, none, or infinite solutions. This is a no prep (no thinking) foldable because I included a key for you to use if you choose :) Simply copy the first 2 pages back to back (page 2 has to be turned opposi
8th - 11th
This foldable, designed for a composition sized interactive notebook, covers solving simple multi-step equations involving combining like terms and the distributive property.There is a short notes section on combining like terms and two distributive property refreshers which lead into solving equati
Powerpoint that shows setup for a foldable on solving multi-step equations
7th - 9th
Solving Multi-Step Equations-More Examples FoldableThis foldable covers solving different situations involving multi-step equations. Students will learn how to solve multi-step equations in the form of word problems, using models, and when given an ordered pair with a missing coordinate.This produc
This accordion style foldable uses an example and lists the steps students use when solving multistep equations. It can be glued in an interactive notebook, or used as a bookmark in student textbooks.
UPDATED 7/26/2020: This resource now includes a DIGITAL copy of this Flipbook for Google SlidesThis Flipbook helps students remember the steps for solving a multi-step equation using the acronym, Don't (Distribute)Call (Combine Like Terms)Me (Move the Variable to One Side of the Equation)After (undo
These foldable notes are perfect for an interactive math notebook! Students will draw a picture example on the front, fill in the definition, and solve examples involving missing angle measures for each type of angle relationship.Types of Angle Relationships Included:-Adjacent Angles-Complementary A
This is a foldable interactive notebook page that walks students through the steps they must follow when solving multi step equations with variables on both sides. Students are shown two complicated multi step equations with variables on both sides and follow the steps written to solve for x. There
Use this foldable to teach students the "process" for solving multi-step equations. My students were confused about what to do first. This way there is no confusion and they can solve ANY equation, no problem.
Included is a foldable on two-step equations. This is a great study tool! Students can either use the foldable as a hand-held foldable or glue them into their interactive notebooks. This foldable has multiple layers. The layer labeled "Examples" is where I use direct instruction to introduce a p

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