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This zipped folder contains a PDF packet that has multiple assignments to work with Spanish food vocabulary. The packet is meant to give to students so they have choice about the assignments they complete to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the vocabulary. However, all 16 assignments
Spanish Food Adjectives Vocabulary Word List Worksheet & Answer Key -This worksheet is a great tool to help students learn Spanish vocabulary words. Each vocabulary word is written in English and in Spanish. Below the vocabulary words are a set of questions to answer based on the vocabulary list
This is meant to take the place of an English to Spanish translation food comida vocab list. Students do column number one first. Once they have the correct vocabulary they fold the paper to study from memory. The sheet helps them practice their spelling. It coincides with the Realidades textbo
Spanish Food Adjective Vocabulary Word List Column Worksheet -This worksheet is a great tool to help students learn Spanish vocabulary words. It is broken down into 3 columns. Each column has students write down a single vocabulary word down in Spanish 3 times in various ways to help with memorizati
This Spanish vocabulary list includes over 50+ words of mostly foods but also some verbs, adjectives, and colloquial phrases pertaining to food. The list is divided into subcategories such as "frutas", "vegetales", etc.
A vocabulary list sheet that has 3 pages of activities (categorizing food by meal, labeling pictures and drawing and labeling their favorite meal) for them to do using the vocab.Goes with my "Spanish Food Vocabulary Quiz".Some of the vocab words:en el desayuno el cereal el desayuno los huevos e
This is a set of 82 foods plus utensils and a plate labeled in SPANISH- perfect for fast finishers, a center activity, or to practice vocabulary with imaginative play! You can also use them to categorize based on food group or mealtime, or with 'me gusta', 'no me gusta', in a restaurant or market th
This 26-page packet is full of fun and original activities that will help you to engage students in learning food vocabulary in Spanish! The packet includes a comprehensive list of vocabulary words that fall into different categories (setting the table vocab, la carne/las aves, los mariscos, las ve
Trying to move from traditional assessments to performance-based assessments? This complete IPA (interim performance assessment includes a 3 tiered assessment with tasks for interpretive reading, interpretive listening, interpersonal speaking, and presentational writing modes of communication. In ad
This 248 page EDITABLE book contains innovative ideas that will make your elementary Spanish program, middle school Spanish program, Spanish camp, or beginning level high school class a hit with both students and parents! This book offers detailed descriptions of how to plan tons of creative and fu
This Travel Unit includes five 1-hour lessons intended to give students contextual and meaningful practice with common travel experiences. All lessons are provide detailed vocabulary lists followed by authentic contextual activities to give students real-world practice with common travel experiences
Learn and practice La Comida, Food Vocabulary, in Spanish with this interactive notebook resource or game. This set focuses on common lunch and dinner foods. This works well for a beginning Spanish class or bilingual class. This set includes the following pages: **Teacher Tips **Assembly Photo Pa
Learn and practice Food and Drink in Spanish with this interactive notebook resource or game. This set uses common breakfast foods, drinks, and fruits. This works well for a beginning Spanish class or bilingual class. This set includes the following pages: **Teacher Tips **Assembly Photo Page. **
Use trading cards to make food web and food chain vocabulary stick! Students create and play games with trading cards that include a picture, definition, sentence, and synonym/antonym of the vocabulary word. Larger versions of the cards are included to display the food chain vocabulary on your wor
Are you new to using Comprehensible Input strategies in your classroom? Start with this product to help you develop a daily routine to start class with Free Voluntary Reading, Calendar Talk, Weather Talk, class small talk (How are you? etc.), and Lunch Talk. Included is an editable Google Slides pre
Low Prep: 2 Centers / Stations for Sentence Structure Practice. Using these Stations, students will practice creating complete sentences in Spanish to talk about FOOD using the verb GUSTAR.Students are guided to create sentences to tell whether or not people like foods. Students practice writing bo
Based on the game Spot it, this 31-card game is a fun way to have your students practice their Spanish food vocabulary! Just print out the cards double-sided, cut and laminate them (or print them on heavier stock paper and skip the laminating), and you are ready to play! This game is a HUGE hit in m
Learn Spanish Food Vocabulary with FIVE great resources in one low priced bundle! Get students talking about food with a Spanish speaking activity, writing names of foods with a Spanish crossword puzzle, defining foods with a word search and listening to descriptions of foods with two Spanish bingo
Spanish Food Vocabulary Flashcards and Word Wall This is a set of 24 printable Spanish flashcards all about food that students can use to learn and study Spanish in a fun way! Also included is an enlarged set of these cards that you can post in your classroom as a Spanish food word wall or bullet
Looking for a resource to review vocabulary about El Restaurante? This digital resource review vocabulary in context. You will find short reading activities and vocabulary practice activities. Files includedVocabulary list with audio filesRemote learning editable agenda6 Write the order activities1
Get students up out of their chairs while they have fun practicing with food and drink vocabulary! The Food Pyramid Game is a class game with two teams. One member from each team will come up at a time. You call out a random food or drink vocabulary word and the students must find the cut out pictur
Teach the Spanish Food, Hobbies and House vocabulary with our Easy Prep Puzzle Pack and Spanish Sub Plans. Our Spanish crosswords, word searches, and creative writing activities are an effective and fun way to teach Spanish high frequency vocabulary. Our extension activities make this great for Span
This Spanish cultural reading discusses the history and cultural significance of paella. The reading also includes a long list of food vocabulary!The reading is followed by five reading comprehensions in Spanish.Makes for a great supplement on Hispanic culture and food units!Level: Spanish 1/2 (Most
This is an entire weekly unit on El Restaurante - food and adjectives (check out our other week "El cafe" for desserts and drinks!). It contains vocabulary, a menu project, grammar (2 verbs - conjugated + infinitive with pronouns), TPR practice, restaurant response writing/speaking, multiple quizzes

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