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I created this product as a previewing activity for the documentary "Living on a Dollar a Day" (available on Netflix). This worksheet is to help your students figure out approximately how much they spend in a day and compare it with information they learn about Guatemala. It will help them put the
Do your students need to practice BASIC MONEY SKILLS? Then, save your valuable time and print this ready-to-use game! It is suggested that you print the game materials on heavy cardstock and laminate for durability. This game makes practicing counting money fun! It makes a great center or workstatio
3 pages project description, rubric, and expense recording sheet. I have used this as an extension in gifted 2nd through regular 5th grade. Adjust to your needs by allowing a calculator or not.
2nd - 5th
Looking for a math project that incorporates REAL WORLD math applications and critical thinking? Look no further! The Spend A Million Dollars Project is classroom tested and student approved!Your students will use their all decimal operations to find a minimum of 10 items to purchase with their mill
There are two sets of task cards, a price list, and a recording sheet. Students must determine how much it would cost to purchase the items shown on the task cards. Cards may be used as a centre activity or hung up around the room. The sum of the items on all the cards, in both sets, is under a
You have been offered a million dollars by a mysterious benefactor. It comes to you with certain requirements for how you may use it. For this Exploration you must keep careful track of your account because if you spend even 1¢ over the million dollars, you lose it all!This math Exploration includes
This project will incorporate creative thinking skills and using Excel to create a spreadsheet that will teach/reinforce skills for adjusting column width, auto fill, and the sum function. Students will pretend they have inherited $1M and they must list at least 10 items that totals $1M.
Students have $1.00 to spend at the camping store. Students must show what they are going to buy from the camping store and calculate how much money they will spend. Students show the coins used to buy the items. This includes the list of items students will buy as well as printouts for students to
K - 6th
This is a hands on maths activity sure to liven up any subtraction, money or decimal lesson. Alternatively, this sheet is an easy to administer homework task. Students are given an imaginary million dollars, they then search newspapers and catalogues for items they wish to purchase. Once they've cu
3rd - 6th
This is a project in which students are given a million dollars and have to spend it in certain ways. They have to go to college (including putting 15% aside for books/housing,etc), buy a house, go on vacation, buy a car, and donate to a charity. They have to write checks for each purchase. My stude
6th - 8th
I created this worksheet to help 2nd grade students add change up to a dollar. It gives them 7 fruits with various prices and then a worksheet for them to complete by choosing fruits that add up to a dollar. As always, this product is fully editable to fit your needs.
1st - 3rd
I created this worksheet to help 2nd grade students add change up to a dollar. It gives them 7 bakery items with various prices and then a worksheet for them to complete by choosing bakery items that add up to a dollar. As always, this product is fully editable to fit your needs.
1st - 3rd
Interactive way to have individual, small group, or whole class participation in writing a short story! For small or whole group, you can have each student write a sentence or you transcribe sentences.Great activity to engage verbal & written expression, sequencing, expansive thought, & deta
Are you ready to excite your students about their future and financial planning? Use this financial planning and budgeting project involving real-life situations and purchases to bring about your student's knowledge of how far (or how short) money can really go. In this Project you will find... ➸
***The Million Dollar Project: Project Based Learning Activities! Fun and Engaging!******REMOTE LEARNING ACTIVITY*** ***AT HOME LEARNING*** ***HOMESCHOOL***In this project-based learning activity, students will be placed in the role of their future selves, with a kid their age, but there's an eve
Product Description: 5Ws Who What When Where Why Activities addressing story elements. Included: Question word anchor charts (BW version included for each) 5 of each Question Activity (Picture Clues) Question prompts Who and When Sort (BW version included) Story elements writing organizer with 4 le
Join our character Gerry in his hometown by the sea as he investigates the values of common US coins. Gerry buys ice cream, dill pickles, and even describes a little bit about the history of the presidents whose faces adorn US coins! After watching the animated music video, play our printable game,
K - 3rd
Get your students excited about decimals, percents and graphs by having them plan how they would spend one million dollars! Students will add decimals, find percent of a total and make a circle graph to show how they spent their money. This is a great real life financial planning activity to help
In this Money PowerPoint presentation, students will be asked to choose between two sets of coins. This presentation contains 20 slides of "Would You Rather" questions which would spark great classroom discussions.IMPORTANT: Please download the preview file to ensure that you are able to play the pr
1st - 2nd
This is a budgeting unit that deals primarily with basic math skills and some technology. The students take pride and responsibility in their work because they get to make big decisions such as what their dream career is, what type of house they live in, what type of car they drive, and they get to
5th - 9th
Product Description: Introduction to Writer's Workshop Lesson One: How to Hold a Pencil Includes: Full Lesson Plan Small Group Follow up Ideas (Weak Skills, Moderate Skill, Strong Skill) Mini Lesson Anchor Charts Brag Tag- So Students can go home and talk to their parents about the lesson. Activi
These literacy stations are designed to teach the act of earning money, saving money, and spending money. The content focuses on goods and services through reading, writing, and word work and students must collect the "money" at each station they visit. This keeps students motivated to finish their
This JAM PACKED file will help your introduce or review the following money related skills: *Identifying coins and their values *Counting coins *Showing an amount in more than one way *Exchanging coins to show a more efficient way *Adding together values to determine a total amount *Giving change
1st - 3rd
What journey will this dollar bill take? In this FUN & ENGAGING activity, students will first discover which way the dollar bill is spent. Then they will discover how it was spent. Once students have created their own unique trail, students will then create a chain story (cause and effect) about

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