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The Spanish Level 2 SOMOS Curriculum is a comprehension based curriculum: lessons are designed to provide students with massive amounts of comprehensible input through reading, storytelling, film, discussion, and music. Each lesson targets a specific grammar construction so that the curriculum can b
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SOMOS Spanish 2 Units 1-5
This bundle contains the first five units of the SOMOS curriculum for Spanish 2: Unit 1: Foundations (including 'Vine vi vencí') Unit 2: La muchacha y la ardilla to target regular preterite -ar verbs Unit 2 extension: Ricitos de oro Unit 3: La madre de Jasón to target regular preterite -er and -ir
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SOMOS Spanish 2 Unit 6 (Irregular Preterite Verbs): El secreto #SOMOS2
In this 7-day, Spanish storytelling unit designed to target the preterite verbs with irregular stems and irregular endings, students will learn the structures trajo, no pudo, and supo la verdad. The lesson plans include: -complete instructions for introducing the target structures -a song activity
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Full Year "I Can" Spanish 2: IPA-Style Curriculum
Are you sick of your textbook curriculum? Is your district encouraging you to use (or design?!) a digital curriculum? Are you making the transition to performance assessments? Whatever the case, this product will allow you to get rid of that textbook and still provide your students with the consi
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Spanish 2 Unit 2 (-AR preterite regular): La muchacha y la ardilla #SOMOS2
This six-day lesson plan is designed to introduce -AR preterite verb conjugation patterns to your students. The specific target structures for the story are 'vio que había', 'se acercó a', and 'se lo llevó'. The plans include -a story script with almost entirely -AR preterite verbs -follow-up activ
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SOMOS Spanish 2 Unit 11: El que se enoja, pierde (Mayan Fable) #SOMOS2
This bundle includes lesson plans and materials to teach the Mayan fable, "El que se enoja, pierde" to your students in six to ten days (45 minute lessons). I have used it to introduce my Level II students to the past tenses (preterite and imperfect), and it is now Unit 11 of my Spanish II curriculu
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Spanish 2 Imperfect Irregular Verb unit: El acosador #SOMOS2
This 4 or 5 day Spanish storytelling unit targets the three irregular imperfect verbs (ser, ir, ver). It does not include grammar notes, as it is designed to expose students to the structures through concentrated, comprehensible input. It is recommended to give grammar notes after teaching this unit
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Spanish 2 Mega-Bundle
A mega-bundle of Spanish resources designed to supplement the entire curriculum of a Spanish 2 class! I created this bundle to provide a varied mix of verb and grammar activities that almost any Spanish 2 teacher would need, no matter their textbook. So whether you are using Avancemos, Realidades,
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SOMOS Spanish 2 Unit 3 (-er/-ir preterite regular): La madre de Jasón #SOMOS2
These 5-day lesson plans use storytelling to introduce the structures "volvió temprano", "se divirtieron", and "conoció a un joven" to students (all storytelling plans--including activities--are included), and then using those structures to provide a focused study of -er and -ir preterite verb forms
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Spanish 2 Unit 05 (Preterite I-Y verbs): Ruidos en la noche #SOMOS2
These four-day lesson plans, designed for Spanish 2, are meant to introduce your students to common I-Y preterite verbs (oír, leer, concluir, caer). They include -a story script -story activities -a reading (in Spanish) -reading activities -a writing assessment -a communicative activity. -answer k
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Spanish 1 Review Bundle {for Spanish 2}
This bundle is a 16-day review of Spanish 1, designed for a Spanish 2 class at the beginning of the year. This review unit includes 15 lessons: -Intro Review Vocab Lesson 1 (ask and state name, how you are, where you and others are from) -Intro Review Vocab Lesson 2 (numbers 1-100, ask and state
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Spanish 2  Final Exam
This Spanish II final exam includes everything you need to test the essential skills of your intermediate Spanish II students (speaking, writing, reading, listening, grammar, and culture). I gave this exam several times to my students so it has been thoroughly tested. Just print it out and you're r
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Spanish 2 & 3 Curricula BUNDLE
This is my entire Spanish 2 & 3 curricula bundled together and hosted through Dropbox. It includes two entire years' worth of lessons, projects, quizzes, and games! All the planning is done for you! This Bundle is also available on a flash drive and includes a link to the the dropbox HERE. A
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Spanish 2: Workbook/Packet (Realidades 2)
This product includes all of my Spanish 2 vocabulary bundles and ALL of my grammar bundles in one year-long packet. Save $20 by purchasing all of them at once, or check out my smaller bundles if you're looking for something more specific. _________________________________________________ Used in c
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Spanish 2 Expresate 2 entire year lessons and resources (Chapters 1-8)
Spanish 2 – Expresate 2: Over the past years I've compiled my lessons for my Spanish I classes based on the book, Expresate II (Chapters 1-8). This product is for AN ENTIRE YEAR'S WORTH OF LESSONS AND RESOURCES FOR A SPANISH 2 CLASS!! You will never have to create another lesson plan, as this will
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Spanish Two Lesson Plans and Curriculum for an Entire Year
NO PREP! NO BOOK! This is a complete textbook but may be used in conjunction with another textbook. Everything you need to teach Spanish Two is in this bundle: Lesson Plans, PowerPoints, TPR Stories and comprehensible input, homework, tests and quizzes, videos, interactive notebook activities, Goog
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