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Looking for a fun, no-prep way to review squares and square roots? This unique interactive Bingo game is sure to be a hit with your classes! This game reviews perfect squares up to 225 and square roots up to 15. This interactive bingo game is a perfect review game for any math class - whether
This resource includes a printable flap book introducing simplifying radicals using the product (multiplicative) property of square roots. The top section walks students through property and how to use it. Middle pages have students practice and has students simplify square roots by using the invers
This resource includes flap book introducing radicals. The top section walks students through the parts of a radical. Following page has students find the square of numbers and then also the square root of common perfect squares as an introduction to those. Directions with photographs are included!
This Power Point was used in my 8th grade mathematics class. It was used the day after the initial lesson to provide extra practice. There are 15 questions that review adding, subtracting, multiplying and simplifying square roots. The Turning Technologies (clickers) add-in was used to make the Po
This resource includes a foldable circle piece to introduce adding and subtracting radicals along with a pocket that holds 6 additional practice questions. There are not any variables included in this interactive notebook page resource! Directions with photographs are included! Interactive Noteboo
Now includes Google Slides version for distance learning!Guide students through the challenge of estimating radicals to the nearest tenth. This product contains two interactive notes pages and a worksheet, helping students learn to approximate square roots to the nearest tenth. Also included is a
Super Square Roots Guided Notes and Activities for Interactive Notebooks , CCS: 8.EE.A2 Included in this product: *Square Roots Introduction Activity (drawing perfect squares) *Finding Square Roots of Perfect Squares Guided Notes *Estimating Square Roots Guided Notes *Parts of a Radical Cut-and-Pa
This foldable provides students with a great introduction to square roots and cube roots. Within the foldable, they will be able to list the first 20 perfect squares and perfect cubes. There are also practice problems exposing them to a few types of questions they may see involving roots. This fo
This bundle contains resources for perfect squares, perfect cubes, and perfect roots. This 24 page bundle contains three great tools to help students gain practice with identifying perfect squares, perfect cubes, square roots, and cube roots (supports CCSS 8.EE.A.2 ). Supports 8th grade standards:
Looking for a unique way to teach and practice perfect squares and square roots? Your students will love the engaging activities in this resource! This is a pdf file containing a picture of the interactive notes. This is in my Differentiated Math Kits BUNDLE where you can save 20%! Click here for
This BIG HUGE PUZZLE measures 14 inches by 14 inches when complete! Students match up simple square roots to demonstrate understanding of simplifying radicals. Works great as a pairs activity, an anchoring activity, or even, at this size, as an interactive bulletin board to display in the classroo
This foldable serves as the perfect introduction to graphing square root functions in an algebra 1 course. I have included a tab for the parent function as well as 4 different examples, showing students what happens when you multiply, add or subtract. GREAT for interactive notebooks! You may als
This activity includes an interactive notes page, a scavenger hunt and a four-question exit slip. Students estimate the value of irrational expressions by determining the two consecutive whole numbers the square root is between. There are 16 task cards, giving students plenty of practice! Studen
This is great addition to an interactive notebook. Students can use this foldable as reference for square roots and cube roots throughout the year. It also helps students to see the relationship between square roots, cube roots and their roots.This foldable includes:-4 foldables-Square Roots and C
This product includes everything needed to make 3 pages of interactive notes to help teach Square Roots of Perfect Squares. Also included are print & go flash cards and 5 daily quizzes to give your students additional “drill & kill” practice on perfect squares and square roots. Please view
This Simplifying Square Root Puzzle was created by Pupsaroni Puzzles for an Algebra 1 or Geometry classroom studying simplifying radicals. This puzzle focuses only on simplifying square roots, not cube roots, etc. Cut out cards on pages 2-6. Page 7 shows what the final product should look like. C
Simplest Radical Form is a concept that requires practice and multiple experiences for students. This bundle is designed to give students varying opportunities to interact with the math content and each other! 1) Start with the Foldable Note-Taking Guide and lots of examples. 2) Encourage communi
This is an 8th Grade Common Core guided, color-coded notebook page for the Interactive Math Notebook on Estimating Non-perfect Square Roots without a calculator. Included in the notes are guided practice examples of estimating non-perfect square roots using the number line and rounding to the neare
Now with two options: Option 1: This foldable organizes 4 main concepts: Adding & Subtracting Square Roots, Multiplying Square Roots, Simplifying Square Roots, and Simplifying to Add & Subtract Square Roots. It was used in my 8th grade (grade level) mathematics class. Option 2: This fol
Finding Square Roots Task Cards and Recording Sheets, Common Core Standard : 8.EE.2This set of 20 task cards covers finding and evaluating expressions with square roots in Common Core Standard 8.EE.2. This also includes 4 different types of recording sheet (including one formatted for interactive no
These estimating square roots mazes provide a fun and interactive opportunity for students to practice approximating square roots. Maze #2 is slightly more challenging than maze #1, so that you can best support your students.What is included?Two mazesAnswer key Ideas for Implementation, Teacher Tips
This is a guided, color-coded notebook page for the interactive math notebook on simplifying square roots. Blackline master and color-coded answer key included. ** My Interactive Note Pages include all or some of the following: step by step color-coded notes, diagrams, graphic organizers and exa
This is two 8th Grade Common Core guided, color-coded notebook pages for the Interactive Math Notebook on Approximating Square Roots on a Number Line. Included in the notes are guided practice examples of approximating non-perfect square roots on a number line, and determining what two whole number
Resources for squaring numbers, square roots, cubing numbers, and cube roots. 30+ pages. Great for building skills to tie in with your pre-algebra curriculum. What’s included: FILL-IN-THE-BLANK CORNELL-STYLE NOTES If not used as notes, these would make an excellent study guide. All notes have: •

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