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lisp and vocalic r bundle for speech therapy! Articulation therapy intervention for SLPs: frontal lisp, lateral lisp, and vocalic r (r articulation)What's included in this speech therapy articulation bundle?Correct that lisp with my lisp remediation (s articulation) packet! Lisp Speech Therapy packe
2nd - 7th
lisp speech therapy packet for correcting interdental lisps and lateral lisps (s articulation) based on orofacial myology Save 15% when you purchase the Lisp and R Bundle Watch my Speech Therapy Lisp video for a detailed explanation of this product!A few years ago, I realized I was becoming frustrat
This giant collection of materials is perfect for working with students who exhibit consonant cluster reduction. Teach production of s-blends with this step-by-step workbook that includes a variety of visuals and activities for use in speech therapy sessions. Activities for practice in isolation, wo
216 Articulation Cards for Speech Therapy: S, S Blends, Recurring S, and Z - all positions. Available in color and black/white - option to use as a full sheet with 6 per page! Target sounds are phonemically isolated and underlined.WHAT'S INCLUDED:18 cards: INITIAL S18 cards: MEDIAL S18 cards: FINAL
Includes cards for K,G,F,S,SH,CH,TH,L,R in all positions! Are you looking for a fun way to work on articulation skills with your students? This giant bundle includes 'I Spy' type articulation riddles that can be used with speech and language students during teletherapy sessions, face to face session
Not Grade Specific
NO PREP BOOM Deck! Printable PDF homework included! Learn S blends with Steve the Snake! Target goals for Articulation, Lisp, Breathing, and Phonological Process Stopping and cluster reduction! Slide and slither into those tricky /s/ blend words with Steve the Snake! Using the interactive BOOM Le
The “Speech Skate Park” is a useful remediation tool for “Initial S” and “S-Blends”. This resource contains several visuals that are used to emphasize the sound in isolation and at the word level in a highly engaging way. Simply slide the "finger skateboard" or printable "skater kid" across the ramp
Interactive S’more Articulation is a 31-page download that includes activities to practice articulation skills. The interactive activity features 612 marshmallow articulation cards. The following sounds are targeted in the initial and final positions: P, B, M, T, D, F, V, K, G, S, R, Vocalic R, SH,
Do you need an engaging and fun way to get lots of repetitions of target articulation sounds? These Roll the Dice Games will make your speech therapy sessions so much easier and productive!Included in this packet are Roll the Dice Games for "S", "S" Blends, and "Z" sounds. There are 6 total boards:
This deck of BOOM CARDS™ is a speech game that provides a motivating way for your students to practice their articulation targets. There are two boxes on each card, each box containing 9 images with the target sound. One image in each box is the same, and it's a race to find and call out the duplica
This BUNDLE product is designed to be used by speech-language pathologists as an articulation home program for clients/students targeting /s, r, l/, "th, sh, ch" sounds. Articulation “fluency” mimics the reading fluency home practice in that practice for 5 minutes daily may improve automaticity of s
2nd - 5th
Speech Therapy. “/S/ Blend – Initial, Medial, Final – 88 Flash Cards – 2.5” x 3.5”” which is to help with articulation of /s/ blends in all positions of a word. Included are blends for /sp/, /sk/, /sl/, /sn/, /sm/, /st/, and /sw/. All cards have the unblended and blended word (i.e., s…mall, s
Match It Quick is a fun and fast-paced game that gets students to practice their speech sounds without it feeling like drill work! This game is especially good for students who are nearing the carryover stage with their articulation goals. How to Play: This game has 6 /s/ words per card. There are 3
This no prep articulation game includes three levels of /s/ Find It for a unique way to focus on articulation goals. Have fun searching for the pictures while practicing the /s/ sound in the initial, medial and final positions. Includes both print and digital formats!Perfect for warm-ups, icebreaker
Enjoy this themed, minimal-prep packet full of spooky fun for Halloween! There are tons of speech and language activities for your caseload. Here's what's included:pg. 3-4: Following Directions Coloring Pagespg. 5-7: Category Dot Pagespg. 8-18: Spin and Cover Articulationpg. 19: Open-Ended Spinner A
Here are six sets of Straight-6 Bingo Games bundled together!This bundle contains games to practice S, L, SH, CH, TH, or pre-vocalic R at word or sentence level.Purchasing all these games in one bundle represents a saving of more than 25%!To play the games you will need:a word board for each player
K - 4th
Initial S elicitation and remediation using the co-articulation method has been extremely beneficial in my speech therapy room. This resource offers multiple opportunities to shape initial S from a well established final T sound. The slide-and-say strategy is engaging in a variety of formats from si
Have you ever struggled to find appropriate homework for your phonology students? Are you feeling frustrated at the slow progress that your speech students are making, and want simple, SLP, and parent-friendly print-and-go sheets? Or do you just want more variety of home practice sheets because you
This huge binder is a great accompaniment to my Interactive Fluency Binder! This articulation binder provides an organized and comprehensive way to treat articulation disorders targeting /r, s, z, l/ plus generic worksheets. Many pages of the binder are worksheet like or cut/paste activities. I
Speech and Language Therapy Activities & Boom Cards: Possessive 's' - Distance LearningThis pack contains activities for understanding and using 's' for possession in phrases and sentences as well as including instructions to create an activity for following multi-step directions. With this set
SPEECH THERAPY “Verb + S and Verb +ES Simple Present Third Person Singular” Interactive Booklet with picture fill-in sentences. There are 16 activity pages (8 for verb+s, 8 for verb+es) This activity is for students to practice “Verb+S” (talks) and “Verb+ES” (catches) usage in a very visual, basic,
This packet is jam packed with activities and progress monitoring for your students who are working on /r, s, l/. You can also use this for students who also have reading and language goals. Perfect for speech therapy or RtI intervention groups! Included: -240 total target words for /r, s, l/
Speech Therapy Articulation activities "drag and say" with BOOM CARDS™: 15 interactive Digital Task Cards.WHAT'S INCLUDED:TSS INITIAL - MEDIAL - FINALSKSQUSCRSPSNSWSLSTSTRRECURRING SZ Directions: Drag each of the items to the dots while practicing at the word or sentence-level. 6 practice opport
Have you ever had a student say “sdit” for “sit”, or “stat” instead of “sat” and you just can’t find a way to teach them how to smoothly and correctly say their “s” words without another sound coming in?The ‘H’ Insertion Trick is an efficient type of production cue that can help your students to suc

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