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Help your students navigate the maze of Preterite and Imperfect!These maze activities give students engaging practice in choosing between the preterite and imperfect tenses, as well as conjugating forms of the verb in each! Correct answers lead them closer to the end of the maze, while incorrect ans
Editable Spanish reading comprehension, review, and activities for the preterite tense. Reading to review el pretérito, perfect for a Spanish 2 class. Edit your copy in Google Drive, or print and go!Spanish 2 Reading Comprehension: Preterite Tense, El PretéritoAnswer key included, to make this perfe
This Spanish preterite vs. imperfect task card set has 48 different cards to get your students up and moving while practicing the preterite tense, the imperfect tense, and when to use each of them. More than just fill in the blank cards! Students will be engaged as they complete various tasks on the
Do your students struggle with the preterite and imperfect tenses? Are they unable to use pretérito and imperfecto verbs correctly in a sentence without conjugating in their heads? Do they have trouble differentiating between preterite versus imperfect? This 400 page unit has everything you need
This is a three-page activity that centers on the skills of reading and writing in Spanish. This reading includes sections of both present tense and past tense preterite (Ir in the preterite and regular er/ar/ir verbs). The premise is based on students reading some online profiles (teacher written :
This is an activity for Spanish interactive notebooks with the uses, keywords, and verbs with meaning changes for the preterite and imperfect tenses.Includes several versions of the preterite vs. imperfect pages:✅ uses acronyms PWATER (imperfect) and SIMBA (preterite)✅ blank without acronyms (studen
Authentic songs in Spanish are incredibly effective and engaging. This packet was designed to anchor your weekly Spanish songs, so you'll have lyrics, keywords, and activities ready to go. (You can use the regular vertical version, OR the horizontal version that fits neatly into interactive notebook
Do your students struggle to grasp the difference between the preterite and imperfect tenses? This verb-sorting activity will give them hands-on practice with this often tricky topic! In this activity, your students will sort the given list of 20 English sentences into two categories: preterite or i
Do your students struggle with the Spanish preterite, pretérito tense? So many tricky verb formations: irregulars, stem-changing verbs, etc. This 275 page Spanish preterite unit has everything you need to make teaching and learning this tricky tense easier than ever before. JPGS included to use
This is a two-sided activity that features a multi-paragraph reading activity. In this reading activity, there are several verbs in the preterite past tense. There are "ar verbs" and "er/ir verbs." The reading activity features a "Dear Abby" letter written from a teenage girl about a friend with who
This preterite activity keeps your students speaking Spanish for one or two entire class periods as they proceed from one station to the next asking and answering questions. And they LOVE it! It multiplies the teacher's presence in the classroom in order to give language learners more opportunitie
This 99-slide Preterite/Pretérito PowerPoint and activities begins and ends with comprehensible input in Spanish. It covers all of the regular preterite verbs including those with orthographic and stem changes. Digital activities are included for distance learning.It includes the following in this
This is a six-page set of notes for Car, Gar, Zar verbs, a practice sheet, a reading comprehension activity with Car, Gar, Zar verbs, and a quiz as well. Pages 1 and 2 are notes that are well-organized and easy to follow. On the second page, there is a chance for students to practice what they've le
This is a large 55-question preterite vs. imperfect practice activity. I came up with 55 original sentences, all of which require students to use the preterite or imperfect tense, and organized them into a chart. For each sentence, the students must not only conjugate the verb correctly, but also
This Spanish Preterite and Imperfect/ Vocabulary Unit accompanies the classic children's story, Eres Tu Mi Mama, which can be found online at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwIaRrEArGw.Students will enjoy rereading or listening to this story from their childhood since the vocabulary is comprehensibl
This is a fun and engaging way for students to practice the forms of the Regular Preterite in Spanish. I call this shipwreck. The board has 100 squares and there are subjects and infinitives in each box. Students play against an opponent and choose a box. He then says or writes the correct verb fo
Are your students tired of "drill and kill" conjugation review, but they still need more practice? Are you looking for an easy, low-prep way to learn or review the conjugations of regular preterite tense verbs? This brand new activity combines reading and coloring to produce a fun way for your stude
Spanish reading passages, Spanish reading comprehension, preterite tense, imperfect tense, el imperfecto, el pretérito, Spanish reading activities, Spanish imperfectSpanish 3 Reading Comprehension: Preterite vs. Imperfect TenseReading Comprehension el pretérito y el imperfectoEditable in Google Driv
This reading comprehension activity includes vocabulary from chapter 3-A of the Realidades Level 2 series (places and vacations). This short story talks about an invented vacation of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Students will read the story, answer the questions and at the end make a comic with c
Students will have fun moving about the classroom speaking,and listening in the Spanish language! This speaking activity helps students practice asking and answering questions using verbs with irregular preterite forms. Verbs include saber, estar, tener, poder and poner In this "find someone who"
Help your students navigate the maze of conjugating verbs in Spanish class!This labyrinth will give students practice in conjugating regular preterite tense ER IR verbs. Each correct answer leads them closer to the end of the maze! This could be used in class as independent practice, for homework, o
This hands-on activity is great practice of building complete sentences for students learning the preterite tense. Putting together all the conjugations and vocabulary they learn into a complete sentence can be difficult for Spanish students and this product helps students by laying out a clear sent
RECENTLY UPDATED, two versions included! Students will have fun moving about the classroom speaking, writing, listening and reading in the Spanish language! In this "speed dating" style speaking activity, the emphasis of the activity is on speaking in the preterite tense, but also includes practi
Does teaching the Spanish preterite stress you out? Looking for engaging speaking, writing activities and games to get your students using the Spanish preterite tense in context? Use these 18 games and activities to make teaching and learning this tricky tense easier than ever before.Here's what's

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