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Waves: Sound and Light {Aligns with NGSS 1-PS4-1,2,3,4} {science}
Please make sure you always have the most recent version of my products, I update my products all the time! I am a science teacher who is still in the classroom and every time I use one of my lesson plans, I think of new things to add! Please make sure you always have my latest version. Here’s how:-
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Sound and Light Investigations for Science {Aligned with NGSS}
Teaching the Next Generation Science Standards in First Grade will be a BREEZE with this Sound & Light unit!Students LOVE Science because it's hands on, right? This Sound & Light Unit was designed to make teaching the Next Generation Science Standards easy to teach!This unit is chock-full of
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The Science of Energy {Unit on Sound, Light and Heat Energy}
This product has lots of fun hands-on activities to help you teach about energy, specifically sound, light and heat energy! Your students will have so much for exploring energy and recording their learning with this fun unit! All you need to add to this unit are just a few objects for the experiment
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Energy Centers (Mechanical, Heat, Sound, Light, and Electrical)
Teaching a unit on types of energy can be really fun, especially when you think of the great experiments you can do during a unit like this. Now imagine that someone has made it easier for you. Oh wait, I already have! These centers will be a fun yet thorough way to cover the types of energy in your
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FOSS- Sound and Light: A Kid Friendly Science Journal
I created a kid friendly science journal to follow the FOSS kit for Sound and Light. Each investigation has an easy to use recording sheet/s for students to record their observations. Over 60 picture supported vocabulary cards are included. All updated and ready for the 3rd edition and the Next Gen

Also included in: FOSS 1st Grade: Journal Bundle

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Sound and Light Waves Activity: Escape Room Science
This breakout escape room is a fun way for students to test their knowledge of sound and light waves. Full "Letter" sized cards as well as smaller sized cards are provided.Important: Please view the Video Preview (found within the thumbnails above) for an explanation on how to decode the levels.Con

Also included in: Physical Science Escape Rooms: Scientific Method, Electricity and Circuits, etc.

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Sound, Light, Mirrors and Lenses: Physical Science Interactive Notebook
Science Interactive Notebook – Sound, Light, Mirrors and Lenses ** Note: This product is part of The Complete Physical Science Interactive Notebook Click here to view. In this featured chapter – Sound, Light, Mirrors and Lenses– students will be given the opportunity to show their understanding of

Also included in: Physical Science Interactive Notebook - The Complete Bundle for an Entire Year!

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Sound and Light Science Investigations & Experiments
Sound and Light Light and Sound The following unit was designed out of a need (for me) to understand, learn and bring to my first grade classroom the Next Generation Science Standards for light and sound. Included in this Unit: A Table of Contents including hyperlinks to the locations as well as
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Sound and Light Bundle - Two Popular Science Units with Experiments & More!
Energize your study of sound and light with hands-on science activities and corresponding websites! Sound and light lesson plans, lab sheets, companion websites, flash cards, review sheet, and assessment are all included in this TPT Bundle of two popular units. Created by master teacher Brenda Kovic
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SOUND, LIGHT, MIRRORS, & LENSES - Demo, Labs and Science Stations {Phy Sci}
Working in the lab and being engaged in science experiments is the most exciting part of science. The following Sound, Light, Mirrors & Lenses Demo, Lab and Science Stations give your students the opportunity to investigate, explore and learn the science topic being studied. ***PLEASE NOTE***T
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Physical Science: Unit 9 Waves, Sound, and Light
Physical Science: Unit 9 Waves, Sound, and Light Unit Title: Waves, Sound, and Light Included 7 - PowerPoint Presentations (pptx) 84 slides 15 - Labs/Worksheets (pdf, pptx, and docx) 4 - Unit Tests (CP and Pre-AP) with answer key (Examview and docx) 2 - Unit Review Guides (with Answer Key) Subjec
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Forms of Energy (Heat, sound, light) - IN SPANISH
Este producto contiene diferentes maneras de presentarles a los estudiantes las formas de energía. Encontrarás Posters (3 posters con imagenes reales y 3 posters con clipart)Dibuja 6 ejemplos- Luz- Calor- SonidoCategoriza (sorting)- Luz- Calor- Sonido Antes y después de la energía de calorDibuja el
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Sound and Light Waves Word Search PLUS
Help students learn important vocabulary when introducing or reviewing a unit on sound and light waves with this word search worksheet. The kids will enjoy themselves searching for the hidden words and will be reviewing meaning and spelling as they have fun. The definitions for the 23 hidden words
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Kat and Squirrel Go Camping - Sound and Light Unit for First Grade NGSS
Kat and Squirrel Go Camping - Sound and Light Unit for First Grade NGSS This is an interactive story with pauses after each ‘chapter’ to allow students and teachers time to research topics (nonfiction paired articles are included!), conduct experiments (teacher and student directions included!), d
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Sound and Light Units: **Updated 9.30.14. If purchased, see revision in description. Thanks :). ** I'm so excited to have these Sound and Light Units finally done to share with you! Every school year I teach my sound unit and light unit to seven different classes. Over the years I try to impro
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Sound and Light Reading Comprehension Paired Passages
This set of science paired passages includes a nonfiction passage about sound and a nonfiction passage about light. The passages would be a great supplement for teaching about the sound waves and light waves. Pick and choose what close reading activities your students need the most. You could use th

