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sorting by colour

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Sorting and colour recognition are both essential skills all children must learn in early childhood education. This resource contains 20 pages of activity resources including, 11 Colour Sorting Mats set that be used as classroom colours posters or as a hands-on colour sorting activity.There are 99
Sorting by Colours is a resource that is useful and fun for toddlers. There are 9 colours with 4 pictures each. So you have a total of 36 pictures altogether! Start with just 2 colours, then add on as your toddler gains confidence! Enjoy the activity as much as I enjoy making this for you! I w
This resource is a seven page PDF document with activities to do based on the book Heads and Tails by John Canty There are 2 worksheets / activities for students.The first activity involves students cutting out small pictures and sorting them into colour groups. The second activity is an extension a
Designed for the New Zealand classroom this set of Te Reo Maori colour sorting mats will have your learners practicing the important skill of sorting while learning and practicing their colours in Maori.By sorting, children can learn and understand how things are alike and different and the differen
PreK - 1st
Simple and fun activity to support sorting by colour skills of your students.
PreK - 1st
Cut out clothes of different colours and sort them on a chart
PreK - K
A fall leaf sort - one page with sorting leaves by colour and one page sorting leaves by size. Interactive for your students to drag to the appropriate file. Vibrant colours, easy to use - master pages so that you can always reset the pages to how they were before you used it with your students. App
This colour sorting activity is a great way to get your students excited about Christmas while practicing their colour recognition skills. The activity includes real photos of things found around Christmas time, a great way to see if students can identify colours in real life and sort them into thei
Sort by Colour- 5 page digital download - sort each item by colour (11 colours: red yellow, brown, orange, pink, blue, green, purple, black, grey, white & 44 items)- laminate all sheets and attach hook & loop dots (velcro dots) to each piece to make this a reusable activity **Busy Activities
PreK - 2nd
KAJ NAJDEŠ V TIHI KNJIGI?V knjigi je zbranih 10 barv, ki se jih otrok uči preko igre, tako, da išče ujemajoče sličice z njihovimi sencami. Tiskovino lahko natisnete in uporabite direktno, tako da barvne sličice izrežete in jih otrok lepi ali odlaga na ustrezna mesta. Za večjo obstojnost pa lahko lis
This sorting mat is a simple and fun way for students to identify and sort colours. There are four colours in included (red, blue, green and yellow). This resource can also be used to practise counting skills. Perfect for use as individual and/or small group math rotations.
Here's a mathy twist on an epic battle of justice! Two 12-sheet mosaics are included (Superman and Batman), so you can split up your students and have a right-angled trigonometric colouring showdown! May the best coloured hero win! This makes a great unit summative task for Right Trigonometry (gr
**UPDATE: I've included a digital Google Sheets version of this file. It's awesome! **"Which emoji do I have?!" Students do the math to find out! This product comes with 18 different solo math mosaics anonymously numbered "Version 1... Version 18". Each has a different set of problems, so you c
8th - 11th
“Calculate. Colour. Cut. Combine!”Engage your WHOLE Class in an algebra colouring quest to create a collaborative ‘math mosaic’, revealing the big picture!Every student gets a different worksheet representing a small piece of the bigger picture. Students complete the math problems, colouring each
May the force be strong in your math class as your students apply their proportional reasoning skills using multiplication patterns (horizontal, vertical, cross) and calculate unit rates. This is a highly engaging task, as it provides collaborative motivation to complete the practice problems... ev
Engage your whole class in a fun assignment that combines collaborative motivation with individual accountability. Each student's worksheet contains 13 proportion questions, 7 with a 'nice' vertical or horizontal multiplication constant of proportionality, and 6 that lean toward cross multiplication
Highly Engaging!! Each worksheet represents a small section of the big picture! The end result will look spectacular hanging up in your classroom :) CHECK OUT THE PRODUCT PREVIEW to see the range of problem types and know exactly what these worksheets involve! Find the Grinch in lots of topics!
Your students will enjoy this fun relaxing colouring activity at the end of term , while finding equivalent fractions by using multiplication or division. This provides an appealing activity for learning or reinforcing mathematical calculations. It is also a useful activity for new arrivals who are
4th - 8th

Also included in: Equivalent Fractions

Highly Engaging!!Each worksheet represents a small section of the big picture! Every student's worksheet has a different set of problems, making them individually accountable while motivating them by the collaborative goal! The end result will look spectacular hanging up in your classroom :)3 Vers
Here’s a unique and fun way to practice skip counting (by 10s, 5s, and 2s) with your French primary students... with a fun, spring theme!This skip counting activity is simple, but will help all of your students successfully practice skip counting. It’s also an activity that fits perfectly if you hav
K - 2nd
Check out the product preview to fully see how this awesome collaborative math mosaic works! 3 Versions are included. (You can mix 'n match worksheets between them to differentiate ability levels) "Calculate, Colour, Cut & Combine!" Your WHOLE class will be engaged in an algebra colouring
Here's a mathy twist on an epic battle of justice! Two 12-sheet mosaics are included (Batman and Superman), so you can split up your students and have a fraction colouring showdown! Do the heroes share a common denominator? Will one reduce to a fraction of his former glory? ...May the best colou
An engaging seasonal activity where learning and fun share a one-to-one ratio! Every student has a different set of problems to which the answers decode their colour-by-number grid. The individual sheets combine to create the whole-class mosaic of Charlie Brown! The result will seem magical, and
By popular request... here's a multistep linear equations holiday collaborative math mosaic! See the product preview for sample worksheets and see exactly what this task involves! Get this product as part of my Holiday Colouring Bundle for huge savings! Each worksheet represents a small section

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