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As your class learns about the physics of sound, excite them with this set of 12 project cards from Teaching Near the River designed for students to demonstrate creativity as well as knowledge about sound. A rubric is included for easy grading! Projects are diverse to meet every learning style.
I developed this project when I was tired of the typical PE/Work lab where students climb the stairs. It's my best selling item for a reason. It's fun for students, the only real cost is for masking tape and or hot glue, and it's easy to grade. :) Depending on your schedule, it can fill 3-5 clas
Fun and simple to make. Sounds just like a Cicada, Cicale or Semi as they are known in Japan. The real insects make noise up to 120 db, yet my 4-6 year olds seemed louder !The sound is made from the vibrations of the rubber bands between the two large wooded popsicle sticks, like air passing over yo
Here’s a great project for incorporating technology into your curriculum! I like to use it as an extra credit assignment for students who have missed a major lab, failed a test, or in danger of failing the six weeks. I have included a list of chemists and physicists (by no means complete, but ther
PREVIEW AVAILABLE!LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? CHECK OUT OTHER STEM RESOURCES IN MY SHOP!The 50 STEM Labs Series is all about increasing the level of fun while teaching engineering. In this latest volume, the 50 STEM Labs are all based around holiday and season themes.Add a bit of holiday cheer to your STEM l
PREVIEW AVAILABLE!LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? CHECK OUT OTHER STEM RESOURCES IN MY SHOP!The best-selling series with thousands of sales of individual projects, packs, and collections has just gotten bigger! That's right, there are 50 MORE NEW experiments to do. Get all 3 books to have 150 physics labs. You c
This is a five-part project-based learning activity for students about sound waves. This project allows students to take their knowledge of sound waves and apply it to creating their own musical instrument, advertisement for that instrument and a music video. This can be done after a unit on sound w
PREVIEW AVAILABLE!LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? CHECK OUT OTHER STEM RESOURCES IN MY SHOP!The 50 STEM Labs Series is all about increasing the level of fun while teaching engineering. In this latest volume, the 50 STEM Labs are all based around holiday and season themes.Add more holiday cheer to your STEM lesso
My students enjoyed learning about simple machines and creating sound. This project was used as a culmination of the unit. Updated 6/14 to add clipart to the pages and a writing journal. Included in this product: *Directions to send home explaining project of a parade float and an instrument. *Sk
Why do different musical instruments produce different sounds? Why are some sounds loud and other sounds quiet? How do we hear? Learn the basic principles of vibrations and the reason that we can hear with this project-based lesson.This interactive lesson will help students to learn about vibrations
A series of homework projects headed under:Word SmartScience, Maths, ICT SmartArt, Design & Creativity SmartEach activity compliments the children’s study of Energy (light, electricity and sound) and encourages them to have fun doing them at home, hopefully furthering their passion or interest i
Students will create a musical instrument, from household items, to demonstrate how sound waves are generated and travel.
Students build Diddley bows to study sound, standing waves, and harmonics. OBJECTIVES How are standing waves created on a vibrating string? How are harmonics related to physics and music? What factors determine the frequency and pitch of a standing wave? MATERIALS: Guitar string (one roll) Wood
Challenge Projects are designed as differentiated experiences for all students - whether they are gifted, high potential, average, underachievers, English language learners, struggling, and/or displaying other special needs. These enrichment units are designed to be chosen by students based upon the
This project choice board is an awesome way to have students review sound, how you hear sounds, sound waves, parts of a sound wave. This project choice board has 9 activities, such as create a test, creative writer, free thinker, make a model, writing a song, making study resources, be the teacher,
Students will review pitch and volume with this interactive activity. They will plan and conduct investigations about sound, investigating variables to create their very own instrument.
This is a project for students to create a musical instrument. It is a valuable end of unit task in a high school physics course, at the end of an integrated waves & sound unit. The task involves creating a proposal, designing and building a product, and analyzing the physics behind the produc
Are you teaching Physics? Look no further – Mrs. Brosseau’s Binder has what you need! I’ve bundled my Physics resources with a HUGE DISCOUNT! As I add more Physics resources to my store I will update this file with those resources. As such, the price will increase with each added resource – but
Learning about sound waves is a big part of the 1st grade Next Gen Science Standards. This 4 week mini-unit give students hands on activities, STEM challenges and literacy connections to help them understand the big idea, "Sound is made of up of vibrations."See this unit in action including all of
Complete grade 4/5 project based inquiry unit for both Light and Sound and Properties of and Changes in Matter. This combined inquiry unit covers everything that you will need to meet the expectations for the Understanding Matter and Energy strand of the updated Ontario curriculum. Go beyond t
Challenge students to create a simple TOY based on energy changing forms - clear, simple instructions lead to GREAT projects! Students use free or cheap supplies for their projects, but the results are incredible!Standards: Middle School NGSS MS-PS3-2 and MS-PS3-5Lesson: The project starts with a
Energize your study of sound and light with hands-on science activities and corresponding websites! Sound and light lesson plans, lab sheets, companion websites, flash cards, review sheet, and assessment are all included in this TPT Bundle of two popular units. Created by master teacher Brenda Kovic
The Sound Waves Station Lab takes students through eight student-led science stations, each with a different learning style. Students begin with four input activities where they read articles, explore hands-on demos, research online, and watch videos all about sound waves. They then complete four ou
To create sound instruments, students apply understanding of sound energy, pitch and volume. As students complete sound experiments, they use the engineering design cycle to investigate, plan, create, improve, and evaluate their instruments. Are you looking for a companion Sound Study Unit? CHECK T

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