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Students can practice writing equations from real-world situations and solving them.There are 16 different puzzles with similar numbers so students can’t just match numbers.Each puzzle has a word problem, equation, and solution. An answer document is included for students to match their answers.You
Incorporate this interactive activity, having the students write and solve one-step equations with all operations. The students write these equations from real-world word problems. This is perfect for 6th grade because it does not include negative numbers. But, it DOES include an answer key!
Not only is this a nearly one-hour video that will teach your students how to solve systems of equations word problems using both elimination and substitution, but it also contains guided notes and 2 homework assignments for your students. What should I expect from this video? At Algebra Awesomenes
This worksheet can be used to teach Pre- Algebra or beginning Algebra students how to solve one step equations. Many students are tempted to solve equations mentally without showing their process. It is imperative that they know the correct way to write out their steps, even with one step equations,
This product I typically use as a weekend review packet for my students. This review packet focuses on Math Standard 6.EE.7 where students need to solve one and two step equations. There is a mix of regular numerical problems students have to solve as well as word problems they have to decipher.
I have been having such a difficult time this year helping students turn word problems into multi-step equations. I thought creating this handout for them might help guide them through the process. Right now, they stare at the problem and say, "I have no idea how to start the problem." Now, when tha
This PowerPoint translates a basic "find the number" problem into equations and charts. It's a good intro before introducing "Age", "Coin", "Motion", Mixture, etc problems.
Solving Equations and Inequalities with Word Problems This includes 12 Index cards that you are able to cut out and distribute. Get students to learn how to write equivalent and inequalities from word problems. Also includes: - TE w/answers - Blank Cards, so the students are able to create new w
This product helps students practice solving word problems with systems of equations. Each problem offers students an opportunity to practice writing a system of equations from a word problem, then solve. Perfect for an exit ticket or for an interactive notebook!
Five situations to be solved using systems of equations. Step-by-step answer key used elimination method (with multiplication).
Quiz covers the following sections: Solving more complex equations involving fractions and decimals Applications and word problems involving solving equations. Full Solutions
This is a set of 24 cards that will strengthen students' skills in matching an equation with variables on both sides to a word problem. There are 12 equations and 12 matching word problems. Distance learning?No problem! This activity now includes a Google Slides digital option!Explore the ⌨ Distance
Understanding (and teaching) word problems can be challenging! First graders need to read and understand word problems, represent them with an equation, and solve them. This no prep collection of problems based on common core addition and subtraction story structures will help you model for your s
Students will practice writing equations from word problems and solving them with this fun digital activity! Students will read 8 word problems and match them to the correct equation and solution. Many of the word problems are very similar and involve the same numbers, so students will need to read
Put your students to work solving these "Party Time" themed subtracting fractions tasks and word problems. 48 task cards focus on subtracting fractions with regrouping with three levels of subtracting fractions problems: subtracting fractions that start with a whole number, subtracting mixed numbers
This unit is also available in a combo pack—You get 2 Print and Teach units for $5.75 that include both the PDF and an editable Word Doc file! Perfect for teaching 2-digit addition WITH and WITHOUT re-grouping! See the product HERE in my TPT store. DESCRIPTION Complete print and teach unit for s
The 440 math problem solving task cards included in this bundle are designed to help 2nd grade students exercise multi-step math problem solving, reasoning, critical thinking, and precise math modeling skills for the following math topics:Place value word problemsAddition & subtraction word prob
Fourth Grade Common Core Math - Solve multistep word problems using the four operations 4.OA.A.3 Practice provides two ways for students to practice and show mastery of their ability to solve multistep word problems posed with whole numbers and having whole-number answers using the four operations,
Third Grade Common Core Math 3 OA.8 Solve Two-Step Word Problems 3.OA.8 PDF Practice provides two ways for students to practice and show mastery of their ability to solve two-step word problems using the four operations. It includes 32 distinct problems in 4 assessments (2 multiple choice test or
Want a fun way for your students to practice writing and solving equations? This Writing Equations from Word Problems activity will transform your classroom into a passenger train & your students will become passengers on a train where a murder has been committed. They must figure out who among
Multiply Fractions by a Fraction and by a Whole Number with these word problems that encourage students to use fraction models and make the connection between multiplication and repeated addition. In these 32 task cards, students represent word problems with fraction models, multiplication equations
I feel like I’m constantly telling my students “show your work,” “show your thinking,” “what operation should you do?” And they have so many tangles that they don’t know where to begin. That’s why I love using the model approach with strip diagrams. It gives the students something concrete to begin
This packet contains 14 word problems over solving two step equations by inverse operations with variable on either sides. Students are to select the correct two step equation from the four choices that models each situation, solve the selected equation, and write the answer using complete sentence(
Third Grade Common Core Math Jeopardy Game - 3 OA.8 Solve Two-Step Word Problems 3.OA.8 Practice provides two ways for students to practice and show mastery of their ability to solve two-step word problems using the four operations. Jeopardy board includes 25 distinct problems and utilizes hyperl

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