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I designed this assignment for my 7th graders, but it would be appropriate for grades 6-12. It gives guidelines for a speech and corresponding handout and includes a rubric. It is written generically so that any teacher can simply print this out to use. This assignment was a huge hit with my student
This speech rubric is divided into 10 areas (4 delivery and 6 content). Each area is divided into 3 areas of expertise. This rubric can be used in any content area and includes assessment of visuals.
Would you like to start a speech unit in your class by having students introduce themselves, but the class is nervous or unwilling to give a speech alone? Have them introduce each other!This four page document has a page of instruction detailing objectives and instructional methods as to how to beg
A useful tool for ANY speech unit!Included in this 2 page document is a rubric that evaluates just about any speech or oral communications assignment. The topics assessed include: Introduction, Preparation, Enthusiasm, Eye Contact, Use of Language, Clarity, Visual Aids, Conclusion, Time Allotment,
This is a rubric we created to use as a way to measure the progress of an entire speech and language caseload. It can be used for all students regardless of age, severity or disability. It is rating a students' communication skills in the GENERAL EDUCATION environment and how their impairment is aff
This is a rubric for a persuasive speech presentation. It assesses the student in ten different areas of content and delivery. Also has space for the teacher or audience members (I have students assess each other) to provide feedback. *************************************************************
I include this in my persuasive writing unit. My students write and present a persuasive speech that is an opening argument for a fairy tale criminal's trial. Example: Persuading the "jury" to find The Big, Bad Wolf innocent. A rubric is also included.
This rubric is designed for an argument speech that is research-based and requires quote integration. The assignment is written in the style of a 6-paragraph essay: essentially, a 5-paragraph essay with an extra paragraph added prior to the conclusion that addresses counter-arguments and defeats the
This rubric is for a persuasive speech that needs to be supported by evidence, the speaker's passion for the topic, and other technical elements. This rubric lines up perfectly with the outline that I have for available in my shop. Students are judged on five different categories. The rubric is ea
This speech rubric has been used from Grades 4 to 8 and provides a comprehensive assessment of the different parts of a speech from the research, to the written component, and the delivery. This rubric is the one I used to evaluate the speeches developed my students when they developed their speech
Included is an impromptu speech rubric that I use in my public speaking units for my high school courses -- Model UN and Street Law. The weights of different categories can be adjusted to reflect class-specific learning goals. Best for instructors comfortable with calculating weighted averages. B
This small bundle includes 2 exciting oral communication activities I use for my classes during our Public Communication Unit and a rubric I use for their final speech (in which they give their own "TED Talk"). The first game included is called "Guess the Tone" and is very similar to the board game
These are the 5 rubrics I developed for a public speaking course. Students read a segment from a famous speech, tell a personal story, teach an informative lesson, present an argumentative topic, and deliver a monologue. (You may also want my free peer evaluation forms as well.)
This is a very easy-to-use rubric designed to score students when they present in front of the class. It was designed to be used with standards-based grading, but could be used in traditional scoring classrooms as well. It is very easy to circle items from each column as a student is presenting, i
A rubric I currently use in the classroom for students to deliver a speech based upon a persuasive writing piece. The rubric is divided into two areas, delivery and content. Delivery is broken into 3 additional areas and content has for assessment areas. Students are also assessed on the use of a vi
Have students grade their peers as they give 5 minute speeches. 2 rubrics per page. Out of 24 points. I usually give students a speech grade from the teacher and a student average grade. Students evaluate peers based on the visual, question answering, preparation, length of speech (5 minutes),
Here is another rubric for you! This is a student-friendly rubric that you can use for informative or persuasive speeches. There are 9 categories on it, some rated on a 1-3 scale, and others on a 1-6. The categories are as follows: Attention Getter, Thesis Statement, Subject Knowledge, Organization,
Criteria:Speaks clearly, prepared, on topic, posture / eye contact, and time limit. THIS RESPONSE JOURNAL MIGHT BE HELPFUL, TOO!POSTERS FOR YOUR CLASSROOM!GREAT RUBRIC BUNDLE!MY BEST PRODUCT-BUSINESS CLASS!GOOD CHARACTER WORD SEARCH!GROUP WORK SELF-EVALUATION!https://www.instagram.com/mrcurtissensei
This rubric is perfect for a beginner speech assignment. This rubric thoroughly breaks down the grading process and what is needed/expected to obtain all points.
Here is another rubric for you! This is a student-friendly rubric I use to assess entertainment speeches. There are 9 categories on it, some rated on a 1-3 scale, and others on a 1-6. The categories are as follows: Introduction/Attention Getter, Main Idea, Content, Organization, Theme/Lesson, Eye Co
This is a culminating PowerPoint to use right before students prepare to give a Persuasive Speech. The Rubric assumes students will already be familiar with the terms logos, ethos, and pathos. This often helps students remember the more human side necessary to speeches. It is based on direct inst
CCSS Aligned Speech rubric that can be used with any speech. Blank point value rubric and rubric worth 50 points included.
This rubric is perfect for grading a Demonstration Speech in a speaking course. It is 60 points and broken down into six different categories making the grading process thorough and easy for students and parents to understand.
If you are teaching a course in public speaking, debate, or presentation skills OR you would like to incorporate any of these aspects into an English or humanities course, this rubric will be your new favorite tool!! A fully developed rubric that covers speech construction elements (like organizati

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