Also included in: Science Reading Comprehension Paired Passages {Bundle 2}

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Forms of Energy Foldable: Sound and Light, Thermal, Potential and Kinetic etc.
Forms of Energy: These forms of energy cootie catchers are a great way for students to have fun while learning about the different forms of Energy vocabulary. Forms of Energy Vocabulary Terms: ♦ Energy, Thermal energy, Nuclear energy, Chemical energy, Radiant energy, Sound/ Acoustic energy, Fric

Also included in: Forms of Energy Task Cards and Activities Bundle

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Sound and Light Waves Foldable
Aligned with SOL 5.2 & 5.3- Sound and Light. Students fill in the blanks with information on sound and light waves. They cut out the cover cards and glue them onto the front of a three flap shutter fold foldable. Then, students sort the inside facts and glue them to the appropriate category. Thi
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Properties of Sound and Light Waves Activity (Forms of Energy Foldable)
Waves: These waves cootie catchers are a great way for students to have fun while learning about waves. Vocabulary Terms: ♦ Wave, Amplitude, Vibration, Frequency, Trough, Wavelength, Crest, Pitch                                                               And ♦ Surface wa

Also included in: Astronomy, Earth, Biology, & Physical Science Activities Bundle

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Forms of Energy Foldable: Sound and Light, Thermal, Potential and Kinetic etc.
Forms of Energy: is a fun hands on activity for students to use in their interactive notebooks. Students may research different facts about each type energy and write what they find on the provided blank lines. A completed lapbook with answers is included. Note: This lapbook fits inside of composi

Also included in: Forms of Energy Task Cards and Activities Bundle

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Internet Scavenger Hunt - Intermediate Grades - Sound & Light
Similar to a webquest, an internet scavenger hunt allows students to use educational websites in order to explore their standards. An internet scavenger hunt allows students to explore websites in order to answer questions or complete activities. This one is about the ways animals adapt to protect t
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Sound, Light, Mirrors and Lenses: Physical Science Task Cards
This download includes 40 Sound, Light, Mirrors and Lenses Task cards to use individually with students or in groups for review. **NOTE** This product can also be found in the: • Physical Science ULTIMATE BUNDLE (Both Complete Interactive Notebook AND Task Card Bundle) • Physical Science Task Ca
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Sound, Light, Heat Waves Activities, Choice Board, Print & Digital
#RingIn2019 Sound, Light, and Heat Waves Activities, Choice Boards, Digital Graphic OrganizersPhysical Science Digital Interactive Notebook, Physical Science Google Classroom, Physical Science Graphic Organizers, Covers Next Generation Science Standards, NGSS→ VISIT MY STORE AND FOLLOW TO GET UPDATE

Also included in: Physical Science Sound, Light, & Heat Waves (Physical Science BUNDLE)

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Sound and Light Wave Review
A simple worksheet I use in class for reviewing sound and light waves. Simple vocabulary and wave anatomy is presented. Worksheet is suitable for elementary or high school although it would probably be overly simplistic for a high school physics course except as a pre-test. Satisfies CA Physics Stan
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