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Spring is in the air! What a great time to work on action words and grammar goals! This activity is great for working on basic verb tense for 16 different action words, as well as sentence expansion. You can customize to fit the level of your students, this packet will work with a wide variety of
This is a set of images to illustrate spring themed verbs. Climbing, feeding, hatching, holding, jumping, nibbling, planting, searching, singing, smelling, walking. 22 images images (11 in color and the same 11 in B&W) *The images files are clearly labeled so you will be able to identify the i
This set is packed with verbs for spring! Each verb is shown with a child doing the action and comes in two different skin tones, as well as black and white. 48 total images (36 vibrant, colored images, 16 BW versions) All images are saved as PNG formats with transparent backgrounds. *This set is
This Spring verb sort is a great way to learn about and practice verb tense! Students sort verb cards onto the correct sorting mats. When they are done, they record their answers on the recording sheet. Also included is a recording sheet that has only present and past tense verbs to help you di
This is the perfect set to work on reading, labeling and writing about verbs. All of the verbs covered in this set are spring based. Included: *11 page group book: This is a whole page color copy. *11 page student book: This is a half page black & white version of the group book *Pocket c
This is a game of Matching (a.k.a Memory or Concentration) with SPRING VERBS! There are 48 cards included (twenty-four matches) and two posters. A B&W set is also included! Please check out the preview for more info! Please note this is part of my Seasonal Verbs Matching & Poster Bundlein wh
I love using verb cards in therapy! They are so versatile and can be used to target a wide variety of goals, making them perfect for mixed groups. Some days I need my materials to travel with me to schools/classrooms, and I want less "stuff" out on my speech table.This Spring Verbs Interactive No Pr
#Superleap Spring Kids Clipart, Spring Verbs, Spring Action Include: Kids Jumping into puddle, Sharing umbrella, Flying Kite, Painting Birdhouse, Planting, Smelling Flowers, Picking Flower, Swinging, Opening window, Washing/Cleaning window - Spring cleaning, Walking with umbrella/in the rain. Sp
This springtime activity is great for helping students who are working on both sentence formulation and verb tenses! **NO PREP** Picture cards are in B&W AND COLOR! -Sentence cut-outs: cut out the words in a sentence (with the option to make your own) and glue them in the right order to match
Here is a packet of Spring Verb Printables to target producing present progressive sentences or linking verbs (is, are, and am) in 10 spring themed worksheets. These verb printables were created to easily use during this time of distance learning. The activities and worksheets can be used in speech
This "spring garden" themed game introduces and reviews the concept of basic verbs as action words. It includes the following components: **Introduction to verbs with examples. **The students will be given a list of four words and asked to find the one that is not a verb. There are 10 questions
Verbs are words that show action. * Provided are twenty-eight full color mini-posters (8.5” X 11”) with clip art showing action words. * The verbs used in this resource focus on a spring theme, all end in –ing. ("is" is a helping verb) and include the following climbingfeeding (3)hatchingholdi
FRENCH SPRING VERB BOOM CARDS™ - LES VERBES DU PRINTEMPSThis interactive DIGITAL activity uses Boom Learning Cards™ to help teach students about the les verbes du printemps in a fun way!Please click on the PREVIEW to see what the product includes.In order to use this product, students will require t
This fun Spring verbs write the room activity would be great to use in a literacy center. Students search the room to find the pictures and write the word after the corresponding number on the recording sheet. Activity includes 10 pictures. Print the picture cards onto cardstock and laminate for du
This Boom Card™ deck includes 20 spring themed present progressive verbs for little learners. Each card automatically reads the direction aloud ("touch raining"). There are 3 picture choices to choose from and 1 correct answer. Immediate feedback is provided to let students know if they picked the c
Just in time for spring, this Spring Verb Sort pocketchart activity is just right for introducing or practicing identifying verbs with your students. Your students will love the fun, bright, springtime colors and graphics!Students sort picture cards into Verb/Not a Verb, then record their answers o
Digital No Print InteractiveThis NO PRINT "Spring" theme language unit is the perfect addition to your spring lesson plans especially for distance learning and teletherapy It includes:Spring Verbs Interactive BookSpring Verbs Words: Picture slides targeting vocabularySpring Verbs Sentences: Targetin
This Spring Verbs BINGO game is a great addition to your Spring theme activities! This game focuses on activities you see in the Spring and contains the following 24 verbs:1. blooming, 2. identifying, 3. hiding, 4. building, 5. planting, 6. fishing, 7. growing, 8. hiding, 9. petting, 10. digging, 11
LES VERBES DU PRINTEMPS – FRENCH SPRING VERB GAME FOR GOOGLE CLASSROOM™This interactive game designed for Google Classroom™ is a great way for your students to demonstrate their knowledge of les verbes du printemps! The games can be played with Google Slides™ or OneDrive™, with 4 different games.Ple
This Spring Adapted Book packet is perfect for engaging emergent readers during fall! This adapted books are perfect for speech therapy, helping students with sequencing, early intervention, and more! Ideal for preschool and kindergarten, these use simple repetitive sentences. The simple repetitive
This "Spring" theme language unit is the perfect addition to your spring lesson plans for teaching verbs. It includes:Spring Verbs Interactive BookPicture CardsSentence StripsLabelingIdentifyingMatchingPatternsCreating SentencesFollowing 1 and 2 step directionsColoringI really hope that you enjoy.
SPRING EDITION: "spot on" verbs & sentence building with your students! A great packet for early language development. This is a PDF with text boxes to write in (great for teletherapy). This packet features the following:1) Book 1: "What are they doing?" Featuring 15 pages of verbs2) Book 2: "Wh
In this bundle you will receive 2 sets of the following (same verbs just a different format): 1. :Interactive Book #1: : Matching picture to picture 2. :Interactive Book #2:- Matching pictures and words 3. :Interactive Book #3:- Student is matching the underlined verb 4. :Interactive Book #4:- Stud
Spring Verb CardsTalk Box sizeReceptive and Expressive card deck.Spring Verbs TargetedBlowingBalancingBuildingCatchingEatingFlyingGatheringLookingPaintingPettingPickingPlantingReadingSplashingReadingWatering

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