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These two sorting activities will help your students practice identifying end behaviors for polynomial functions. They will classify each function according to its end behavior using cards with a mix of equations, explanations, and graphs. ** This resource is also available as part of a DISCOUNTED
Updated September 2016--Updated graphics, improved formatting, added black and white pictures of each item, includes 48 different school items presented across a variety of formats. ABLLS-R objectives addressed include B17, C37, G15, and G24. B17-Students sort by function: things to write with and
This product addresses four different ABLLS-R objectives with a variety of activities and materials. B17 Sorting by function C37 Selecting by function G15 Label an item when told its function G24 Label the function of an itemFirst, students can sort by function with six different sorting mats and se
The adapted book included in this product are designed to help teach, practice, and maintain the skill of categorization by function through a hands on, engaging, repetitive, simple book. INCLUDED:★ One adapted book focusing on sorting/categorizing by functionIMPORTANT FEATURES INCLUDE:★ Visual supp
This resource is designed to provide you with materials to assist in assessing and teaching ABLLS-R skills B17 Sort by Function, C37 Select by Function,G15 Labels by Function & H11 Answers What questions regarding FunctionsThere are 21 Functions with 6 pictures per set. (126 Total Pictures)Funct
Card sorts are amazing! They give students the ability to work with vocabulary in a way that helps foster meaningful discussions with one another about content and helps you as the instructor to check for understanding.This resource is now Distance Learning optional! You get a link to make a virtual
This Quadratic Functions Card Sort Activity tests student knowledge on matching parabolic graphs with their respective equations and graph characteristics. The equations are in standard form, vertex form, and factored form. The graph characteristics include: vertex, range, intervals of increase/decr
This resources was created to meet the requirements of the 8th Grade Functions Standard:CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.8.F.A.3Interpret the equation y = mx + b as defining a linear function, whose graph is a straight line; give examples of functions that are not linear.This activity can be used before (as an exp
ABLLS-R objectives addressed include B17, C37, G15, and G24. B17-Students sort by function: 2 function categories with 8 picture cards each C37/G15-34 question pages with three answer choices C37/G15-13 pages with 39 choice strips with 3 picture choices each G15-3 pages of questions asking, "What d
This Linear Functions Card Sort Activity tests student knowledge on matching linear graphs with their respective equations, graph characteristics, x-y table, and verbal description. Within the Card Sort Activity there are 5 categories of cards to match: 1) Linear Graphs2) Equations: Standard Form an
This fun sorting activity is a great way to address ABLLS-R objective B17. It is also a great prerequisite skill to build independence in dressing appropriately for the weather. This product would be great as a center or shoe box activity. Just print, laminate, and it is ready to go!This product con
This Exponential Functions Card Sort tests student knowledge on matching verbal descriptions of exponential models with their respective graphs, equations, tables and key characteristics. Within the Card Sort Activity there are 5 categories of cards to match: 1) Verbal Description2) Equation3) Graph
36 Relations/Functions are represented by graphs, mapping diagrams, tables, and equations on cards. Students sort them based on if they are function or not. You may also have them sort based on if they are One-to-One Functions. Includes 36 cards, 2 headings, and 1 direction sheet - everything o
This product features •33 items related to the bedroom•5 sorting mats with 20 sorting cards oSleeping oSitting oPlaying oLighting oStoring clothes•36 function clip strips addressing C37 and G15 •26 questions addressing G15•36 pictures addressing G24- What do you do with this?•32
Looking for an engaging digital activity? Make online learning fun with these 4 Google Slides activities + Google Form quiz!Try it FREE ➯8.5A ✩ FREE ✩ Proportional TABLES ✩ Google Slides ActivitiesTry it FREE ➯ 8.7B ✩ FREE ✩ Surface Area✩ Google Slides Activities Your students will gain confidence w
About this Product• This download includes G Suite designed resources needed for one 45-minute science lesson.• The resources in the download are re-bundled and re-formatted from my Classification Unit Bundle.• Purchase the materials for the topic(s) pertinent to your classroom - not an entire unit!
This product features •35 items related to a home office (color and black and white)•3 sorting mats with 12 sorting cards (surfing the internet, writing a letter, holding things together) (color and black and white)•35 function clip strips (color and black and white)•32 questions addressing G15 (col
These Functions of Objects flashcards are ideal for many different programs (special education; speech therapy; early education etc.) Once we know the label of an object, one of the next steps we can take is to learn what the function of that object is. (ie. What do we do with this object?) These fl
This product includes sorting cards in coordination with WebAblls B17 Sort by Function goal. In the download you will receive FIVE function groups of SIX coordinating pictures. Mastery of this goal is FIVE items for FOUR functions, so extras are includes for you to choose from. Along with the sortin
This is an activity with a summary page for your student's journal. Students are asked to identify functions by tables, graphing, mappings, and ordered pairs There are 25 cards to sort, plus a student summary sheet allows them to organize their thoughts about how to tell if something is a functio
This card sort activity contains 8 graphs of rational functions with 8 equations and 8 descriptions of the rational functions (asymptotes, holes, intercepts). Print the following r pages and cut out the cards. Print out another copy of the 4 pages and use that as your key. I will leave it to you as
This interactive Google Slides activity is a great, engaging way for students to practice identifying linear and non-linear functions in all forms!By having them drag & drop images into categories, you can quickly check students' understanding of slope, y-intercept and functions!The slides inclu
This product features •20 items related to doing laundry (color and black and white)•4 sorting mats with 12 sorting cards (washing, drying, ironing, and storing clothing) (color and black and white)•20 function clip strips (color and black and white)•15 questions addressing G15 (color and black and
These sorts can be completed by students online using Google Slides. Students can click on the pictures and drag them to the correct place on the slide.You can change the pictures on the sort either to add, delete, or resize them as you need.  The main slide with the boxes does not allow changes.If

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