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A hypothesis activity where students learn about the different climates and resources various Southeast Woodlands tribes had, and how their lifestyle adapted to use them. Tribes included are:SeminoleCreekChoctawAtakapaYuchiStudents use a map, picture, and paragraph to create a hypothesis about how
In this bundle you will receive a presentation about the Eastern Woodland Tribes. The powerpoint covers the two main regions of Eastern tribes: Southeast Region and Northeast Region. The powerpoint discusses the most popular tribes that are in each region, as well as the environment/climate, food, c
This is a great tool for students to practice creating the Controlling Main Idea. Integrating the social studies text into a writing resource was an effective tool for my students to build those meaningful connections into their writing.
This Native American of the Eastern Woodlands product is a great supplement to a study of the Native groups in the northeast and southeast region of North America. It would also work well if you are dividing a class into small groups for work in centers.After completing the reading passages about th
This product will assist teachers in their lessons on Prehistoric Indians. This is a complex subject and I have tried to divide it up in several sections based on timer period. Rather than lump all Prehistoric Eastern Cultures together, I have chosen to cover the basic divisions of time independentl
This poster set is perfect for any Woodland, Camping, Forest, or even Mountain theme classroom. It contains 8 adorable posters with the Cardinal Directions, each with their own unique woodland habitat animal. I use this product in my own classroom to post the posters around the room in the respectiv
Presentation about the Eastern Woodland Native American Tribes. The presentation covers the two regions of tribes that existed: Northeast Region and Southeast Region. The presentation discusses the most known tribes in that region, as well as the environment/climate, food, clothing and types of hous
Southeast and Arctic TribesPacific Northwest and Eastern Woodland TribesI can gather research on two Native American Indian tribes. I can write a compare and contrast essay comparing the lives of two Native American Indian tribes.
The lap book includes information about the Southeast Woodlands, Northeast Woodlands, Plains, Southwest and Pacific Northwest Regions.This FREEBIE includes:5 foldables with pictures5 land, weather and tribe foldablesPicture and vocabulary cards for each regionInformation included in each region:Hous
Students will identify 5 specific Native American tribal regions including the Pacific Northwest, the Eastern Woodlands, the Southwest, the Plains, and the Southeast based on characteristics such as types of food, home, ceremonies, names, etc. in a self-grading GOOGLE FORM! What is a DIGITAL resourc
The Native Americans Unit is an entire unit centered around Native American cultural groups, including Northeastern Woodlands, Southeast, Plains, Southwestern, and Northwest Coast. (Includes 10 files below) *Please note our PowerPoints are password-protected from editing and are only compatible wi
This is a lesson powerpoint over native Americans. The tribes included are a follows: -Northwest Coastal -Eastern Woodland -Southeast -Southwest -Great Plains This presentation includes videos and pronunciations of hard to pronounce tribes for students to hear.
Graphic Organizer for the 7 major regions of Native Americans. Includes; Great Plains, Arctic, Southwest, Northwest, Northeast Woodlands, Great Basin, and Southeast regions.
5th - 6th
This resource contains reading passages with comprehension questions, paper crafts, and coloring pages. Includes: Native American Groups Map Introduction Passage Eastern Woodlands Passage Northeast Indians Passage Southeast Indians Passage Venn Diagram Canoe Paper Craft Plains Indians Passage Tepee
2 Sided Side 1: Map on which the students label the following Native American Regions: Northwest Coast, California, Southwest, Great Plains, Southeast, Eastern Woodlands, Plateau, Great Basin as well as fill in who was in Alaska and Hawaii Side 2: This table highlights 6 of those regions and the st
7th - 11th
Students research one of the five different Indian Tribal Regions of early history: Northwest Indians, Southwest Indians, Great Plains Indians, Northeast Woodlands, Southeast Woodlands. They become experts in their region on these categories: present-day location, housing, food eaten, how they ad
Have students research and take notes on the note taking page of one of the 5 different regions: Northwest Coast, Southwest, Great Plains, Southeast or Eastern Woodlands. After students have completed their research have them complete their regions banner. Included: One Notes Taking Page5 Different
This is a great presentation for introducing Native Americans! There are 6 cultural regions featured in this presentation. They include Plains, Northwest, Southwest, California Intermountain, Southeast Woodlands, and the Northeast Woodlands. This presentation contains slides that include:• Map of th
This Native American Informational Text Booklet has information on 7 regions from North America. Each region has 2-pages of text. It is perfect for any research project. 1. EASTERN WOODLANDS2. SOUTHEAST3. GREAT PLAINS4. SOUTHWEST5. NORTHWEST COAST6. ARCTIC 7. GREAT BASIN★★★ What information is inclu
Native American Unit - This Native American Unit provides informational text and comprehension activities for 7 NATIVE AMERICAN REGIONS IN NORTH AMERICA. No textbook is needed to complete the activities and project.1. EASTERN WOODLANDS2. SOUTHEAST3. GREAT PLAINS4. SOUTHWEST5. NORTHWEST COAST6. ARCTI
This packet is a short overview of several native American cultures, grouped by region. It also includes helpful hints for teaching native American studies in a culturally-sensitive manner. Regions included are Pacific Northwest, Northeast Woodlands, Southeast, Southwest, and Plains regions. Student
This themed unit is the perfect addition to your Native American unit study. This has all the tools you need to learn about 6 of the Native American regions: Arctic, Northwest, Southwest, Great Plains, Eastern Woodland, and Southeast. There are art projects, doodle notes, a fill in the blank book ab
Integrate Social Studies into your ELA block with these nonfiction texts about Native American cultures. Students will read about the location, food, homes, roles of men and women, and cultural traditions of the following Native American cultural regions: Eastern Woodlands, Southeast, Great Plains,
3rd - 5th
Designed for cooperative learning groups, this Powerpoint and handout pack guide students in working together to create a model shelter and environment for one of 7 groups: Inuit (igloo), Plains (tipi), Northwest US (plank house), Southwest US (earthen house), Woodlands (wigwam), Northeast US (longh

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