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Now you can add an interactive layer to this PDF and assign it to your students through Google Classroom!Use this exciting lab to help students discover speed, velocity and acceleration and how various motions are represented graphically. This product includes almost everything you will need for th
Now you can add an interactive layer to this PDF and assign it to your students through Google Classroom!This PDF includes 36 task cards to help students demonstrate mastery on differentiating between speed, velocity and acceleration. Student answer sheets and teacher answer key are provided. Ideas
This breakout escape room is a fun way for students to test their knowledge of the speed, velocity and acceleration. Full "Letter" sized cards as well as smaller sized cards are provided.Important: (How to Make Completely Digital)This product normally requires the printing of the questions to accom
This product is a color-by-number activity that allows students to answer various questions related to speed, velocity, & acceleration. And YES- even secondary students love to color! There are 7 word problems that require students to calculate either average speed or acceleration, 5 differen
This worksheet was created for my 6th grade science classroom. Students will choose whether the statement describes Velocity (a change in speed where the direction is indicated), Speed (a measure of speed with the units), or an Acceleration (a slowing or quickening with no measure of speed indicate
Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration - Students will be able to differentiate between speed, velocity, and acceleration using real scenarios with these 40 task cards. Task cards are so versatile and can be used for station labs, small groups, or whole class activities.Included in this product:- 40 task
The speed velocity and acceleration escape room is an immersive experience for your students. It allows them to demonstrate their knowledge of these principles in a fun and engaging way.Student Background/Standards:TEKS: 6.8 B- identify and describe the changes in position, direction, and speed of
Introduce the basics of Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration with this PowerPoint presentation. This resource includes a 13 slide PowerPoint presentation and 2 versions of the student notes pages - full size and interactive notebook format (modified notes also included). This resource is perfect to u
This Speed, Velocity and Acceleration S.C.I.E.N.C.E. Station activity is designed to get your students engaged, collaborating, and moving in your daily lesson. A Google Form for distance learning is also included with your purchase. Each station provides a different method for reinforcing importan
This interactive card sort will challenge your students to differentiate between and categorize many different examples of speed, velocity, and acceleration. This set contains 9 pages of cards (4 per page) for a total of 36 different cards. These cards are great for review, rotations, partner work,
Maximize the versatility of task cards to increase productivity in your classroom. What are task cards? Task cards are meant to assess procedural and conceptual understanding of the curriculum you taught to your students. Designed to challenge students, task cards will provide authentic feedback to
Provide your students with review and reinforcement over speed, velocity and acceleration with this PRINT AND GO Speed, Velocity and Acceleration Review Puzzle! These puzzles are a GREAT way to differentiate by process for your students, while offering them a unique spin on a traditional practice wo
With this worksheet, you can make solving speed, velocity, and acceleration problems fun! Students may solve the problem in the work box, and then cut and glue the answer in the correct box. Students will know if they made a mistake right away when they notice their answer is not on the answer sheet
Use this coloring activity to practice SPEED, VELOCITY, AND ACCELERATION problems with your students. This is a great mixed review and fun for the students because everyone loves to color! Included in this product: 12 mixed problems Answer key (EASY GRADING) Puzzled heart coloring page You migh
Speed, Velocity and Acceleration- Unit with WorksheetsThis unit with Editable Google Slides along with Google worksheets is prepared on ''Speed, Velocity and Acceleration”. My units have been made to be both informative and visually stimulating for all students. (It has also digital access via Googl
This Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration Science Literacy Article will help to support important science content and reading comprehension for every single one of your students. This resource is a "game-changer" for incorporating cross-curricular activities into your science classroom! This resource
Students use timers, matchbox cars, meter sticks, and a stack of books to build ramps to measure the speed, velocity, and acceleration of cars. Students will have fun working in groups calculating the motion of their matchbox cars. Answers will vary depending on student results.
UPDATED, 2/17/16: The updated version includes the PowerPoint (Windows 10) and the video files in a separate folder. The video format is in MP4.An awesome powerpoint covering the concepts of speed, velocity and acceleration. What makes them different from one another? How are they related? My studen
Looking for a fun way to review speed, velocity & acceleration with your students? Try my card sorting activity! Your students will have to determine whether 30 cards are examples of speed, velocity, or acceleration. Some of them are quite challenging & cause good discussions between the stu
What is the difference between speed, velocity and acceleration? This is a hands-on activity that can be done with a group of students, an individual student, teacher demo or turned into a foldable. Students will classify pictures and sentences based on the characteristics of speed, velocity and ac
This Science Review Activity Station helps students review the differences between speed, velocity, and acceleration. This activity is meant to quickly and thoroughly review previously taught material. This activity station is easy to set up, and perfect for intervention, spiraling throughout the y
About this resource:Students will learn to differentiate between speed, velocity, and acceleration with these notes and card sort activity. Designed for the interactive science notebook (ISN), the activities work perfect for input and output. For the input portion of the lesson, the foldable notes a
Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration Homework Covers: Word Problems Vocabulary and Definition Matching Instrucational Strategies: Reinforcement, Homework, Group Work How do I use it in class: I give this worksheet out as homework after we cover Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration Problems. I use this
This product includes 28 questions with a mixture of acceleration, speed, and velocity problems. Students move around the room to answer the questions and find the correct answers to the problems. This is a great way to change up your instruction and practice solving these physical science equations

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