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Ready to challenge or engage your students with REAL action research on topics they care about? This activity, “Does Spell-Check Really Work?”, comes from a bundle of 4 real-world inquiry projects for English class . They are NOT formal experiments and lab reports, but they mimic the scientific pr
This Spell Check Booklet is a great, convenient way for your students to check their spelling. This saves teachers from having 25 students asking, "How do you spell...?" With this booklet, students have a resource that they can use to find out the spelling of words. All they need to know is the f
This lesson builds on Microsoft Word 2010 Lesson 2 (Working with Text and Images) At this point students should be able to: format images and wrap text next to or around images. In this Lesson, students learn: 1. How to use the Review and spelling feature. 2. Use the Thesaurus. This function isn
My 2nd graders have a tool folder they keep in their desk. I use this spell check sheet as one of the tools in their folder. I place them in a page protector. The front side has common sight words. I make these "no excuse words". The back side has other words commonly used in writing. These gro
My Spell Check Dictionary can be used by students in grades one through six. It consists of sixty-seven pages filled with words students frequently use when writing. They are presented alphabetically in an easy to read font. I used it with my second graders who stored it in their desks and referred
This product contains a handout with a list of 48 commonly misspelled words for use as a student reference, building vocabulary and spelling skills. These same words are included in a pencil themed word wall, several blank pencils are included so that you can add specific words that apply to your st
The widespread use of objective testing formats make it difficult to test the student's ability to correctly spell medical terms. This twelve question quiz/worksheet first requires the student to determine the integumentary medical term that is being defined in the stem. Next the student must select
A Reading for Meaning lesson that uses a recent blog post from Harvard Business Review: "I Won't Hire People Who Use Poor Grammar. Here's Why." This lesson provides purpose for any following grammar focus. It includes a student handout, a link to the article, and a Prezi to walk you and your class
This lesson is intended for second through fourth grade students to practice using the spell check feature of Microsoft Word 2010. It even incorporates a small history lesson! In this lesson, students will learn to use the review tab to access the spell check feature of MS Word to spell check a do
I use this checklist to keep records of what word families my students have mastered. I give each student a pretest. If they master the list of words on the pretest, then we move on to the next word family. If a student does not master the word family on the pre test, then the student will practice
Word Study is a great way to get students to learn patterns to help them read and write. Included are 38 individual type it out activities that range from beginning sounds, blends, digraphs, and long and short vowels in both words and pictures. Looking for a great way to assess your word study? How
This document goes perfectly with individualized spelling plans. After students have selected their words to learn, they copy them onto the document. Each word space contains letter forming lines to encourage good handwriting. Words are followed by check boxes for student to track progress.
This has been such a helpful resource to use in my classroom. It helps your students who constantly need help spelling (the same word). What I love about it is that I can put it in their dictionaries once and they always have it as a resource to use during their writing if they want to know how to
These templates are designed to be used for the weekly spelling assessments (spell checks) that are given with Words Their Way. They are conveniently done in 2, 3, 4, and 5 columns to coordinate with the variety of column headers in the weekly sorts.Copy at the beginning of the year and pull from th
My Spell Checks packet has 9 different spelling assessment forms (with a boy & girl version for each)...so 18 different printables!!! I had many friends request that I upload these~hope you find them helpful! These can be used for Data Collecting, Formative Assessments, or Summative Assessmen
Spell Check: If we give you four words, can you figure out which one is misspelled?Project YM Games creates digital trivia resources which can be used in a small or large group setting. All games are on google drive, and easy to upload into any video conference screen sharing tool. These fun engagin
Spell Check Two Game Bundle: If we give you four words, can you figure out which one is misspelled?Project YM Games creates digital trivia resources which can be used in a small or large group setting. All games are on google drive, and easy to upload into any video conference screen sharing tool. T
Set of spelling cards to aid in the development of hearing and spelling the consonant blend combinations in words. This resource has 6 boards with 5 words on each which have 1 of the letters missing.  Children can use the small individual letter cards or write in the missing letter and for extension
This HFW word pack includes Fry HFW practice for the whole year in 1st grade. The teacher says a word and the students circle the word until all words are circled. The spelling assessment for each page includes the 4 words being practice that week. The students have to circle the correct spelling
This includes a one page poster or handout and a large poster that is made from 2 sheets across and 2 sheets down. The large poster must be trimmed and taped together. Both posters are pdf. This poster reminds kids that using spell check alone doesn't find all errors. Uses a real life example from
In this lesson students will practice using the Thesaurus and Spell Check tools in word to complete a chart.
I laminate these and use them as a prompt on the students desk. It is a great reminder for those students who struggle with spelling.
Do you have students who haven’t had much experience using Google Chromebook toolbars? That’s about to change! I have devised the Google Activity Toolbar to help students navigate the Google Chromebook functions like a pro.This Google Slides Toolbar Activities is designed to give easy to understand
In this activity, students will learn about: Track Changes, Comments, Document Inspector, Marking a document as Final, and running spell check. Rather than "sit and get" I give the students a writing (typing) prompt and give them a limited amount of time to start their story. Then we utilize track

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